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Happy White Paper Day!

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WSJ, Elliptic quietly issued small corrections to misleading data (No BS Bitcoin)

KC Bitcoiners Beers With Bitcoiners at Chicken N’ Pickle November 1

KC Bitcoiners Bitcoin & Coffee November 10

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Bitcoin Movie “Dare to Dream: A Story from El Salvador” with Steve Sanders


UN says 33 aid trucks with water, food, medical supplies entered Gaza Sunday (The Times of Israel)

Nearly 5000 Thai workers have fled Israel since the Hamas terror attacks that killed 33 of them (Yahoo)

Japan PM Kishida’s approval rating hits new low of 33% (Nikkei Asia)

Yen sinks to close at 33-year low as intervention worries mount (Business Times)

Kazakhstan to ‘end cooperation’ with steel giant ArcelorMittal after 33 killed in coal mine fire (Radio Free Europe)

Jan 6 rioter who hit officer with wooden plank gets 33 months in prison (Axios)

For the 1st time since Covid, anti-Asian hate dropped. What’s behind the 33% decrease. (NBC News)

RTX to locate $33 million missile factory in Camden (Arkansas), will add 30 jobs (Talk Business)


Halloween edible warnings roll out like clockwork (High Times)

National Institute of Health calls for creation of centralized marijuana research center (

Weed companies sue Attorney General to block enforcement of ‘unconstitutional’ federal prohibition (MJBizDaily)

Alabama medical cannabis licensing process reset: all 90 applicants back in running (AL Reflector)

Georgia now selling pot at pharmacies (Businesswire)

Hawaii pot farm (Care Waialua) plans to reopen after raid (KITV)

Missouri NAACP to file lawsuit over fraudulent social equity businesses if state chooses not to take action (MO Independent)

Money from Kansas City’s marijuana tax helps expand winter weather response (KCTV5)

KC-area weed district developer withdraws plans, zoning head resigns after Star report (Kansas City Star)

Nebraska’s attorney general targets THC-containing products packaged like child-enticing treats (NE Examiner)

Budtender at NYC’s first legal pot shop is in Rikers on pot charges (The City)

Washington doctor petitions psilocybin rescheduling (Marijuana Moment)

Man says he was fired for reporting illegal activity at cannabis facility (West Virginia Record)

Australian Capital Territory decriminalizes drugs (Australian Broadcast Corporation)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker brings us No Resolve ft. From Ashes to New’s cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time THEY Ever got seriously spooked.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever rode a horse.


Albuquerque Police issue 33 citations during its street racing operations (KRQE)

Poway man who hid mother’s death for 33 years to steal $800k+ in benefits sentenced (NBC San Diego)

Florida man accused of stealing more than $1.5M in liquor (Click Orland)

33-year-old Ohio woman indicted for “serial killings” after allegedly meeting men for sex (CBS)

Florida Uber driver kept stolen rental car running for 3 weeks to avoid making payments (WHIO)

Ex-NHL player Adam Johnson dies when neck sliced by skate blade during game (TMZ)

New York man points gun at 6-year-old who left Halloween candy bag at wrong house (NBC)

Police looking for reported human remains find plastic skull beer bong instead (FOX)

Mysterious pumpkins appear on spires of Rounds Tower at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire (WMUR)

Eerie ghost photos, toys found in walls of Maine haunted house (FOX)

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Intro/Outro: e s c p – Cyber Crime Story


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Intro/Outro: Above the Clouds – e s c p

Luring Our Young People to “Forbidden Fruit”


SEC does not plain to appeal court decision on Grayscale Bitcoin ETF, source says (Reuters)

California ‘BitLicense’ bill signed by Governor Newsom (CoinDesk)

AI tool lets Bitcoiners flood IRS with comments against new Draconian surveillance regime (No BS Bitcoin)
Here is the proposal (IRS) 
Here is the tool: LeXpunK: Treasury Raid

Disclosure: replacement cycling attacks on the Lightning Network (No BS Bitcoin)

How does a lightning replacement cycling attack work? (No BS Bitcoin)
Here is the full text of the disclosure

WSJ article use to pressure US Treasury into proposing insane Bitcoin regulations overseas funds raised by Hamas by over 99% (No BS Bitcoin)

FinCEN seeks to impose strict surveillance requirements onto broadly defined class of ‘Bitcoin Mixers’ (No BS Bitcoin)

Not a Bot (



33 states sue Meta claiming harm to young people’s mental health, collecting data (Forbes)

33 Americans killed in attack on Israel, 10 taken hostage, US says (KXXV)

Purchase District (Kentucky) Health Department reports 33 new COVID-19 cases in McCracken County (The Paducah Sun)

Mississippi reports 33 human cases of West Nile Virus (WJTV)

Angel number 33: What it means for your spiritual growth, career, and if you are in twin flame relationships (Hindustan Times)


California Governor Gavin Newsom signs three pot-related bills (Marijuana Moment)

Maine federal judge dismisses charges against former Wilton police officer and former Oxford  County deputy in illicit marijuana operation (The Franklin Journal)
Initially discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 112: Where Would You Suck? (Nov 2021)

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs bills allowing licensed pot businesses to conduct trade with tribal weed entities and funnel a portion of tax revenue back to tribes for sales occurring on Indian land (MJ Biz Daily)
Previously discussed on Episode 274: I Liked It Like Head

Illegal marijuana grow of any size only a misdemeanor in Michigan, court rules (MLive)

2 lobbyists sent to prison for Michigan marijuana bribery scheme (Associated Press)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 273: Puerto Rico’s Corralitos Ballerinos

UPDATE: Incident report released for rottweiler fed THC gummy that attacked owner
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl 275: Snack to Its Death (FIDLGB)

Jersey City officials file lawsuit seeking to undo state policy allowing cops to partake off-duty (

Defamation lawsuit against Afroman filed by Ohio cops will partially proceed (Reason)

Australian Lawyers Alliance pushes for police to stop prosecuting people who drive after using medical pot if there is no evidence of impairment (Hemp Gazette)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker brings us Tardigrade Inferno’s cover of Spooky, Scary Skeletons.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time THEY Ever tried loose leaf tea.

Seedubs suggests: Luminary Misfit, Mei Leaf, white2tea, Tea Habitat, Song Tea

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever got seriously spooked.


Ghanaian woman arrested for being in Taiwan illegally 33 years (Focus Taiwan)

Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin) School District bans 33 books from library (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Leading apartment resource shows Nashville rent has risen 33% from start of pandemic (WKRN)

Hong Kong’s affluent become millionaires at an average age of 33, HSBC Premier survey suggests (South China Morning Post)

Pilot who disrupted flight said he had taken psychedelic mushrooms, complaint says (New York Times)

Theft of 2 million dimes from truckload of coins from US Mint leaves four facing federal charges (Associated Press)
Previously discussed on Episode 239: Tomorrow Doing Today

Fishermen find grenade in local river, leading to bomb squad arrival and controlled explosion (FOX News)

Man arrested for faking heart attack 20 times at restaurants to avoid paying bill, reports say (El Pais)

Man poses as mannequin in storefront, goes on shopping spree after mall closes (FOX News)

Vermont fines man $50K after whale tooth, walrus tusk carvings seized at Canadian border (FOX News)

Florida men allegedly kidnapped wrong person, waterboarded him nto luring intended target (FOX News)

Utah town cracks down on pole-dancing skeleton display (FOX News)

MouseyBear and Tjunta are back in the Bowl with the answer: LOVE! We also talk White Triangles, Tjunta’s Demu project, which has been featured on Homegrown Hits.

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San Francisco is getting 33 speed cameras. Here’s where they could go.  (SF Chronicle)

IRS says 33% staff increase over two years will help address growing unpaid tax total (Government Executive)

Jersey teachers striking against 33 schools (BBC)

MSNBC loses 33% of primetime audience during coverage of Israel war while Fox and CNN surge (New York Post)

India records 33 new Covid cases (ET HealthWorld)


New study found stoners who caught COVID-19 had significantly lower rates of intubation, respiratory failure and death than those who do not use weed (The American College of Chest Physicians in Honolulu)

From ancient Asian relics to contemporaneity: a review of historical and chemical aspects of cannabis (European Journal of Chemistry)

Former DEA heads, White House drug czars send Biden Admin letter urging NOT to reschedule pot (Document Cloud / Marijuana Moment)

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signs bill allowing medical patients to submit products directly to labs for testing (D.C. City Council)

Judge rules Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has authority to rescind license awards (

Alaska Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom signs regulation restricting hemp products to regulated industry (Alaska Beacon)

Lawsuit seeks to prevent Humboldt County consumption restriction initiative from appearing on March 2024 ballot (Lost Coast Outpost)

Georgia Court of Appeals upholds lower court decisions to dismiss three lawsuits from companies denied medical business licenses (The Atlanta-Journal Constitution)

Transamerica sued over marijuana-linked claim denial in Illinois (Think Advisor)

Pleasant Hill, Drexel and Parkville, Missouri voters will decide on local pot tax measures in November (KCTV)


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us Zach Hurst’s Nightmare on Elm Street cover.


This week, Bowlers called in to discuss the First Time They Ever trapped an animal. 

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever had loose leaf tea.

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Texas mystery: cops hunt for killer of Melissa Davis, 33 (KVUE)

Michigan dog attacks, nearly kills owner after being fed THC (Fox)

1981 DeLorean with under 1,000 original miles discovered in Wisconsin barn (CBS 58)

Georgia man receives $1.4 million speeding ticket (WSAV)

Reckless driving suspect bit NYPD officer’s fingertip off (Associated Press)

Pizza topped with loaded gun found during California traffic stop (Fox)

Aussie fights kangaroo to save dog (Not the Bee)

‘Bigfoot’ caught on camera in Colorado mountains, couple claims (Fox)

Menacing clown ‘stalking’ village dares police to catch them (The Independent)

Wisconsin man remembered for iconic Halloween displays dies while decorating (WREX)

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33 people aboard schooner at time of fatal accident in Rockland (News Center Maine)

Sikkim, India flash floods: 33 bodies recovered (Mint)

33 people from 2 Kenosha Catholic parishes who are on pilgrimage to Israel have made it out safely (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)


President Biden proclaims October National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month (White House)

Federal authorities question Arkansas allowing medical patients to obtain concealed-carry permits (AR Democrat Gazette)

Only 4 of 26 Arizona social equity lottery winners still have ownership stake in their licenses (AZ Center for Investigating Reporting)

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill prohibiting employers from asking job applicants about prior pot use, but he vetoed a bill legalizing cannabis cafe, a bill instituting strict new requirements for packaging, and a bill legalizing psychedelics (

Medical marijuana patient in Florida struggles to get full-time job (WFLA)

Georgia to offer medical marijuana in pharmacies (WJCL)

Gov. Andy Beshear signs executive order creating 12-members Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup (KYMedCan)

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has a pair of bills on her desk allowing licensed pot companies to do business with tribal entities and funneling a portion of tax revenue back to tribes for sales that happen on Indian land (Legislature.MI)

MO Department of Health and Senior Services says companies can voluntarily destroy recalled products but must first consult with regulators (Missouri Independent)

Tax dispute between Missouri counties, legal cannabis industry heads to court (St. Louis Today)

New York judge permits three pot shops to open under injunction, two issued Friday (Green Market Report)

Thousands of untagged plants unearthed by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (

Virginia legal pot up in the air (13 News Now)

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice rules “smell of marijuana” on a person does not justify an unwarranted home search (Newsendip)


Tonight, the RevCyberTrucker brings us Ghoultown’s Mistress of the Dark.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever fell out of bed.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever trapped an animal.


Man, 33, slides into ‘central void’ of 9/11 reflecting pool after jumping (NBC)

Crazed man, 33, unleashes random attacks on three people at NYC Whole Foods as he whacks shoppers with glass bottle (Daily Mail)

Ex-boyfriend dismembers 33-year-old woman, burns body (The Sacramento Bee)

Porch pirate Doordash driver, 33, is arrested after she stole packages from homes in broad daylight while delivering food (Daily Mail)

Brockton, State Police arrest 33 in Operation Fall Cleanup (The Enterprise)

TSA has found 33 guns at Pittsburgh airport checkpoint in 2023, on pace to set new record nationwide (WPXI)

US Customs officials seize giraffe feces from woman at Minnesota airport (The Associated Press)

A new champion named after mistake at American Royal World Series of BBQ (KMBC)

Woman killed by chocolate from palm reader who said she was going to die soon (New York Post)

Realistic house fire Halloween decor scares neighbors into calling 911 (WRAL)


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Into the Doerfel-verse 

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Start9 / Ubuntu / mempool

Raspiblitz release

@satoshi (CoinTelegraph)

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Germans celebrate 33 years of reunification (Money Control)

‘Flashing red warning’ – $33 trillion U.S. ‘debt death spiral’ could suddenly trigger a Bitcoin price ‘vicious circle’ (Forbes)

Japan names 33 airports, ports to be upgraded for defense use (Nikkei Asia)

Mahomes allotted all day to locate wide-open Pacheco for 33-yard catch and run (Chiefs)

33-year-old court paperwork dug up against Erie County Council candidate (Your Erie)

Powerball jackpot climbs to $1.2 billion after 33 straight draws without a winner (Fortune)


Text of amended SAFER Banking Act released (Congress)

Attorney Matthew Zorn is suing the US Health and Human Services Department to release a letter recommending the Drug Enforcement Administration reschedule marijuana (On Drugs / Substack)

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has a bill on her desk that would allow medical patients to submit products directly to labs for testing (D.C. Council)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill allowing doctors to prescribe psychedelics if federal rescheduling happens and updating THC variance testing requirements (CA Gov)

Miscount inflated number of Georgia medical marijuana patients (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Former Chair of Marijuana Board, Rick Johnson, sentenced to 55 months in federal prison for bribery (US Attorney’s Office Western District of Michigan)
First discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 270: I Sell Them Dream

Confusing fines sent to 161 Oklahoma dispensary owners (KFOR)

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws pen letter asking Secretary of State to invalidate petition to repeal medical program (SDBML)

Texas Appeals Court rules Department of State Health Services did not have authority to schedule delta-8 THC (TX Canna Co)


RevCyberTrucker brings us Spiderbait’s Ghost Riders in the Sky from the Ghost Rider soundtrack.


Bowlers called in to discuss the First Time They Ever gave or received a footjob.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fell out of bed.


Gresham, OR man indicted on 33 charges following harassment allegations at apartment (KOIN)

33 Amazon Japan workers halt deliveries over nonpayment of ‘Prime Day’ incentive union (The Mainichi)

33-year-old Louisiana teacher arrested amid claims she gave birth to student’s child (Fox 8)

Missouri high school teacher put on leave after school officials discover her page on porn site (The Associated Press)

Phillies deny emotional support alligator from entering ballpark (AP)

Valuable sculpture by Alabama artist found at Birmingham Goodwill for $39.99 (

CT survey crew catches 400-pound roughtail stingray in the Long Island Sound (UPI)

New Jersey man drives SUV into home, police department (FOX)

Cat folded into sofa bed wins Hambone Award for unusual insurance claim (UPI)

Parrot picks lock on cage, found 32 miles from home (Fox)


Steven Bell took his scissors and ran straight into the Bowl for his first Bowls With Buds to discuss CurioCaster, Sovereign Feeds, LN Beats, Music Side Project, and The Split Kit.

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