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Happy 117th birthday to the late Dr. Seuss! Dr. Seuss Enterprises waited until this day, National Reading Day, to cancel six of his books.   And Kansas City waited until this day to tell residents about tornado drills, so the US National Weather Service text people got was confusing.   Surprise, surprise for Johnson County where none of its 200 sirens sounded.


In Texas, 33 long-term care facilities were evacuated due to the winter storm; a vandal cut the brakes on 33 unsuspecting vehicles in Washington state; and 33% of Americans say the president is not fit for Washington, D.C.  


Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Wisconsin all reported 33 coof deaths this past week while the Bay Area and the UK note deaths falling 33%.  Meanwhile, South Africa will use $33 million to help them get Johnson & Johnson vaccines in people faster.


Stepping behind the curtain, we discuss the 33 communities in Manipur that pledge to prohibit poppy plantations and replace grower livelihoods with a government-implemented lifestyle alternative.  


Last Tuesday, patients and caregivers from Nebraska Families for Medical Cannabis urged their representatives to pass a medical legalization bill, Legislative Bill 474, along with two measures to help prevent any technicalities from blocking the will of the people — but they need at least 33 senators to override a filibuster of the measure.  LB474 will be the subject of public hearing on March 10th.


Seven MMJ license-wielding idiots in KC took a step in the wrong direction when they smoked weed to allegedly help train police officers how to identify impaired users.   


Two recreational measures are up for consideration in Washington, D.C. after Mayor Bowser and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson both introduced one of their own.   Congratulations Virginia where lawmakers passed a recreational bill for 2024!  In the meantime, apply for a business license in Michigan where you’re not longer required to hold a medical license prior and send some of that legalization karma to Montana where voters are fighting an uphill battle to keep the constitutional amendment they approved back in November 2020.


Oh, and make sure you follow any requisites you set out for your boards and commissions or else you’ll get called out like New Jersey.


More than 12,000 acres is up for auction in Nebraska in 33 tracts.   Bidding starts March 22nd, just FYI.  One 33-year-old man spiked a woman’s smoothie and a 33-year-old nurse raped an 87-year-old in a senior living facility.  Miss Germany is a 33-year-old mom while Spain’s oldest mom just lost custody of her twins.  If you’re bummed about Daft Punk, you’ll be happy to hear Smashing Pumpkins is recording a 33-song album.   Or maybe you won’t.  But one lady got a smile on her face when a thrift store worker mailed her her late father’s Purple Heart .  An Oregon man encountered a rare fox while some Australians sheared a wild sheep.   And if you’ve made it this far with the munchies, treat yourself with some QuikTrip roller grill ’cause it’s back, baybay!


The bowlers talk about the first time they ever watched an R-rated movie and next Tuesday we want to hear about the First Time You Ever 69’d!  Leave a voicemail or text (816) 607-3663.

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