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Forbes says Kansas City, Kansas is America’s true taco capital.  Put it on your itinerary, then hop the border and get some KCMO barbeque.  We also have an incredible nurturing community of true healers here, like midwives and chiropractors — and maybe the Kansas Corporation Commission, which is investigating the rolling blackouts that happened during the severe cold front last month.


On this day 75 years ago, 33 spectators were killed during a soccer match in England where the crowd was 20,000 fans over capacity.  In South Carolina, 33 student athletes are facing suspension for making non-NCAA-compliance purchases at their campus bookstore.   They’re not nearly as cool as the 33-year-old self-employed lady arrested for causing a ruckus at a Florida strip club.  She says the other self-employed ladies were just jealous she was making more money than them.


The magic number and coronavirus go hand in hand.  Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee all reported 33 deaths this week while Massachusetts reported 33 new cases — specifically from the Cape and islands.  33 New Jersey bars may have their licenses revoked for rona violations.  Maybe they can open a music venue in New York and get by operating on 33% capacity come April33 Louisiana senators signed a letter urging the governor to end the mask mandate and re-open their state.  Fly British Airways and you can buy a COVID test for GBP 33!


So the CDC now says it’s okay for fully vaccinated folks to gather together in face friendly environments, but they were not prepared to explain what might happen to someone like this 91-year-old Ohio man who accidentally got two vaccines in one day.  Maybe Missouri will pass a bill easing immunization requirements.


New Mexico’s proposed safe injection facility bill gets discussed behind the curtain along with the first city using weed tax revenues to fund reparations.   New Hampshire’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of a medical patient seeking worker’s comp reimbursement for his medical marijuana after injuring his back on the job and Las Vegas finally gets dispensary drive-thrus.  West Virginia’s governor supports taxing weed to replace the income tax and says he’d sign legalization legislation if it fell on his lap to help his state with the opioid epidemic.  Maine towns voted to approve recreational sales in their communities and Pennsylvania senators introduced a recreational bill.  Legislation was also introduced to remove weed-related convictions from barring citizenship.  Meanwhile, a Florida rep’s bill proposes a THC cap and South Dakota killed a bill removing certain convictions from background check records.


In California, the attorney general ruled cannabusinesses with provisional licenses have no right to due process — but that’s a large majority of the licenses currently distributed.  Lots of canna cases coming to court.  Detroit is getting sued over their legacy resident rules, Alaska is hearing a criminal case regarding pesticides, and a multistate operator is accused of transporting weed across state lines.


A Missouri pastor triggered the M5M when he preached to wives to be more like Melania TrumpThe Simpsons got renewed for Season 33 and 34 !  A 500-pound treasure chest was stolen, and three years ago the FBI apparently went digging for treasure.  A 33-year-old man was arrested after taking an ambulance for a joy ride.  A python breeder made $6,000 thanks to this snake’s smiley faces and China thinks zoo visitors don’t know the difference between a wolf and a woof.  Don’t discount the ceramic bowls you see at estate sales — they just might be a 600-year-old artifact worth $500,000.  Oh, and never ever donate a jacket without checking the pockets.


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