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SirSpencer tooted about dumping a mouse nest out on himself in our garage, but that doesn’t compare to the nightmare fuel that is the mice plague of Australia…or what it would be like to walk into some of the decrepit houses the Kansas City Land Bank is hanging onto, hoping to sell for $1 to non-profits or religious organizations to use as shelters. Birthing alone at home may sound like nightmare fuel to some, but women in the UK don’t have much choice at this point unless they want to go to the hospital to birth alone since the midwives had their insurance pulled. 

NYPD says there have been 33 hate crimes with Asian victims this year. Then a 33-year-old video of Obama giving his grandmother in Kenya a dress surfaced. And the third Top Three 33 story of the evening involved a 33-year-old San Diego man choking to death on a face mask in jail.  

Pennsylvania and Illinois reported 33 COVID deaths this week and Wyoming tacked on an additional 33 cases TODAY. 33 migrant girls in San Diego tested positive for the coof while eight kids in Alaska came down with MIS-C, which has killed 33 Americans so far. A 33-year-old survived a double lung transplant after spending six months on a ventilator while another 33-year-old had his leg amputated from the hip down due to “complications” while hospitalized with COVID. 

New York could see recreational legalization sales as early as 2022 if their finalized bill passes a vote this week.  New Jersey fixed its illegally-functioning cannabis board by replacing an existing member with one who came from an organization with a mission of studying, advocating, or adjudicating against historical oppression of minorities — as written in their law. A Detroit club made headlines by barring customers who smell like weed, while Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed House Bill 1862 into law prohibiting employers from discharging, disciplining, or discriminating against employees for their lawful medical cannabis use outside of work.

Meanwhile, a medical marijuana bill advanced in Kansas, marking the first time a bill has made it that far in the Sunflower State. It’s not great, but it’s still a step in the right direction. New Mexico held a special session to push a recreational bill across the finish line.  Updates on that to come. And sorry South Dakota, but Kristi Noem is trying to add restrictions to the voter-approved medical law even though the deadline for considering legislation has already passed.

A stray dog determined to take a purple stuffed unicorn from a North Carolina Dollar General gets it as a gift — and finds a furever home. A Georgia woman found and returned a 44-year-old baby photo to its rightful owner from the tornado debris. A 19-pound cat went missing but was found in the neighbors’ chimney 28 days later. Meanwhile, a dog in Ontario literally stopped traffic to get help for her owner who was suffering from a seizure. A North Dakota representative had to remove her popcorn machine from the Capitol after it set the fire alarms off — twice. In Maryland, a bomb squad blew up a Civil War-era cannonball so it wouldn’t blow up on its own. A mafia fugitive was caught when he started a cooking channel on YouTube with his wife after seven years on the run. People think this puppy looked like an inflated panda after he ate a bee, but we think it just looks like he’s sneaking Kibble. A McDonald’s drive-thru customer gets revenge on the rude lady behind him, and a Goodwill worker found and returned $42,000 accidentally donated in sweaters.

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Spencer talks about his work on the Sphinx Tribe, and recommended taking a listen to Tales from the Crypt #239 for more info on Sphinx from co-founder Paul Itoi 

Perseverance, the Mars Rover, is taking a helicopter named Ingenuity to a 33-foot by 33-foot airfieldin the Jezero Crater for the first test flight of its kind. Across the pond, a 33-year-old woman was catapulted from a malfunctioning NHS hospital bed and because she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, her neck is now completely unstable and she has to lie flat because she can’t support the weight of her head without extreme pain. UK’s NHS won’t pay for her life saving surgery either so her parents are trying to raise £100,000 to transport her to Spain. And in Queens, a 33-year-old man was stabbed to death by a fellow resident at a hotel-turned-homeless shelter.

Some folks in Kansas City are experiencing homelessness as a form of protest and hoping the city gives them a building where they can live. Meanwhile, Kansas City is working with a $8.5 million budget specifically for the unhoused, $7 million of which came from COVID relief funding. Starting end of October, 83 area codes are going to have to be included when dialing local numbers in 37 different states under an FCC order so the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can use their three-digit 988.

In two days, 8,000 people got the jab at Arrowhead Stadium. Starting April 9th, vaccines will be available to every adult in Missouri. At least 53,000 pregnant women have gotten their first dose. And sadly, California theme park advisors did advise rollercoaster riders not to scream to prevent the spread of the coof. It was not satire. The magic number appeared again with 33 new cases in Pennsylvania, 33 deaths in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom, 33% of Albany County residents vaccinated ,33% capacity in New York fitness classes, and mandatory quarantine in Ireland for travelers from33 high-risk countries.

Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries started selling vape pens and cartridgeslast Friday. Meanwhile, the Show-Me State’s cannabis regulatorsrevoked 97 licenses for failing to pass a commencement inspection by the one-year deadline.

Dozens of White House staffers were fired, suspended, asked to resign, or forced to work remotely due to past marijuana use just a few weeks after the Office of Personnel Management issued updated guidance indicating that federal agencies should not automatically disqualify applicants from federal jobs because of their past weed use. They all filled out a SF-86 form which is 136 pages long. Jen Psaki tweeted about the situation and failed to link to this story.

A Michigan credit union is being slammed withthe first penalty for pot banking violations in the same week that the SAFE Banking Act was reintroduced. New Mexico’s recreational bill didn’t get voted on in time but may have a special session, unlikeMaryland’s which is dead in the water.

A stolenPitbull puppy named Pitbull was returned to its owner after a standoff with KCPD and the burglar. Overland Park PD pulled over a woman driving 149 mph, and her excuse was she thought she was only doing 129. Trump could be coming back to social media with his own platform. A priest and two dominatrices were slapped with obscenity charges after an altar threesome. American Pickers is coming to Missouri in May! Stay away from screens for 24 hours andyou could earn $2,400. A disgruntled employerpaid an ex-employee in oil-covered pennies. A masked bandit was caught sleeping in a dishwasher. Packing peanuts allegedlydissolve in hot water. A new mum was mortified when her husband sent a picture with her uncropped nether regionsto the whole family. And a woman visiting Bali picked up a blue-ringed octopus, not realizing it’s one of the oceans deadliest creatures.

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Across the pond, an active police officer was arrested in connection with a 33-year-old woman’s disappearance. But back in America, 15 cats turned into 33 and the Derek Chauvin trial has a 33-person cap in the courtroom, including sequestered witnesses.


South Carolina was the only state reporting 33 COVID deaths this week, but a 33-year-old man did become the first confirmed case of the South African variant in Delhi.  Also, a Florida healthcare worker gave birth to the first baby with confirmed antibodies after receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine at 36 weeks pregnant.


Behind the curtain, we congratulate Oregon for establishing America’s first psilocybin mushroom advisory board and discuss the findings of a harm reduction survey in Charleston, West Virginia of which only 33% of recipients responded.  


In England, a 33-year-old man was charged with “drug offenses” after a thermal imaging camera discovered his 500-plant grow house.   Legislation to legalize an adult use market in Mexico is heading back to the Senate after House lawmakers made changes to its language and voted overwhelmingly in favor of it.  Missouri could see a recreational market too as Kansas City area dispensary owners are launching a petition to put rec on the 2022 ballot


Legislation to cap THC have cropped up in Colorado, Florida, Montana, and Washington now.  A bill creating a legislative alternative to the medical marijuana program voters approved last year was killed in the Mississippi House.  Unfortunately, Reefer Madness is alive and well as Nebraska’s Governor Ricketts said that if you legalize marijuana, “you’re going to kill your kids.”  


A bill to legalize recreational weed was introduced in the Rhode Island senate and the governor proposed it in the fiscal-year 2022 budget.  New Mexico’s House Bill 12 to legalize recreational weed only needs one more committee vote before the full Senate takes up the bill. 


Assembly Bill 130 was introduced by a Wisconsin senator to reduce possession fines and eliminate imprisonment for citizens posession up to 10 grams.  Their governor also slipped legalization into the state budget


If you think 10 grams is too low,  just remember possession of only 3 grams are decriminalized in Hawaii.  The Hawaii Senate voted to approve two reform bills.  The first increases the decriminalization threshold to 30 grams and grants expungements while the other would legalize and regulate the commercial market.


The Ohio Supreme Court set a precedent that state regulators can’t ignore applications to expand medical cultivation facilities and the voter-approved medical marijuana program has a higher chance of being implemented in South Dakota after lawmakers failed to compromise on a measure to delay legalization.  Backers of the voter-approved recreational measure also filed their first arguments to the Supreme Court.


In just 10 days, Arizona’s recreational sales hit $2.9 million and received 377 applications with a non-refundable $25,000 for 13 licenses.  Since its 2014 program launch, Colorado sales topped $10 billion.  Michigan is spending $20 million of its recreational tax revenue to support medical research, as stipulated in their law, while California is awarding $15 million in social equity grants.  Maybe they’ve got money to figure out how to keep their seed-to-sale tracking system up and running


A 33-year-old Missouri masseuse got his second sodomy charge while an angler in the state reeled in a 112-pound black carp.  In Wisconsin, dogs and camping chairs went for a drive.  A British man set a new record for drinking a pouch of Capri Sun in a little more than 16 seconds and a Tennessee woman is waiting for her world record verification for her 16,000-item Winnie the Pooh collection.  Meanwhile, if you like gardening in Minecraft you could begin making $70 an hour.


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Forbes says Kansas City, Kansas is America’s true taco capital.  Put it on your itinerary, then hop the border and get some KCMO barbeque.  We also have an incredible nurturing community of true healers here, like midwives and chiropractors — and maybe the Kansas Corporation Commission, which is investigating the rolling blackouts that happened during the severe cold front last month.


On this day 75 years ago, 33 spectators were killed during a soccer match in England where the crowd was 20,000 fans over capacity.  In South Carolina, 33 student athletes are facing suspension for making non-NCAA-compliance purchases at their campus bookstore.   They’re not nearly as cool as the 33-year-old self-employed lady arrested for causing a ruckus at a Florida strip club.  She says the other self-employed ladies were just jealous she was making more money than them.


The magic number and coronavirus go hand in hand.  Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee all reported 33 deaths this week while Massachusetts reported 33 new cases — specifically from the Cape and islands.  33 New Jersey bars may have their licenses revoked for rona violations.  Maybe they can open a music venue in New York and get by operating on 33% capacity come April33 Louisiana senators signed a letter urging the governor to end the mask mandate and re-open their state.  Fly British Airways and you can buy a COVID test for GBP 33!


So the CDC now says it’s okay for fully vaccinated folks to gather together in face friendly environments, but they were not prepared to explain what might happen to someone like this 91-year-old Ohio man who accidentally got two vaccines in one day.  Maybe Missouri will pass a bill easing immunization requirements.


New Mexico’s proposed safe injection facility bill gets discussed behind the curtain along with the first city using weed tax revenues to fund reparations.   New Hampshire’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of a medical patient seeking worker’s comp reimbursement for his medical marijuana after injuring his back on the job and Las Vegas finally gets dispensary drive-thrus.  West Virginia’s governor supports taxing weed to replace the income tax and says he’d sign legalization legislation if it fell on his lap to help his state with the opioid epidemic.  Maine towns voted to approve recreational sales in their communities and Pennsylvania senators introduced a recreational bill.  Legislation was also introduced to remove weed-related convictions from barring citizenship.  Meanwhile, a Florida rep’s bill proposes a THC cap and South Dakota killed a bill removing certain convictions from background check records.


In California, the attorney general ruled cannabusinesses with provisional licenses have no right to due process — but that’s a large majority of the licenses currently distributed.  Lots of canna cases coming to court.  Detroit is getting sued over their legacy resident rules, Alaska is hearing a criminal case regarding pesticides, and a multistate operator is accused of transporting weed across state lines.


A Missouri pastor triggered the M5M when he preached to wives to be more like Melania TrumpThe Simpsons got renewed for Season 33 and 34 !  A 500-pound treasure chest was stolen, and three years ago the FBI apparently went digging for treasure.  A 33-year-old man was arrested after taking an ambulance for a joy ride.  A python breeder made $6,000 thanks to this snake’s smiley faces and China thinks zoo visitors don’t know the difference between a wolf and a woof.  Don’t discount the ceramic bowls you see at estate sales — they just might be a 600-year-old artifact worth $500,000.  Oh, and never ever donate a jacket without checking the pockets.


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Happy 117th birthday to the late Dr. Seuss! Dr. Seuss Enterprises waited until this day, National Reading Day, to cancel six of his books.   And Kansas City waited until this day to tell residents about tornado drills, so the US National Weather Service text people got was confusing.   Surprise, surprise for Johnson County where none of its 200 sirens sounded.


In Texas, 33 long-term care facilities were evacuated due to the winter storm; a vandal cut the brakes on 33 unsuspecting vehicles in Washington state; and 33% of Americans say the president is not fit for Washington, D.C.  


Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Wisconsin all reported 33 coof deaths this past week while the Bay Area and the UK note deaths falling 33%.  Meanwhile, South Africa will use $33 million to help them get Johnson & Johnson vaccines in people faster.


Stepping behind the curtain, we discuss the 33 communities in Manipur that pledge to prohibit poppy plantations and replace grower livelihoods with a government-implemented lifestyle alternative.  


Last Tuesday, patients and caregivers from Nebraska Families for Medical Cannabis urged their representatives to pass a medical legalization bill, Legislative Bill 474, along with two measures to help prevent any technicalities from blocking the will of the people — but they need at least 33 senators to override a filibuster of the measure.  LB474 will be the subject of public hearing on March 10th.


Seven MMJ license-wielding idiots in KC took a step in the wrong direction when they smoked weed to allegedly help train police officers how to identify impaired users.   


Two recreational measures are up for consideration in Washington, D.C. after Mayor Bowser and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson both introduced one of their own.   Congratulations Virginia where lawmakers passed a recreational bill for 2024!  In the meantime, apply for a business license in Michigan where you’re not longer required to hold a medical license prior and send some of that legalization karma to Montana where voters are fighting an uphill battle to keep the constitutional amendment they approved back in November 2020.


Oh, and make sure you follow any requisites you set out for your boards and commissions or else you’ll get called out like New Jersey.


More than 12,000 acres is up for auction in Nebraska in 33 tracts.   Bidding starts March 22nd, just FYI.  One 33-year-old man spiked a woman’s smoothie and a 33-year-old nurse raped an 87-year-old in a senior living facility.  Miss Germany is a 33-year-old mom while Spain’s oldest mom just lost custody of her twins.  If you’re bummed about Daft Punk, you’ll be happy to hear Smashing Pumpkins is recording a 33-song album.   Or maybe you won’t.  But one lady got a smile on her face when a thrift store worker mailed her her late father’s Purple Heart .  An Oregon man encountered a rare fox while some Australians sheared a wild sheep.   And if you’ve made it this far with the munchies, treat yourself with some QuikTrip roller grill ’cause it’s back, baybay!


The bowlers talk about the first time they ever watched an R-rated movie and next Tuesday we want to hear about the First Time You Ever 69’d!  Leave a voicemail or text (816) 607-3663.