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US maternal mortality increased 33% during pandemic, hitting black and Hispanic women especially hard

Black women could see a 33% increase in pregnancy-related deaths post-Roe. Why?

Supreme Court ruling jeopardizes abortion access for 33 million women

Poll: Confidence in Supreme Court collapses as just 33% agree with decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Gilead nets $33M in settlement over years-long HIV drug fraud case in Florida

All 33 major US banks pass Fed’s annual ‘stress tests’

33% of candidates in Japan’s upper house election are women, highest ever

MTA vows to make NYC subway 95% accessible. It will take 33 years.


Coof claims 5 lives in city in 24 hours, June toll 33 (Mumbai)

33 new COVID cases in central zones (India)


Scheduled anniversary call never happened for Griners

White House press briefing (26:40)
Coverage on The View

Griner trial set to begin Friday

Arizona Rep. Stanton’s resolution pushing to free Brittney Griner passes House

MLB allowing CBD company sponsorship of baseball teams

Supreme Court will not take up medical pot compensation cases

SAFE Banking Act will not be included in the America COMPETES Act

CNN: Weed users nearly 25% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization
Here is the cited Study

New York Times piece on cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill defining cannabis beverages

California State Fair unveiled winners of first-ever state-sanctioned pot competition

Connecticut Department of Transportation using grant to get volunteers high so police can practice detecting impairment

Connecticut regulators get 37,000 applicants for 56 recreational licenses

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority awards $45 million in grants funded by recreational tax revenue to community reinvestment

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed 10 weed and hemp bills into law as well as a bill changing background check processes for medical pot businesses AND a bill protecting most state workers from being subject to “negative employment consequences” due to legal medical use

Maryland Court of Appeals rules pot smell does not provide probable cause but only reasonable suspicion

FBI arrests Somerville, Massachusetts attorney for allegedly attempting to bribe Medford police chief

New Jersey fining companies for selling recreational pot during medical hours

6 injured in Fulton County, Pennsylvania pot plant explosion

Gallatin County, Montana Commission overturns voter-approved ballot measures to tax pot sales due to procedural errors

Texas Supreme Court upholds ban on smokable hemp, strikes down retail ban

Stevens Point, Wisconsin City Council passes proposal lowering fine for pot possession to $5

Swiss Federal Council voted to remove requirement for physicians to have special permits to prescribe medical pot

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health announces recreational pot is prohibited

Embassy in Jakarta warns bringing pot to Indonesia can result in a death sentence

Russia bans Canadian pot activists from entering country


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This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever had a fucked up roommate. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever went on a road trip.


33-year-old Colorado man steals patrol car, responds to 911 call

Tie in Alabama GOP race mans winner to be selected by lot

World’s biggest bacterium found in Caribbean mangrove swamp

NASA: Give us back our moon dust and cockroaches

Atlanta, Georgia Subway worker shot, killed over ‘too much mayo’ on sandwich

Millions of bees on the loose after truck carrying 200 beehives rolls over

Phoenix gas station selling fuel way below the average to help community

California firefighters rescue puppies stuck behind 100-pound tortoise in its den

Dog escapes pet hotel, runs two miles to Kansas home

Texas woman conceives second child while pregnant, gives birth to twins

Sir Paul the Book Guy joins us in the bowl to talk podfades, Atari 800 XLs, privacy and books to listen to while baked.

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Spencer on Mere Mortals with Kyrin

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33 top US hospitals sent website users’ medical information, including their locations to Meta

Scientists find multiplanet system that hosts two Earth-type planets just 33 light years away

33-year-old Toronto man charged after allegedly setting woman on fire on city bus


Covid hospitalizations in Ireland up by 33%

Massachusetts COVID cases fall 33%, virus hospitalizations tick down


Drug Enforcement Administration released its 2021 Domestic Cannabis Suppression / Eradication Program report

National Institute on Drug Abuse has a $1.5 million grant for someone to create a national database to track medical patients

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Rahul Gupta had an interview with the Financial Times this week

Senate Indian Affairs Committee hosts “Cannabis in Indian Country” meeting

Connecticut bus driver says he didn’t know his gummy snacks included THC

Investor, advocates sue Florida medical regulator

Judge lifts order, Illinois craft growers can get back to work

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear issued an executive order naming members to a medical weed committee

Mississippi Supreme Court upholds life sentence for man found guilty of possessing 1.5 ounces of weed

Win for Nebraska medical activists in lawsuit: federal judge issues preliminary injunction against state

Class action lawsuit filed in New Mexico against seven health insurance companies

New York growers limited to one-and-a-half acres of total usable land

New York City sheriff’s office seizes Weed World Candies trucks for outstanding parking tickets

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed a bill to allow federally approved drugs containing THC

Oklahoma attorney general files charges against two attorneys accused of facilitating black market operations

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott vetoed HB 728 which would have created a group to craft plans for opening safe consumption sites

Germany lawmakers set aside funding to create 10 staff positions to oversee legalization implementation

Russia sentences former employee of US Embassy in Moscow to 14 years in prison for medical pot prescribed post-back surgery 

Britney Griner’s pre-trial detention extended to July 2


The Rev CyberTrucker picks the energy back up with Cheeseburger Maker Du by Deliverance What A Joke.


This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever bought something with Bitcoin. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever had a fucked up roommate.


Tombstone with father’s hidden message is causing controversy

Cambodian catches world’s largest freshwater fish

British man turned away from giving blood after refusing to answer if he was pregnant

Arizona teen saved from overdose by online gaming friend 5,000 miles away

1800s-inspired theme park for sale in Missouri

Kitten rescued by Tennessee couple turns out to be a baby bobcat

Mississippi message in a bottle traveled 295 miles in 33 years

Alligator lunges out of water at Florida man

Baby goat born with 19-inch ears in Pakistan

Terrified trucker picks up ghost



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33 children, 3 teachers waited desperately for over an hour during Uvalde massacre, per analysis (NBC)

65% of men think they’re healthier than others, 33% skip annual exams

33-year-old man unhappy with haircut shot barber and was going to ‘execute’ him but his gun jammed, says report (KCMO) 


33 new cases: Beijing, Vadodara (India), Mizoram (India), Himachal Pradesh (India), Chandigarh (India)

Jabs could be approved for children under 5 as early as next week

Monkeypox spreads worldwide, 1472 cases in 33 non-endemic countries

Study suggests a “high-CBD extract has a high potential in the management of pathological conditions in which the secretion of cytokines is dyrsregulated,” like severe COVID-19 or other infectious or inflammatory diseases


Two lawsuits dismissed challenging Drug Enforcement Administration hemp rules

US State Department 2021 International Religious Freedom Report released

In US v. Cannon, judge upholds decision that Pennsylvania man on pretrial cannot use medical weed because it’s federally illegal

US Supreme Court taking up Bilodeau v. United States, a case about the scope of protections provided by a congressionally-approved medical weed rider

Environmental Protection Agency emails workers memo reminding them cannot smoke pot

Government Accountability Office analysis of US Border Patrol enforcement data released

Cannabis Administration Opportunity Act (CAOA) could be filed this month

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission says fall 2023 is the earliest products will be available in the state but could take until 2024

California Superior Court rules High Times must pay $5 million in back rent for a would-be dispensary in San Francisco’s Union Square

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed SB99 into law, streamlining the expungement process, and HB1344 legalizing MDMA IF/WHEN the FDA approves it for prescription drug use

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed HB 4392 into law so courts can no longer deny petitioners’ requests to have their criminal records expunged due to pot drug test failure

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announces next steps to issue 185 recreational licenses

Illinois judge issues temporary restraining order, freezing operations for 48 craft grow licenses amid a legal challenge to the award process

Two Michigan bills would ban fake urine

Missouri medical growers must destroy products, surrender licenses

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu says fentanyl-laced marijuana and cocaine is being smuggled over the northern border

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is being sued by a worker who claims he was demoted, subjected to random drug testing, and forced to attend drug counseling for legal medical pot use

North Carolina legislators send SB 762 to the governor’s desk to permanently legalize hemp

CEO of Oklahoma-based medical pot company replied to a sales rep from Vangst (which just published a report on LGBT+ representation in the weed workforce): “I don’t communicate with ignorant cunts that cannot figure out what a woman is. You’re a she/her/hers? Please die so God can rectify his mistake.”

July 1, Oregon becomes the first state to ban synthetic cannabis products sold at grocery stores and other retailers

South Dakota voters rejected a constitutional amendment requiring ballot initiatives get 60% support in order to be enacted
— legalization advocates highlighted this as a possible impediment to passing reform in November

German officials are taking a step in the right direction to legalize pot by holding five hearings to discuss policy change with a   plan earlier this year with FAQ: Cannabis – but safe

Guam’s recreational regulations took effect

Thailand’s partial cannabis legalization law took effect

New United Arab Emirates law cracks down on those promoting images of drugs on clothes, car


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This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the First Time They Ever got a pet. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever bought something with Bitcoin.


Sanctions sought against FBI over Civil War gold dig videos
Boston transit agency to try urine sensors on elevators

Amarillo Zoo surveillance picture shows strange creature at perimeter fence

Zoo staff forced to intervene after dog enters gorilla enclosure

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21Lessons / The Freedom of Value / Dear Family, Dear Friends / BTC is Time / Flows/ True Names Not Required / Memes vs The World

Human B Bitcoin Documentary

John Vervaeke: What is the Meaning Crisis?

The Blocksize War: The battle over who controls Bitcoin protocol



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PayPal letting people send BTC out

3 minute NFT real estate video

DeMu / Able and the Wolf

Darthcoin’s gripes with node operators


Biden says 33 million more baby formula bottles headed to US

33 cases await decisions by the Supreme Court in coming weeks

Gas soars 33 cents in a week, $5 per gallon ‘not impossible’ (Texas)

33 mass shootings in US since Uvalde school massacre

33 shot in Chicago over the weekend, 6 fatally


33 new cases: Boone County (MO)

33 deaths: Arizona

France says number of confirmed monkyepox cases has risen to 33

Netherlands: Weekly coof infections jump 33%, first rise in months

Uttar Pradesh inches closer to 33 crore vaccination milestone


AP updated style guide with changes to some pot terms

Complaint asks Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General to investigate discrepancies in how pot enforcement data is reported by police departments across the country

Federal class action lawsuit filed against Curaleaf

Former White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Bill Bennett suggests pot is to blame for mass shootings
Laura Ingraham blames the weed with Russell Kramer who is an advisor to POPPOTTWICE in one week, and The View capitalized on it

California Reparations Report

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration ramping up enforcement against unpaid taxes

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill to create a regulatory framework for selling kratom and a bill creating a task force to research intoxicating hemp products and modified cannabinoids

Georgia Supreme Court to take up case challenging prosecutor’s delta-8 and delta-10 THC crackdown 

Evanston, Illinois’ reparations program may be underfunded due to lower than expected pot revenues

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signs bill allowing patients to use federally approved pot medicines

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has pot-related bills on his desk

Second lawsuit filed against Detroit’s recreational ordinance

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signs bill clarifying hemp-derived products are legal in the state

Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Party convention discussed changing the name to MAGA Party to siphon GOP votes, according to Minnesota rep 

Nebraska Attorney General releases brief responding to lawsuit

Activists in Harker Heights and San Marcos submitted signatures to put decriminalization on the November ballot

Virginia General Assembly approves budget bill containing language to re-criminalize personal possession of up to 4 oz of pot in public

Father and son from Monroe, Washington sentenced to five years in federal prison for selling pot

Thai cops punished for arresting woman growing one plant


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Tonight we heard from bowlers about the first time they ever won first place at something.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever got a pet.


Coast Guard suspends search for missing man in Chesapeake Bay after 33 hours

Officials at airport seize cocaine stashed in wheelchair

No more Elvis-themed weddings

SoCal woman finds $36K in cash hidden inside couch cushion acquired for free through Craigslist

Nearly 4,000 Minnesota customers lost power due to a squirrel

Janitor corrals cougar in empty Pescadero, California classroom

Mariah Carey is being sued for copyright infringement for “All I Want for Christmas is You”

Texas mom gives birth to identical twins 3 days apart

Son reunites with birth mom who works in the same building

Norwegian feminist facing 3 years in prison for saying men can’t be lesbians

Illuminadia joins us in the Bowl once again to discuss babies, viruses, and malignant narcissists!

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Holey Moley / Hole in the Wall / Origins of Things and Stuff

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