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Spencer talks about his work on the Sphinx Tribe, and recommended taking a listen to Tales from the Crypt #239 for more info on Sphinx from co-founder Paul Itoi 

Perseverance, the Mars Rover, is taking a helicopter named Ingenuity to a 33-foot by 33-foot airfieldin the Jezero Crater for the first test flight of its kind. Across the pond, a 33-year-old woman was catapulted from a malfunctioning NHS hospital bed and because she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, her neck is now completely unstable and she has to lie flat because she can’t support the weight of her head without extreme pain. UK’s NHS won’t pay for her life saving surgery either so her parents are trying to raise £100,000 to transport her to Spain. And in Queens, a 33-year-old man was stabbed to death by a fellow resident at a hotel-turned-homeless shelter.

Some folks in Kansas City are experiencing homelessness as a form of protest and hoping the city gives them a building where they can live. Meanwhile, Kansas City is working with a $8.5 million budget specifically for the unhoused, $7 million of which came from COVID relief funding. Starting end of October, 83 area codes are going to have to be included when dialing local numbers in 37 different states under an FCC order so the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can use their three-digit 988.

In two days, 8,000 people got the jab at Arrowhead Stadium. Starting April 9th, vaccines will be available to every adult in Missouri. At least 53,000 pregnant women have gotten their first dose. And sadly, California theme park advisors did advise rollercoaster riders not to scream to prevent the spread of the coof. It was not satire. The magic number appeared again with 33 new cases in Pennsylvania, 33 deaths in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom, 33% of Albany County residents vaccinated ,33% capacity in New York fitness classes, and mandatory quarantine in Ireland for travelers from33 high-risk countries.

Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries started selling vape pens and cartridgeslast Friday. Meanwhile, the Show-Me State’s cannabis regulatorsrevoked 97 licenses for failing to pass a commencement inspection by the one-year deadline.

Dozens of White House staffers were fired, suspended, asked to resign, or forced to work remotely due to past marijuana use just a few weeks after the Office of Personnel Management issued updated guidance indicating that federal agencies should not automatically disqualify applicants from federal jobs because of their past weed use. They all filled out a SF-86 form which is 136 pages long. Jen Psaki tweeted about the situation and failed to link to this story.

A Michigan credit union is being slammed withthe first penalty for pot banking violations in the same week that the SAFE Banking Act was reintroduced. New Mexico’s recreational bill didn’t get voted on in time but may have a special session, unlikeMaryland’s which is dead in the water.

A stolenPitbull puppy named Pitbull was returned to its owner after a standoff with KCPD and the burglar. Overland Park PD pulled over a woman driving 149 mph, and her excuse was she thought she was only doing 129. Trump could be coming back to social media with his own platform. A priest and two dominatrices were slapped with obscenity charges after an altar threesome. American Pickers is coming to Missouri in May! Stay away from screens for 24 hours andyou could earn $2,400. A disgruntled employerpaid an ex-employee in oil-covered pennies. A masked bandit was caught sleeping in a dishwasher. Packing peanuts allegedlydissolve in hot water. A new mum was mortified when her husband sent a picture with her uncropped nether regionsto the whole family. And a woman visiting Bali picked up a blue-ringed octopus, not realizing it’s one of the oceans deadliest creatures.

The bowlers discuss the first time they ever moved and next week’s FTIE topic is the first time you ever got caught speeding. Leave a voicemail or send a text message to (816) 607-3663.

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