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Happy 117th birthday to the late Dr. Seuss! Dr. Seuss Enterprises waited until this day, National Reading Day, to cancel six of his books.   And Kansas City waited until this day to tell residents about tornado drills, so the US National Weather Service text people got was confusing.   Surprise, surprise for Johnson County where none of its 200 sirens sounded.


In Texas, 33 long-term care facilities were evacuated due to the winter storm; a vandal cut the brakes on 33 unsuspecting vehicles in Washington state; and 33% of Americans say the president is not fit for Washington, D.C.  


Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Wisconsin all reported 33 coof deaths this past week while the Bay Area and the UK note deaths falling 33%.  Meanwhile, South Africa will use $33 million to help them get Johnson & Johnson vaccines in people faster.


Stepping behind the curtain, we discuss the 33 communities in Manipur that pledge to prohibit poppy plantations and replace grower livelihoods with a government-implemented lifestyle alternative.  


Last Tuesday, patients and caregivers from Nebraska Families for Medical Cannabis urged their representatives to pass a medical legalization bill, Legislative Bill 474, along with two measures to help prevent any technicalities from blocking the will of the people — but they need at least 33 senators to override a filibuster of the measure.  LB474 will be the subject of public hearing on March 10th.


Seven MMJ license-wielding idiots in KC took a step in the wrong direction when they smoked weed to allegedly help train police officers how to identify impaired users.   


Two recreational measures are up for consideration in Washington, D.C. after Mayor Bowser and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson both introduced one of their own.   Congratulations Virginia where lawmakers passed a recreational bill for 2024!  In the meantime, apply for a business license in Michigan where you’re not longer required to hold a medical license prior and send some of that legalization karma to Montana where voters are fighting an uphill battle to keep the constitutional amendment they approved back in November 2020.


Oh, and make sure you follow any requisites you set out for your boards and commissions or else you’ll get called out like New Jersey.


More than 12,000 acres is up for auction in Nebraska in 33 tracts.   Bidding starts March 22nd, just FYI.  One 33-year-old man spiked a woman’s smoothie and a 33-year-old nurse raped an 87-year-old in a senior living facility.  Miss Germany is a 33-year-old mom while Spain’s oldest mom just lost custody of her twins.  If you’re bummed about Daft Punk, you’ll be happy to hear Smashing Pumpkins is recording a 33-song album.   Or maybe you won’t.  But one lady got a smile on her face when a thrift store worker mailed her her late father’s Purple Heart .  An Oregon man encountered a rare fox while some Australians sheared a wild sheep.   And if you’ve made it this far with the munchies, treat yourself with some QuikTrip roller grill ’cause it’s back, baybay!


The bowlers talk about the first time they ever watched an R-rated movie and next Tuesday we want to hear about the First Time You Ever 69’d!  Leave a voicemail or text (816) 607-3663.

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Pasco County can get on top of our 33 segment any day.  Afterwaiting 33 years, they’re finally getting a second Hooters!  If you’re not fortunate enough to have two Hooters where you live, you can always jump on one of these33 new flight routes thanks to the new American Airline-JetBlue partnership.  And if you’re bored on a flight, you can try to solve the riddle of how Mitch McConnell’s federal disclosure jumped from $3 million to $33 million in two years. Coincidence? I think not!

Kansas City is loosening a few ‘VID restrictions, like restaurant hours and group sizes — but face diapers and six-foot safe spaces are still required. Soon, face-friendly folks could find protections in Tennessee wherelegislation to prevent discrimination against the maskless is on the table. A 90-year-old Seattle woman wanted the vaccine so bad, she walked six miles in the snow to get it.  Wonder if she’ll mind the‘rona sniffing dogs

Can cannabis cure the coof?  If studies go well, this cannabinoid-containing complex mixture may seek an Independent New Drug Filing with the FDA.

Three states — Kansas, Nebraska, and Idaho — have no state-legal access of any kind, but Kansas Governor Kelly wants to fund Medicaid expansion and thinks taxes from a medical marijuana market could make that happen.  She’s probably right, as this recession-proof industry created 77,000 new jobs last year in the midst of the 2020 madness.  More than 320,000 folks are currently employed full-time by the weed industry.

There are currently 800 lawsuits filed by entrepreneurs who didn’t get cannabiz licenses in Missouri, but now their lawyers are confused by a Supreme Court directive stating attorneys cannot participate in or advise clients how to participate in federally illegal activities.  This is contradictory to protections written into the state’s 2018 medical marijuana constitutional amendment, so the issue could end up in Court.

It’s no surprise in the bowl that Biden’s Department of Justice lawyers ruled the IRS can investigate Section 280E violations, slamming $4.2 million — a sick joke — in penalties and back taxes on the Colorado cannabiz that brought their fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.   The clip played during this segment was from the National Cannabis Industry Association’s IRS Tax Code Section 280E explainer video.  Biden also received a letter from37 Congressmen asking for a blanket pardon of the 1,927 prisoners sitting in federal prison for weed.

Despite overwhelming support nationwide for the de-scheduling of marijuana, states like Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota nullified election results.  The Utah Supreme Court ruled the governor and legislature could legally enact a more restricted market than what voters passed, and Nebraska wouldn’t let a medical initiative get to ballot because apparently growing, selling, and possessing weed are three different issues and ballot initiatives are limited to one in the state.  

South Dakota could have been the 13th state to legalize a recreational market, but now it may have to wait even longer to see its voter-approved medical market roll out.  New Jersey became the 13th full rec state since the governor finally signed legislation enacting the will of the people.  An appellate court in the Garden State also lifted a 2019 order preventing the issuance of 24 additional medical dispensary licenses.  Virginia is also expanding their medical market now that they’re able to grow and sell nug!  About time.

A 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry went to a pair that created the Crispr-Cas9, a DNA mutating tool using an enzyme and a guide RNA.  Some cannabis companies have been using it since 2018 to create genetic changes in strains like disease resistance and climate tolerance.

Possession of any drug besides pot in New Mexico is a felony, so the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee unanimously passed a defelonization bill to be heard by another senate committee.  

Nelly’s Wildwood, Missouri mansion is on the market for 75% off it’s 2002 list price.  Unfortunately, it’s been abandoned for the whole two decades since it was originally listed.  If you’re looking for a B&B in Pennsylvania, you could stay at Buffalo Bill’s place.   If you’re looking for a new home, consider Newton County, Missouri which just passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act.  

Gorilla Glue Girl’s GoFundMe is under investigation.  Someone should probably investigate why Daft Punk is calling it quits after 28 years, or why the Philadelphia airport is paying for a robot to follow a human to deliver food to people.  Congratulations to Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée who welcomed a baby girl Earthside this past week, and also to this husband who won a Guinness World Record for putting on 35 shirts in one minute thanks to the help of his wife.

The bowlers talk about the first time they ever drove somewhere they weren’t supposed to and decide next week’s FTIE will be the first time I ever saw an R-rated movie.  Get your stories in now or later with a voicemail at (816) 607-3663.


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And it’s a good thing SOMEONE out there supports us, because the Midwest power grid certainly isn’t. Rolling blackouts hit Kansas City this week and the mayor ordered the all the skyline buildings to turn off their lights at night in order to conserve energy. So things are pretty dark and cold at the moment. As if we needed another reason to go OTG.

Minneapolis hospitals treated 33 frostbite cases this past week. Other hospitals across the country probably treated folks for frostbite, but this one is newsworthy because it includes the magic number. Trippier yet, three Cubans spent 33 days stranded on an island off the coast of Florida before being rescued by the Coast Guard. Now they are with ICE. Does doubling the magic number double the magic power? Cannabics Pharmaceutials sure hopes so as their oral capsule, RCC-33, reduced tumors in mice with colorectal cancer by 33%

Cannabis workers in California are eligible to get the vaccine before law enforcement, teachers, and emergency workers which has some people pretty upset. If you want the jab, pay attention for listicles of 33 pharmacies where its available in your neck of the woods as Nebraska sets this trend. Meanwhile, 33 people died of the coof in Georgia and also in Indiana. One of those people happened to be a 33-year-old activist for the Democrat Party.

The recession-proof industry continues to persevere asOklahoma breaks sales records with $831 million in revenue.High demand keeps flower prices high, but the market sawa rise in topical purchases for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of which, Leafly sharedfive studies about how great weed is for your sex life — especially if you’re a woman. There’s lots of weed products for your lady parts, but beware ofcotton vagina. And you thought cottonmouth was bad.

Delaware doubled its number of business licenses from three to six while a legislative committee in New Mexico hopes to see a recreational market in the near future, hopefully with a lot more licenses awarded.  A three-fifths majority of the Mississippi senate approved a medical bill which will go into effect if the Supreme Court strikes down the November approved Initiative 65 as so many other states have done in the recent past. Idaho just got the green light to start collecting signatures for their 2022 medical campaign. Meanwhile, prominent cannabusiness Dixie hasn’t changed their name, but they are being sued by a Texas company for using patented technology on their website. Whoops!

A 20-foot-two-inch teddy bear made out of roses is taking a Guinness World Record to China. Meanwhile in Japan, some dude accidently ordered an $800 bottle of wine which really makes you think twice before complaining about uneventful Valentine’s Days. Proud Puffs cereal is a thing, and it’s not racist. But blue dogs in Russia? Now you’ve crossed the line. Fenix Ammunition won’t be selling their goods to Biden voters, but Gorilla Glue girl will be able to change her hairstyle. This lady turned herself into a Disney cyborg and this baby might earn a Guinness World Record for releasing an EP at the youngest age. It was recorded in utero!

This week the bowlers discuss the first time we ever realized we fucked shit up and prepare for next week’s epic tales with the FTIE drove somewhere I wasn’t supposed to alone. It’s never too early or too late to leave the bowl a voicemail or send a text: (816) 607-3663

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The least amount of women are currently working since 1987. That’s a 33-year low, bowlers. However 33,000 unemployment claims have been dropped. Gold might be getting no help, but these 33 dogs are.

After seeing a joke article written about travel destinations for the year 2027 when the ‘vid is gone, a news article came out from Bloomberg claiming it could take seven years for the scamdemic to end. But these claims were merely based on vaccine rates. Speaking of which, cannabiz workers in California are now eligible to get the pokes.

A South Dakota judge struck down the constitutional amendment to  legalize recreational weed that 54% of voters voted for in November, ruling it violates the state’s requirement that amendments deal with one subject. Anyone else reminded of Nebraska? 

Meanwhile, the governor of Wisconsin recommended legalizing weed in the annual budget. Rick Steves is now chair of the NORML board of directors and a new organization appears in the federal landscape. Congrats to Virginia where the House and Senate separately approved a pair of recreational measures this week!

A New Hampshire man used 33-cent Kool Aid packets to steal $2,300 in meat. Massachusetts grocery store chain Market Basket might face a lawsuit over their coffee ground label. There’s only 33 living Gulf of Mexico whales, so they need to make babies. An 81-person orgy was interrupted by COVID curfew. Turn those people into years, add 11 and you get the 92-year-old Guinness World Record holder for oldest water skiier. Oh, and a word to the wise: don’t leave your bowls visible in the car the next time you go squirrel hunting.  A lady is stuck with her hair-do after setting it with Gorilla Glue. We learned from the chat she is suing them! There’s no better way to enjoy Bowl After Bowl than in the bowl itself with the rest of the bowlers. 

Sir Spencer and Dame DuhLaurien share the first time they ever went to the casino along with a bunch of callers. If you forgot to leave a voicemail, it’s never too late to answer any of the FTIEs, past or present. Maybe even future if you’re Phoneboy. Next week we’ll be discussing the first time I ever KNEW I fucked shit up.

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Spence brings some Lightning and Podcasting 2.0 update to bowlers after a Zoom call today with Adam Curry, Dave Jones and many of the other early developers in the Podcasting 2.0 ecosystem.

New Jersey got 33 inches of snow this past week. A 33-year-old Florida man was arrested after failing to join the Islamic State, and there has been a 33% decrease in youth suicide despite the pandemic in Johnson County, Kansas. *ding ding ding*

The magic number popped up in a bunch of Rona stories this week. A 100-year-old WWII vet who raised £33 million for NHSdied after testing positive. COVIDvariants have been found in 33 states and 33 inmates have died in Oregon from the coof. Also, the CDC suggests stomping instead of cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs this Super Bowl Sunday.

The National Labor Relations Board ruledthat weed trimmers and grow room employees can’t unionize because they qualify as agricultural laborers.Dispensarylicenses were awarded in West Virginia, but most went to out-of-state companies. New Jerseyadvanced a “cleanup” bill with revised consequences for underage possession, which has been holding up their recreational market.

A 33-year-old bat went viral and a teeny tiny reptile was discovered. Massachusetts police tell residents not to be intimidated by turkeys while 33 Antifa activists occupied a Washington hotel. Kansas ranks in thetop five most boring states as judged by boring people, and theBudweiser Clydesdales will appear in a different beer ad this Sunday. 33-year-old Blake Lively saysfashion designers couldn’t dress her after she gave birth, which doesn’t say much for their design skills, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ “birthday rule” left one Kansas couple with a $270,000 bill.

We heard lots of great stories about the first time bowlers won a claw game. Next week’s FTIE is the first time I ever went to the casino. Get your voicemails in day or night: (816) 607-3663


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Brady wins 33rd playoff game

FBI finds 33 missing children in anti-trafficking operation

Biden signs record 33 executive orders in one week


Josh Hawley is pushing back against the seven democratic senators who asked the Ethics Commission to investigate him with a counter-complaint. His name has also been dropped on the mainstream after penning an op-ed for New York Post about standing up to censorship. Missouri senator Rick Brattin pitched a bill allowing deadly force against protestors on private property and giving immunity to people who run over demonstrators blocking traffic and senator Eric Burlison introduced the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”



Prairie Village could be the first Johnson County city to decriminalize weed

Wurk founder Keegan Peterson dies at 33

Arizona gets their legal market up and running in two months

The Massachusetts Commonwealth Dispensary Association is withdrawing its weed delivery lawsuit after prominent members quit

Wholesale flower prices are at a five-year high in Colorado

A Big Tobacco company is leaving the legal game

A study found nearly half of medical cannabis users stopped using opioids for pain after a year

Delaware’s State Auditor’s report recommends legalizing weed

An Idaho senator is proposing a constitutional amendment to ban psychoactive drugs



This macaroni pie looks dry

The Japanese government is looking into copyright  rules on cosplay income

Keira Knightley won’t get naked in front of male directors

A SpaceX rocket brought 133 commercial and government spacecraft into space along with 10 Starlink satellites

Married couple opens gift a decade later

Geologists found a Cookie Monster geode

An airplane tire landed in a Chicago resident’s front yard

You could earn $3,000 and a new mattress sleeping alone on different ones

Former TSA convicted of tricking a woman into showing him her boobs


We talk about the first time we ever bought legal weed and hear from quite a few callers with their stories. Next week we’ll be discussing the first time I ever won a prize from a claw game.

Thank you nodebit for making Bowl After Bowl happen live! We are so grateful for our executive producers tonight: Medus, Sir SeatSitter, and Sircuss Media. Bowl After Bowl is a value for value podcast. We depend on the time, talent, and treasure of our producers, like Dame Jennifer whose siren call welcomes listeners to the bowl every episode.

An update for anyone looking to add Podcast 2.0 Lightning functionality in the long term: My advice is to get a RaspiBlitz up and running, so you own and control your own full lightning node!

The Norwegian Public Health Authority has stated there was no medically proven link established between the deaths of 33 elderly people who died after receiving their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

In Singapore, a 33-year-old man was arrested for allegedly breaking into his neighbor’s home and kissing a sleeping lady. 

Lastly, a couple who just happened to be married for 33 years dies from COVID-19 just one day apart. 

After the last show at 12:22 AM, the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead on Lisa Montgomery’s execution and she was executed at 1:31 AM.  What timing!

After being labeled “essential businesses” for the past year, owners of cannabis companies are encouraging employees to get the vaccine. Some are even writing to lawmakers asking to be classified Phase 1A along with healthcare workers, which is what happened in Maryland. Activists are giving out baggies of the good-good to folks at vaccine sites in D.C. while a Michigan dispensary is giving out Pot for Shots.

Weed sales in Arkansas hit $175mil in 2020. That number could easily double in 2021. A compliance task force has been assembled in the state of Washington to help licensees follow all the burdensome rules and regulations. Researchers in Slovenia found a simpler way to measure cannabinoid and terpene content simultaneously using gas chromatography. The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on deceptive marketing claims made by CBD companies in their Operation CBDeceit. The American Medical Association filed to overturn Mississippi’s November vote for legalization. Weed no longer violates the anti-doping rules of the UFC and Virginia could see a recreational market in 2023.  More details on that in Governor Ralph Northam’s State of the State tomorrow.


Safehouse won’t be opening a safe injection site in Philadelphia after the appellate court stood with the federal government and ruled they are illegal.

Gutters and Strikes

A man attempted to rape a 33-year-oldin the Bronx and ran away when she bit his hand.

A beer cave discovered in St. Louis’s Benton Park neighborhood.

A Missouri woman turned in her small scratcher earnings for more scratchers and won $1 million.  Another Missouri woman was reunited with her class ring after 42 years. And Missouri police wrangled a loose ostrich.

We share stories with callers about the first time we ever called into a radio station and next week we’ll be discussing the first time I ever bought legal weed. Call or text us at (816) 607-3663 with your FTIE

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The magic number was all around this weeks. 33% of Americans believe banning Trump from some social media went too far. At least 33 people shot, 5 injured this weekend in Chicago. The dude in the epic buffalo garb also happens to be 33 years old.


A British hacktivist has allegedly archived every Parler post – even deleted ones – for Internet archiving.


Bruce Willis was asked to leave store for refusing to wear a face diaper. Too bad he lives so far away! We would love to host him at the Kansas City No Agenda meetup this Friday at Don Chilito’s! Can you believe Kansas City is touting ventilators as new technology to combat the Rona? They published a positive ventilator PR story the other day.


Lisa Montgomery’s execution is once again indefinitely postponed. The decision was granted today, though the Department of Justice is battling it in appeals. Just in case she was federally executed today, though, our local news played a 15-minute memorial of sorts last night that included a fucking song. In the morning!


 Missouri House Democrats filed Resolution 10 urging Josh Hawley to resign after he dared to listen to and act on behalf of his constituents. His book deal was slashed and now Hallmark is asking for their donation money back. Ha!


The Kansas City Star removed the image of its founder, William Rockhill Nelson, from their publication along with his quote, “A paper for the people.” Their editorial board has previously called for the renaming of JC Nichols Parkway and the Chiefs.


Kansas representative Aaron Coleman has requested to leave the Democratic party and become an Independent. Unfortunately for him, Kansas Democrats have already filed a complaint about him that will lead to a bipartisan investigation. 



Welcome to Kansas City, From the Earth dispensary! They opened last Friday as Missouri slowly continues rolling out our medical market. Oregon made $1 billion in 2020 sales, creating a new record for themselves! The South Dakota Governor issued an executive order challenging the amendment legalizing recreational while Colorado issues a recall on two strains. And if you’re looking to get into this budding industry, Arkansas is now issuing processing and transport licenses.


We discuss the first time we ever got high at a concert and listen to producer stories, then get inspiration for next week’s FTIE from phoneboy: the first time I ever called into a radio show.

We round out the show by throwing some strikes, but mostly gutters: