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Massachusetts House plan would create 33 majority minority districts

Governor Hochul (NY) announces $33 million in federal funding to strengthen security for nonprofits facing high risks of terrorism

Rhode Island man sentenced to over 33 years for international drug trafficking


33 recoveries in Nova Scotia

33 new cases: Kenya, Australia, Juneau (AK)

33 deaths in Oregon

Russia is still being ravaged by COVID-19 with 1,000 deaths a day and only 33% vaccinated

After nearly dying of COVID, 33-year-old Israeli, new mom goes home

Study finds “cannabidiol (CBD) inhibits SARS-Cov-2 spike protein-induced cytotoxicity and inflammation”


Police in Hayward, California “recover” 33 pounds of marijuana and $8,000 in cash

Student finds edibles in teacher prize box  

Minnesota court rules in two cases medical marijuana is NOT covered under worker’s comp because it is federally illegal

Montana regulators filed a draft version of recreational market rules

Chicago City Council members proposed an ordinance requiring dispensaries opening within 1,500 feet of others to provide certified evidence every year that they are indeed social equity applicants

Illinois Supreme Court ordered the consolidation of lawsuits filed by applicants challenging the fairness of the licensing process

Virginia officials sealed more than 64,000 misdemeanor marijuana distribution charges since legalization took effect in July on top of 333,000 cannabis possession records sealed under decriminalization passed in 2020

In California, hundreds of thousands of residents still have publicly available weed-related records the law required to be sealed

Connecticut regulators added Huntington’s disease (progressive brain disorder causing muscle problems and involuntary jerking) but rejected anorexia and expanded purchase limits to 3 ounces monthly

Non-flower products released from administrative hold by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Washington state updates list of allowed pesticides

Michigan Senate passes bill to let people with marijuana convictions participate in the medical cannabis industry

November 1st is the start date for South Dakota’s medical program, so the Department of Health will release the application process “in the coming days.” Next Monday, October 26, the Legislature’s Rules Review Committee will hear a second handful of proposed regulations from the Department of Health after the first were rejected. Medical marijuana ads featuring Governor Noem were paid for with tax money meant for marketing against opioid abuse and draft legislation to scrap the existing medical program to create a “compromise” recreational market was filed.

Oregon’s Senate president is calling for the National Guard to combat illegal cultivation

Medical weed won’t be available in Alabama before 2023

Governor Evers proclaims October 18 as Wisconsin Hemp Day

Bank of America cancelled the account of marijuana and psychedelics researcher Sue Sisley’s Scottsdale Research Institute even though they have DEA approval for their studies

Panama legalized medical cannabis

British man sentenced to 25 years in prison in Dubai for possessing CBD vape oil


This week, The Rev. CyberTrucker shares a metal Monster Mash cover by Leo Moracchioli. Tune in again next Tokin’ Tuesday to see what spooktacular tunes The Rev has in store for us!


Tonight, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever went to a spookhouse. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever had a paranormal experience.


High school halftime show features students in drag

Law banning profanities on Maine license plates went into effect Monday

An Australian vet plead guilty to breaking into an animal shelter to steal back his cat

For the first time ever, an alligator gar was caught in Kansas

$5 thrift vase is worth $15,000

For the first time in 33 months, the Nintendo Switch wasn’t the US best selling console — it was the Playstation 5

300 people got naked for a photactivist’s Dead Sea photos

An Israeli scuba diver found an ancient Crusader sword (900 years old)

More than 90 snakes were found under a California home

Surveillance shows how woman died in the back of a police van


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Trump’s D.C. hotel hosted foreign officials from 33 countries while he was in office

Tunisia train collision injures 33

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Global Market Grows at Rate of 33% Through 2021


33 new cases: Michigan schools, Humboldt County

33 Pop-Up clinics coming to Bunnings

FL woman got $3.4M COVID grant she never applied for


Substance abuse raises risks of COVID after vaccination – especially if it’s weed
Smoking marijuana could lead to breakthrough COVID cases

The dusty man proclaims October to be National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month

Missouri federal judge permanently blocks state from enforcing residency requirements

Missouri secret investigation leads to pulled products in St. Louis
Kansas City Dutch shepherd seizes $1M cash in a year

Gov. Newsom vetoes bill that would have allowed marijuana billboard ads along most highways in the state
But he did sign a bill to legalize smokable hemp and allow CBD and other cannabinoid-infused foods, drinks, and cosmetics

Arcata, CA City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize psychedelics and became the third city in the state to do so

As of yesterday, it is illegal for anyone but licensed dispensaries to sell delta-8 THC in Michigan

Oklahoma activists filed two ballot initiatives to legalize recreational, remodel existing medical program

Bipartisan bill filed in PA along with another legalization bill unveiled last Tuesday prioritizing social equity

Transfarmation Project

Ohio Rep Jamie Callendar (R) unveiled a recreational proposal


The Reverend CyberTrucker brings us a metal cover of “Sweet Transvestite” from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show as performed by Aiden Malacaria.


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Jeopardy contestant reaches second-place on the “Jeopardy!” all-time consecutive win list with his 33rd straight win

33 New York State Senators Criticize “Outrageous” IATSE Work Conditions, Ask Studios to Negotiate in “Good Faith”
— go Behind the Screen with Behind the Sch3m3s Episode 64: Gaped Hell Hole

33 dogs and 2 chickens seized (FL), man faces 22 counts of cruelty to animals


33 deaths: Chicago, Nevada, Italy, Egypt, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, UK

33 new cases: Canberra (Australia), Centre County (PA), Washington County (NY), Dubois County (IN), Fauquier (VA) New Zealand

CA Mother of two dies at 33 from COVID-19
Gujarat’s (India) Covid cases rise by 33% in just four weeks

33 employees of University of Vermont Health Network Hospitals depart organizations due to vaccine mandate


State Line Road Bank of America robbery

Nurse accused of taking fetanyl from two KC-area hospitals
House Judiciary Committee passes MORE Act after delaying its discussion to a No Agenda Show Day

Schumer appears on Ethan Nadelmann’s podcast PSYCHOACTIVE  

Bay Area’s Biggest Bust

Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission found 44% of hemp farms in Jackson and Josephine County growing illegal marijuana

Drug possession de-felonized in Rhode Island

Florida doctor accuses state health officials of breaking the law to create fake records in a sting operation

Haverhill, Massachusetts charging $1.3 million in “impact fees” to the three cannabusinesses operating in its city limits with $866,000 earmarked for policing

South Carolina licensed hemp farmer suing law enforcement for cutting down crop
South Dakota’s Medical Marijuana Subcommittee voted 6-4 to eliminate home cultivation
New York misses deadline for homegrow rules

Ohio voters in more than a dozen municipalities will decide on local ballot measures to decriminalize marijuana next month

The Kansas Cannabis Chamber of Commerceformed

Push underway for constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire

Seattle became the largest city to decriminalize psychedelics


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This week’s #FTIE was the first time I ever hit on someone.  Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever carved a pumpkin.


Britney Spears posts 33 nudes after dad steps down from conservatorship

Trey Parker and Matt Stone struck a deal to buy Casa Bonita for $3.1 million 

Catfish eaten before being verified can’t qualify for record
— original story: Bowl After Bowl Episode 106: The Ocean People

Major flea infestation shuts 2 Oakland schools for cleaning

Cosplayer Charged with Manslaughter
Tennessee bear steals 33-pound package of fish bond chemicals off porch

Freak Winemaking Accident Kills Four in Italy
‘Missing’ Turkish man joined search party for himself

French cop suicide note identifies self as Pockmarked Man, a serial killer




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33 of 39 miners trapped underground in Northern Ontario are safe
Ex-California pastor gets 14 years after $33 million fraud scheme
Indian teen allegedly raped by 33 men over 8 months


33 new cases: Illinois, Scioto County (OH), Hawaii, East Haven (CT) Schools

33 deaths inGreece which also has 331 patients currently on ventilators

33 South Dakota lawmakers stand against mandates

33 vaccinated people who live or work at a Colville, WA nursing center caught COVID over last 30 days; one died

NJ teacher arrested for allegedly submitting forged doctor’s note about masks


House Bill 2050 to legalize weed in Pennsylvania introduced today
Kansas City approved an ordinance preventing pre-employment marijuana testing for most government jobs
Legal costs now top $6.7 million for Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services
Missouri’s track and trace system ‘inadvertently’ put products on hold this week

Montana is on track for a January 1, 2022 recreational retail debut
BUT Montana is prohibiting dispensaries from selling hemp-derived CBD Missoula County voters will approve or deny a 3% sales tax on weed Washington Supreme Court reverses 2017 decision that let Chelan County Shut Down Seven Hills Farm
Vermont Supreme Court holds couple caught with mushrooms and weed are protected by state constitution
Illinois hit with three more cannabiz lawsuits
Former Maryland delegate Don Murphy wrote an op-ed in support of a free market for cannabusinesses

The California State Fair Cannabis Competition and Awards are set for 2022
Dallas Cowboys’ right tackle, La’el Collins, was suspended after trying to bribe the league’s drug-test collector

FBI loosened its marijuana policy for applicants earlier this summer but added a new restriction: anyone who has used weed more than 24 times as an adult is disqualified  

House Judiciary Committee voting on MORE Act tomorrow

US Department of Agriculture published a report on China’s hemp import policies
House advances SAFE Banking Act as part of the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act
IRS launched a program aimed at helping businesses pay their federal taxes properly under 280E, the section that disallows standard business deductions


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This week’s #FTIE was the First Time I Ever met an asshole celebrity. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever hit on someone.


Doctors intrigued by 33-year-old man who jizzed out of butthole for two years
Aspiring adult film star dies after third illegal butt lift 

Rhode Island farmhouse that inspired The Conjuring for sale, although the haunting is likely based upon a false story

Housing market so hot, a house with extensive fire damage is listed for $399k in Boston suburb

Rare orange lobster saved and donated to an Arizona aquarium
Florida man tries to trade in a vehicle to the dealership he stole it from
14 tons of DiGiorno Crispy Pan Crust pepperoni pizza recalled due to misbranding
Funeral home mixes up body in casket  

Chipotle customer pulls gun after being told location was closing early
Artwork or nuisance? RIP Raytown, Missouri’s Goose Womanor not?


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Publix donates 33 million pounds of produce to Feeding American food banks

33% of Denver’s population is facing food insecurity

After 33 years, parents of brain-damaged kids get to express disgust with Florida program


A Michigan meteorologist of 33 years was fired for not getting a COVID shot, and you can read his Facebag statement here

US reopens air travel from 33 countries, but Canadian border remains closed

Alabama’s COVID hospitalizations drop by 33% in 3 weeks

In first post-Ida data release, NOLA Public Schools report 33 COVID-19 cases

At least 33 Kentucky K-12 school employees have reportedly died of COVID since 2020

Catholic student COVID-19 cases up 33% in one day (Ontario)

Missouri Attorney General Schmitt to sue 50 schools over masking guidelines

33 new cases Durham (Ontario), Delhi, Middlesex-London, Tuolumne County (CA), McDowell (WV), Montana prisons

33 new deaths Arkansas


Chicago City Council voted 33-13 to lift the cap of seven cannabis zones in the city with a limit on the number of dispensaries allowed in each and to narrow the downtown “exclusion zone” where dispensaries can’t open

Medical cultivators in Ohio can request permission to expand their grow space to meet demand
— state plans to double number of dispensaries
Ohio regulators also approved drive-through windows for medical dispensaries

Decriminalize California is cleared to begin collecting signatures to put psilocybin legalization on the 2022 ballot
A lawsuit was filed last week by a CA retail chain alleging criminals have been legally buying an unknown number of cannabis distribution licenses by using front men to disguise their true identities and intentions 

  Yesterday was 9/20 Magic Mushroom (Mon)Day and a day prior, the inaugural  Entheofest took place at the University of Michigan

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws is gathering volunteers to collect signatures on any of the four proposed legalization initiatives filed in case the Supreme Court overturns 2020’s voter-approved recreational measure
Meanwhile, regulators are considering how to amend medical rules that were rejected by lawmakers as the South Dakota Department of Health can amend proposals and submit them a second time to the legislative panel without holding a second public hearing. The secretary of health has not said what her department will do.

In less than a week, Wyoming activists met one required county signature collection threshold for their medical marijuana and decriminalization intiatives.  15 counties to go! 

Virginia started selling nugs this week

Virginia judge jails alleged domestic violence victim for smoking pot on day of court testimony

Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that hemp-derived cannabinoids in liquid (but not leafy) form are illegal

New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission didn’t start accepting applications for business licenses this past weekend, missing their first deadline of September 18

More than 90% of Maine towns and cities don’t allow recreational marijuana stores

The Nebraska Cannabis Association launched in anticipation of eventual legalization in the state to act as cannabiz lobbyists

A federal judge acquitted former Fall River mayor Jasiel Correia II on eight of the wire and tax fraud counts related to misused funds intended for his tech startup and sentenced him to 6 years for extorting marijuana businesses

Connecticut patients can begin growing pot on October 1

White House releases list of 22  major drug transit or illicit drug producing countries


Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever lost a tooth. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever met an asshole celebrity. Give us a call day or night: (816) 607-3663


Monkeys are moving into a North St. Louis County neighborhood  

A wild game meat processor finds artifacts in alligator stomachs
Snake knocks out power for entire North Carolina town of Denton

Three-volume 1818 first edition print of Frankenstein sold for $1.17 million

Michigan lawmaker in jail for drunk driving is accused of taping a handcuff key to his foot

White catfish caught in CT may be a world record weighing 21.3 pounds and measuring more than 3 feet long

Michigan Department of Natural Resources says between 250 and 500 Lake Orion fish died of herpes, but there is no risk to the public

New Zealand cops bust men trying to sneak into locked-down city with a trunk full of KFC

A man facing a slew of charges threw a baby from a balcony but police caught it and the baby sustained no injuries

While touring a historic building in Oklahoma, a stairwell collapsed and Reba McEntire was one of the people rescued by the fire department

Hope to see you at the No Agenda KC Meet-Up Saturday!


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33 dogs, 15 chickens, one pony seized in cruelty case

33 Florida lawmakers ask DeSantis to apply for federal benefits to help feed children

33-year-old Worcester man accused of stabbing victim in the face


33 deaths Pennsylvania

33 new cases New Zealand

33 students in quarantine Appleton, Wisconsin

Cases down 33% in Madison County, Illinois


Illinois to conduct an extra lottery to give six applicants an opportunity to operate cannabis retail stores after they were wrongly denied fair chances to win earlier

Missouri voters might see two recreational measures in 2022

lawmakers rejected a handful of rule proposals governing medical marijuana from Noem’s administration but approved the bulk of the program.

Montana loosened proposed advertising rules, and the amendments are open to public comment until September 20, 2021. 

On September 22, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission Advisory Committee Meeting will discuss violation reclassification


The Rev Cyber Trucker takes us down under for some Aussie metal during tonight’s Metal Moment with

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Bowlers called in to discuss this week’s #FTIE, the first time they ever drank on a boat (or float trip).  Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time YOU ever lost a tooth.

Missouri woman finds urn necklace in Blue Springs Walmart parking lot

Researchers in Germany and New Zealand are working to potty train cows

Maryland man who calls himself King Claw said a store clerk’s accidental button push led him to buy a $30 scratcher which was worth $100,000

Man placed a couch on his back deck, bears come and sit on it every night

A cat dangling from the upper deck at Hard Rock Stadium during a Miami Hurricanes game was rescued by a couple that used the American flag they brought to catch it like a net

A power outage disrupting half of NYC’s subway system for several hours on August 29th was caused by someone “accidentally” pressing the Emergency Power Off button

Police reunited Illinois State Fair visitor with lost dentures

A gecko stowed away for a 4,000 mile journey from Barbados to Rotherham, England in a woman’s bra

A Minnesota man got approval to run the first ever hemp maze this fall to educate families

After failing to auction it off with a starting bid of $130k, Mexico is giving away El Chapo’s safehouse in a lottery


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Not a single woman was included on the Taliban’s new 33-man Afghanistan government

Sharpshooter Marine, 33, shot couple, their 3-month-old baby and grandmother dead

33 arrested in Australia after a 4-month drug sting


33 deaths: Polynesia , Mississippi

33 cases: Oklahoma,Yates County (NY), Juneau (AK), New Zealand

33 legislators ask Governor McKee (RI) to amend vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

33-year-old Georgia man who died of COVID made final plea for friends to get the shot

India surpasses 33 million coof cases

Missouri Attorney General Schmitt says Kansas City kids in school can ignore the mask mandates thanks to his lawsuits


Colorado voters will be deciding whether or not to increase recreatinal sales taxes by 5% over the next three years to fund out-of-school services like tutoring and mental health programs for students

Illinois judge left in place order blocking regulators from issuing cannabusiness licenses to recent lottery winners

Michigan released new marijuana industry rules

Merrill Lynch relaxing its approach to taking on new clients with marijuana-related business assets

South Dakota legislature’s Medical Marijuana Subcommittee voted to override the wishes of the voters once again by recommending a ban on home cultivation for medical patients.

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court rejects lawsuit seeking to force DEA to reschedule weed

Washington state is ending its contract with seed-to-sale traceability provider in favor of a simplified in-house system

DEA proposed increase in amount of marijuana and psilocybin that can be legally produced for research which the FDA needs in order to approve new drug products

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy wants to simplify the registration process for scientists to access Schedule I drugs by using the Schedule II process


Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever found money. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever drank on a boat (a float counts.)


Attic antiques may be worth more than double this house

33-year-old UK man spends $275 every month on dirty socks

Irish man claimed his dead parents’ pensions for 33 years before getting caught

14-year-old spent summer making prosthetic hand for his friend using a 3D printer

Canton. MA man reels in invasive Asian species of fish

Puppy gets surgery to correct its upward-facing paws

Two-headed snake in Missouri turns 16

Duck mimics owner’s speech in Australia

Montana sheep drive happened for the 33rd straight year

Dragon House estate for sale in Minnesota


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33 kids, 7 adults die of mysterious fever


33 in the ICU: Guyana

33 recoveries: Hopkins County

33% fully vaxxed: Pettis County, MO

33 million doses administered in the Philippines 

$33 million in financial aid offered to pandemic-hit people in Hanoi

33 fines issued in Cyprus and Sarawak

Oregon mandates masks outdoors

Chicago judge strips child custody from mom who isn’t getting the shot, then vacates the decision

Australian farmer creates tribute for aunt whose funeral he cannot attend due to Covid restrictions


– previously discussed on Bowl After BowlEpisode 96: From Birth Story

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Hot dogs can shave 36 minutes off one’s life, PB&J can restore 33: study

Swedish Government to Return 33 Bitcoin to Drug Dealer in Landmark Case

Forgo the $33,000 Fee, Disney Will Pay YOU to Enter the Coveted Club 33


33 new cases in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

33 Nebraska inmates placed in isolation after testing positive

33 new virus deaths reported in Arkansas and Nebraska

SINGAPORE – 111 new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases; 33 unlinked

A Washington state school put ankle tracking monitors on student athletes that beep when kids get too close to each other


Illinois is being sued by two more weed companies over social equity applications

A year-old federal lawsuit against Los Angeles’ social equity licensing program was withdrawn

Project Trellis offers marijuana growers in Humboldt County $10,000

Leafly challenges Florida’s ban of third-party online weed services which coincides with its announcement of going public

More than 70% of New Jersey towns opt out of recreational

THC-O acetate gaining popularity


This week, The Rev takes us to North America for some Navajo metal from the band Testify with the track Rage. Vote in The Rev’s poll to help decide where we’re going next week!


Bowlers called in to discuss the first time they ever got shocked. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever got $100.


OnlyFans banning sexual content because of banks

A Mumbai hospital teamed up with an insurance company to break a Guinness World Record by administering a COVID jab to more than 30,000 people in one week, 50,000 in two weeks

A Japanese rollercoaster claiming to be the fastest accelerating was shut down after four riders suffered broken bones in an eight month period

An Australian study found highly venomous sea snakes aren’t aggressive, just horny

A six-year-old girl in China had to have a burrowing cockroach removed from her ear after it crawled inside during her afternoon nap

After three nights alone in a Russian forest, an almost 2-year-old told rescuers, “I’m a princess.

A 13-year-old’s Snapchat drinking binge is not protected by the First Amendment

An eighth-grade civics class from North Andover, MA inspired Senator Diana DiZoglio to introduce legislation to exonerate Elizabeth Johnson Junior, condemned in 1693 at the height of the Salem Witch Trials but never executed. If the measure is approved, she would be the last accused witch to be cleared.

Persephone is the first robot tour guide in the Alistrati Cave in Greece who speaks 33 languages, interact on a basic level in three languages, and answer 33 questions but only in Greek

A giant rubber duck appears in Maine’s Belfast Harbor


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In a 33-year first, a single console swept Japan’s Game Sales Charts which were made up entirely of Nintendo Switch games in Famitsu Weekly, Japan’s most popular video game publication, during the first week of August. The last time this happened was the Famicom, Nintendo’s first iteration of what would become the NES, in 1988.

Cannabis tragedy as man, 33, dies in fall after taking drug while celebrating his birthday — except it’s the one-year anniversary of his death which his nurse girlfriend eulogized on social media, and England just has to keep the reefer madness going. This dude was a nurse who served as a medic in Afghanistan.

For his birthday, he climbed Mount Snowdon, then met his girlfriend, close friends, and family at a restaurant where “several members of the birthday party took some ‘edible’ — chocolate infused with cannabis,” before meeting at his friend’s place. His girlfriend notes he was acting erratic, out of character and seemed to be rushing home. When they got there, he paced with a look of terror in his eyes — although the coroner was leading the witness with that question, asking the girlfriend if he had a look of terror in his eyes.

Then, she says he started talking to people who weren’t there, so she decided to leave and called his cousin. But just a few minutes later, he fell. It doesn’t stay what story he fell from, but his head injuries were too severe to operate on. The coroner says he was suffering from “a psychotic or delusional episode” from cannabis consumption.

State police charge juvenile with desecrating 33 gravestones. A 12-year-old from Theresa, New York caused $3,726 in damages at Oakwood Cemetery but A. Cozzi Monuments repaired them for free in April. The tween has been charged with 1st degree cemetery desecration and 2nd degree criminal mischief, which are both felonies, and their case will be handled in Family Court.

BONUS: Thanks to Sir OMA for sharing this story about a 33-year-old man found dead in an apartment at 3:30 PM Monday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after a five-hour standoff with police. He named himself as a person of interest earlier in the day for shooting two women whose conditions are unknown. After hearing what sounded like a gunshot, police entered the apartment with a tactical robot and found the man dead.


33 new cases in Delta County (Michigan), Crawford County (Pennsylvania), Humboldt County (California)

33 positive tests in Dillingham (Alaska)

Dad, 33, has different perspective on COVID-19 after near-death experience. What better way to push the experimental jab than with more fear porn?

Sir OMA sent us this story about a 33-year-old mom removed from an Omaha public elementary school for not wearing a mask and asking staff not to force her son to wear a mask. She was stopped by a security guard when she tried to go into the school to retrieve her son after someone forced him to put a mask on.


Former Adelanto Mayor, Rich Kerr, was arrested by the FBI last Friday for accepting close to $60,000 in bribes in exchange for favorable decisions concerning commercial cannabis through his city council role. Three years ago, FBI agents detained him during a raid on his home amid a public corruption probe. He was arraigned last Friday and entered not guilty pleas. The kickbacks were disguised as gifts, donations to charities and campaigns, and advance payments for the proceeds of a planned litigation associated with a motorcycle accident Kerr sustained during a 2017 promotional gimmick for the Adelanto Grand Prix where he rode a motorcycle into the desert and crashed it within 15 seconds.

Secret recordings from a 2016 conversation with the FBI pretending to be a real estate company revealed Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers’ husband, J.T. Burnette of Tennessee, bragged about how his political connections allowed them to obtain one of the first vertically-integrated licenses for medical weed in Florida. Trulieve is one of the biggest medical companies in the US with operations in 11 states, and Burnette is on trial for racketeering, extortion, fraud, and making false statements.

Starting September 1st, cannabis retailers in Alaska will be able to double the amount of THC per serving in edibles from 5 to 10 milligrams.

For the first time in 11 years, Maine is accepting applications for medical dispensaries. There is no longer a cap on business licenses, but there are only five medical dispensaries operating after three of the eight total converted to recreational shops. The application fee is $5,000 and registered caregivers can now convert their registration type to that of a dispensary because dispensaries are allowed to grow an unlimited amount of plants.

Also in Maine this week, a judge ruled that the state’s residency requirement is unconstitutional, so out-of-state companies will now be able to operate medical dispensaries in the state. Missouri’s federal judge also recently shot down the state’s residency requirement while Oklahoma did the opposite.

House Bill 3000, which passed in July, now allows Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission and the Department of Agriculture to inspect licensed hemp fields across the state to make sure growers aren’t cultivating marijuana. Inspectors will take samples and send them to labs for THC levels, but 31 operations have refused to let the regulators access their site so far.

No new adult-use retail licenses will be awarded in Illinois until a lawsuit Wah Group is resolved, which alleges the state requires veteran-owned businesses to achieve a perfect score to qualify for the social equity lotteries currently underway.

Wisconsin lawmakers announced a full legalization bill last Tokin’ Tuesday which would tax weed similar to alcohol and allow homegrow.


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This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever got behind the wheel of a car. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever felt an electric shock.


A Florida woman was arrested after showing tiddies and masturbating during a virtual visit with an inmate last week in the visitation building. She was charged with exposure of sexual organs within a public place and violation of probation or community control.

Two teens seriously injured by lightning that struck at least 7 at Orchard Beach in the Bronx

Handcuffed Oklahoma man escapes arrest on stolen ATV, leads police on high-speed chase. He was initially being taken into custody on suspicion of stealing copper wire and catalytic converters when he opened the patrol unit door, escaped into the woods, and stole an ATV from a nearby home. The chase went through three separate counties before he was forced to wipeout into a pool of muddy water on a dirt road.

A 28-year-old man was arrested for giving a child a face tattoo at  a McDonald’s in South Carolina, which was filmed and posted to social media by a customer.

While cleaning a picture frame, a North Carolina thrift store employee  found a 146-year-old marriage certificate and managed to track down the great granddaughter through

A Canadian dermatologist in British Columbia bought a rare oil painting that may be worth $20,000 at a thrift store. He paid $96 and intended to use just the frame, then decided to Google the artist’s signature and found it was Wijmer, who was born in the Netherlands in 1870. His most famous painting, Mountain Mist, sold at auction in the US for $200,000. The doctor plans to donate any funds received to the Comox Valley Hospice Society.

A Colorado sheriff’s deputy freed a mother bear who had accidentally trapped herself in a car as her two cubs watched. The door slammed shut behind her when she entered to look for food. Too much damage had been done inside, so he opened the driver’s door to free her but the bear accidentally closed it. On the second attempt, the deputy was able to get her out and ensured she left the neighborhood with her cubs. So don’t leave food in your vehicle.

While removing valuable items from a 115-year-old German Evangelical Church in Seattle, Earthwise Architectural Salvage found a time capsule in the cornerstone which had not been tracked and archived. It contained German literature, Evangelical publications, Ohio newspaper articles written about the Evangelical Association, a bishop’s handwritten letter detailing the founding of the church, and financial information.

Two of Banksy’s newest murals were vandalized days after the artist confirmed he created ten across coastal towns in Norfolk and Suffolk, England. One was caught in the act covering Banksy’s rat sipping a cocktail with white paint. The second perp added teddy bears beneath a claw machine Banksy painted which some believe is a tribute or collab from local artist Emo. Two of Banksy’s murals was removed, one which was spray painted on top of an 1892 mural of the town’s mayor and the other which showed two children flying off an inflatable dingy at the spot where a 3-year-old girl died after an inflatable trampoline burst.

A shitty way to go: three brothers got stuck in a manure pit on their family’s farm, passed out from the fumes, and died of asphyxiation.