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Just 33 used New Jersey’s medical-aid-in-dying law last year

Philadelphia dims its skyline along with 33 other cities after a ‘mass collision’ kills thousands of migrating birds

33% of Instacart shoppers bought plant-based meat or milk in 2021

33% of renters are motivated to purchase a home after the pandemic


33 coof deaths in Ontario, Sri Lanka, Germany.

33 new coof cases in Vermont

33 hostpialized with the coof in Massachusetts

UK data suggests a single dose is only 33% effective against the India variant

Ohio announces $1 million vaccine lottery, shots surge 33%

33 Reno pediatricians say the school district should reinstate universal mask wearing until the school year ends


Kansas City received $8.3 million in federal money to address homelessness

Potential crackdown on street sideshows


Missouri lawmakers passed a bill allowing medical weed companies to deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses on their state tax returns that Section 280E of the federal tax code currently prohibits. We’ll see if Governor Mike Parson signs it into law. Then, the Show-Me State appeals court ruled regulators cannot keep cannabiz license applications secret, so the more then 800 denied licensees appealing the application and scoring system used by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services can now compare their applications to others.

Kansas may be too late to pass their medical bill, but they did open their first industrial hemp fiber processing facility in Great Bend. They’ve contracted with 10 farmers this year totaling 1,000 acres of hemp and they bought their equipment from Colorado, so they are proud to say they are creating 100% American-made products. Hemp will save the world!

New Mexico is getting a $300 million DEA research facility that will create 170 research jobs along with 200 research and agricultural jobs. They were awarded a memorandum of agreement from the DEA, which 30 other private businesses are hoping to also receive.

New York joins Colorado and 10 other states in banning delta-8 and other THC isomers

Montana lawmakers passed a bill to amend the voter-approved recreational market, pushing the start date back three months, setting a THC cap on flower, limiting edible potency per package, reducing homegrow from 4 to 2 plants, and moving oversight from the Department of Public Health and Human Services to the Department of Revenue, among other changes against the will of the people.

A House-approved decriminalization bill is heading to the Louisiana Senate and could remove jail time for possession. Also up for debate on the Senate floor is a bill to legalize flower and concentrates for patients to smoke. Arizona lawmakers rejected a bill that would have banned weed companies from having billboards or sponsorships in events of all kinds. South Carolina is out of time when it comes to passing a medical bill, but Texas could still expand its narrow compassionate care program to a still incredibly narrow medical market.

Congratulations on legalizing medical marijuana, Greece! Take that, 33 nay votes.

First Time I Ever #FTIE 

The bowlers share the first time they ever left the state where they were born. Next week, we hope to hear about the first time you ever experienced essential oils. Leave a voicemail, send a text, or share your pictures day or night at (816) 607-3663.


The AMF Pro Bowl Lanes and Finnigan’s Hall in North Kansas City closed suddenly.

L.A. Skyslide and Skyspace is being removed with renovations.

A 76-year-old Missouri woman was killed by a cow.

Kansas City has been warned about a flasher on the loose.

A Missouri death row inmate lost his appeal for death by firing squad in the Supreme Court.

A decade after the Joplin tornadoes, this man is still pulling debris from his body.

A rare Corpse Flower appeared at an abandoned San Francisco gas station.

A blob washed up on a North Carolina beach the other day…

Hundreds of pounds of human waste and needles cleaned from former homeless camp.

A Chinese zoo covered up the fact three leopards escaped.


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CDC’s Anne Schuchat announces retirement after Messonnier’s exit

33% of stations in Virginia are out of gasoline

Implantable ‘living pharmacy project receives DARPA contract worth up to $33 million

33 people arrested in Neshoba County, Mississippi narcotics bust

Operation Clean Swap: 33 charged during multi-agency child porn investigation

Israel airstrikes kill 33 Palestinians, rockets fired from Gaza

More than 50 migrants reported drowned off Tunisia; 33 saved

33 dead, dozens missing as cyclone batters COVID-stricken India


33 deaths were reported in Michigan and New Jersey since we last toked on a Tuesday.  Kansas City dropped its indoor mask mandates including in metro schools. But the CDC released a statement Saturday recommending schools keep mask policies in place. Think of the children!

Or don’t. In Las Vegas, parents of high school children are concerned for their children’s privacy since a teacher sent them home with an assignment to write a paragraph on why or why not they would be getting the experimental therapy since it is now available to their age group.

One company got some good nationwide ad space with the mainstream talking all about their jab record bracelet which allows users to upload their medical records to their encrypted server and presents a QR code for all to scan and see – for just one low payment of $19.99!

Oh, and remember: “Your compliance is prolonging this nightmare. Ditch the mask.


Effective immediately, the federal standard dose for THC is 5 milligrams. Local KC news played this cringe piece calling delta-8 “pot’s little brother” and giving some free press to a cute budtender on YouTube. But at least Missouri medical weed sales have surpassed the five year estimate already – in six months. Colorado banned THC isomers including delta-8 and another politician was found guilty of accepting bribes for dispensary licenses, this time in Massachusetts.

Republicans are pushing for federal legalization and removal from the Federal Controlled Substances list to ensure individual liberty. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Supreme Court became the first to overturn a MEDICAL initiative passed by 75% of the voters because the language on the ballot initiatives didn’t update when the state went from five congressional districts to four. Alabama’s governor signed a super limited Compassionate Act medical bill into law yesterday, which doesn’t allow patients to smoke bud, vape, or enjoy edibles and caps daily THC consumption to 50 milligrams unless a doctor says otherwise. Then the cap gets bumped up to 75 milligrams.

Nebraska lawmakers came two votes short of the *33* needed to break a filibuster on an equally limited medical bill, so petitioners will soon begin their process to get weed on the 2022. And Minnesota is going to see a surge in medical sales since lawmakers slipped approval for smokable flower into an omnibus healthcare bill. Sadly, a recreational bill passed out of the Minnesota House but died in the Senate.


A portion of pinup-turned-photographer Bunny Yeager’s photos are being auctioned off this weekend, including many with Bettie Page.

A mom in upstate New York could lose custody of her daughter over a driveway decoration.

Chick-fil-A is limiting sauces to one per item due to a supply chain shortage.

Flamin’ Cheetos – a story of stolen valor.

An alligator chased Wendy’s customers through a parking lot in Florida.

An OG flatulence cammer in the fart fetish community makes $4,000 a month selling videos of her raunchy toots.

An argument over laundry led to the 33rd homicide in Portland, an execution-style shooting.

Airlines might weigh plus-sized passengers to prevent exceeding the plane’s weight limit.

A 73-story building in China started mysteriously shaking with no known cause.

The FDA recalled 62,000 pacemakers that could possibly electrically short.


The bowlers called in and talked about the first time they grew some food for themselves. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever left the state you were born in, whether it be for a move or vacation, etc. Chime in day or night: (816) 607-3663

And until next time, may your bowls burn ever brighter!

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Maryland governor posthumously pardons 15-year-old boy, 33 other racial lynching victims

Maricopa man charged with murder in 33-year-old cold case

Eugene Police: 33 suspects arrested for role in May 29-30 riot case

COVID 1984

33 deaths were reported in Florida, Michigan, and Bangladesh.

Vermont added 33 new coof cases.

33% of Germans have received at least one shot, and the United States has surpassed the magic number.

Officials in India seized 33 empty oxygen canisters kept at a factory.


Kansas’ medical marijuana bill advanced out of the House and is heading for the Senate. It’s similar to the medical bill Alabama just signed into law, not allowing patients to smoke or vape their medicine. And in Tennessee, a bill passed creating a nine-person commission to study weed laws and advise politicians on patient-focused legislation. But if there’s going to be a true medical program in Tennessee, it won’t begin operating until weed is “removed from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act.”

Patients in West Virginia can start registering for their medical cards — four years after legalization passed. Maybe in four more years, they’ll be able to get their medicine.  

The US DEA released their 2020 annual report, showing numbers of seized plants and arrests made went up slightly from 2019.

Skittles maker Mars Wrigley is coming after Emerald Cup 2016 winner Zkittlez, even though it’s a strain and not an edible.

Two former California city officials were sentenced to two years in prison for accepting $35,000 bribes promising licenses to undercover FBI agents, and two years after having their license revoked, Pennsylvania cultivator Agrimed could get it reinstated and start growing again.


The bowlers discuss the first time they ever slept naked and next week hope to hear from YOU about the first time you ever grew some food. You can call day or night and leave a message at (816) 607-DOOF or send a text if you’re voice shy.


A tourist in China was left dangling 330 feet after the panels of a glass bridge were shattered by 90 mph winds. He was able to crawl to safety. After 50 years old, a daughter found her birth mom, who just happened to act on one of her favorite TV series — “That’s My Mama.” NYC decided to replace snow days with remote learning days, and one nurse decided to replace NYC with her home in St. Louis after being punched in the head on her first day in the Big Apple. Ukrainian authorities seized 1,500 bottles of booze made in Chernobyl, even though the company is doing everything by the books. Australians found a giant wood moth and Californians found a footballfish washed upon the shore. A Japanese town spent its coronavirus relief funds on a giant squid statue and the bowlers didn’t roll a turkey tonight because a Missouri hunter mistook a jogger for a gobble bird and shot him in the chest.

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As teased on previous shows including our last Bowls with Buds featuring Mike Hagan, an atheist meets God on a train, and He provides a little insight on what humans need to do to evolve to their next level.


This week, an investigation was opened up after33 Guatemalan citizens were found living in a Midland, Texas home. More than 3,000 caretakers from 33 nursing homes in Connecticut decided to go on strike and the Cyberspace Administration of China identified33 mobile apps collecting data without consent. As a magic number bonus, a Nebraska drug bust turned upa gun stolen 33 years ago!


A Washington coffee chain got 33 PPP loans worth millions of dollars. Hospitalizations in New York dropped 33%.Humboldt and Escambia County (Florida) reported 33 new cases of the coof. Illinois reports 33 deaths while Iowa celebrates 33% of its population getting the experimental shots.

In Oregon, a high school junior named Maggie Williams broke her school’s 800-meter track record and got the state to change their mandate that students wear masks for outdoor sports — because she passed out and skidded over the finish line unconscious.


DuhLaurien is finally on Sphinx! Bling Games is offering triple Bling Points on their new game Sweet Bitcoin which are converted into satoshis when transferred to a wallet. And lastly, the first MLB and NBA teams have allowed fans to purchase tickets in Dogecoin


Tiny homes are being built for the homeless in Kansas City, though a construction start date and location have not been announced. It’s been a month since the homeless protestors were moved to area hotels for a 90-day stay, but the city is suddenly trying to move them for “financial reasons” and “accusations of disrespect from guests.” 

A KC woman looking for a house to rent wasscammed out of almost $2,000 and the state made national new when public school officials at St. Louis area high school released a memo in response to parental complaints telling teachers to remove race-based curriculum from the virtual learning platform so parents wouldn’t see it.

Last Wednesday, State Representative Nick Schroer proposed an amendment banning critical race theory from public schools for House Bill 1141, which aims to protect students whose GPAs lowered during COVID.  There’s also an amendment to this House Bill to ban biological boys who call themselves trans from competing on girls’ school sports teams (and vice versa), which is something Caitlyn Jenner, who is running for California governor, agrees.


After a successful Phase 3 trial, 100 participants are taking part in a second trial of MDMA-assisted therapy. If it’s also a success,the Food and Drug Administration could approve its therapeutic use in 2023. Could this bethe beginning of a psychedelic industry boom? People may need trip therapy if the FDA takes away their blunt wraps and menthol cigarettes! Once the agency publishes its proposed rules, there will be an opportunity for public comment and maybe legal battles.


New Mexico has 33 canna companies after one had its business permit revoked following an explosion and fire last year. Oral arguments were heard Wednesday in the South Dakota Supreme Court to uphold the voter-approved recreational market. The United States Supreme Court will not hear the appeals of two California cannabis companieswho owe just under $2 million in taxes under Section 280E. 

The Marijuana Data Collection Act was reintroduced, which would require state agencies to enter a 10-year arrangement with the National Academy of Sciences to conduct studies on legalized states. Eleven states have banned delta-8 THC and five more are considering it. In Texas, the House of Representatives advanced three weed-related bills. In Washington state, Jay Inslee signed the Marijuana Social Equity Program into law. Colorado lawmakers advanced a bill eliminating civil penalties for possession up to two ounces of weed.

Snortable cannabis concentrate was almost a thing.

The enforcement of seed-to-sale tracking in Oklahoma has been halted for 60 days after a lawsuit was filed claiming the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority created a monopoly for a third party tracker in Florida. The OK Bureau of Narcotics alsoraided 20 greenhouses under one grow license alleging the group wasn’t reporting sales, has fraudulent record, and was part of a black market operation.


Last November, a three-year-old Italian greyhound named Zipping Sarah won a race. Unfortunately, she tested positive for meth. Lucky for the owner, the winning prize was $4,000 and the fine was only $3,000. In June, the oldest known bottle of whiskey will be auctioned off for thousands of dollars. China launched a rocket into low orbit, and now it’s gonna crash down somewhere. The Sky Pool is opening this month in London. Bones from the Ice Age were discovered when a Las Vegas couple decided to install an in-ground pool. A woman bought a houseplant at Ikea which had a gecko hiding in it. It’s legal to be a kid again in Oklahoma and Texas under the Reasonable Childhood Independence bill, which both states passed last Wednesday, protecting parents from criminal charges if they let their kids play outside without supervision or stay home alone. A 19-year-old moving to Arkansasaccidentally rented a two-bedroom apartment in a senior living community. A man in the UK thought he was digging up milk bottles. Turns out, they were grenades. A Florida woman claims a baby dinosaur ran through her yard.


Bowlers called and texted in to discuss the first time they ever shaved their private parts. Get your voicemail in for next week’s FTIE topic, the first time I ever slept naked. Leave your nude sleeping stories in our voicemail or send a text: (816) 607-DOOF

Also, check out Phoenix’s new project No Apologies, a video recipe series she’s starting!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and May the Fourth be with you as the bowls burn ever brighter!