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Louisiana, New Mexico, and Massachusetts reported 33 COVID deaths this past week. 33-year-old R&B singer Jeremih is out of ICU after coming down with the ‘VID, and some folks are upset that 33% of the American population didn’t vote. 

Missouri announced its own vaccine website now, and Fauci says Santa can’t catch COVID. People can now use their own cells to grow “steaks” in the name of art, and a glowing green liquid oozed out of a Toronto sinkhole, but the good news isseason nine of Letterkenny premieres December 26! Oh, and Green Wednesday is tomorrow for those in “legal” states. We know it’s a recession resistant industry. Heck, Maine just made $1.4 million in its first month of recreational sales. But of course, nothing will truly be legal until the federal scheduling classifications are removed. And until then, medical users can still be terminated from their jobs after pissing dirty for workers’ comp docs. Get on those opioids, slave.


There are now lawsuits opposing the legalization initiatives that passed in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota on election day. In one case, a taxpayer-funded entity is battling the state, another taxpayer funded entity, in a battle for and against something the taxpayers backed. 

The Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree looks kind of sad this year. Turns out,
it had a baby owl still living in it when they transported it! In other Christmas tree news, someone decked one out withToy Story decorations and one Massachusetts resident decided to decorate potholes with them.

Brazilian dudes are riding unicycle broomsticks to the coffee shop while the Japanese are fending off bears with robot wolves. In Turkey, someone won a Guinness record for their 25-foot balloon dinosaur sculpture and a New Hampshire doggo lost in St. Louis found its way home a year later. Oh, and that seawood-covered body that washed up on a Florida beach?It was a store mannequin.

Our First Time I Ever topic this week was seeing the outline of the moon’s unlit part. Guess who was the oldest to see that for the first time? Phoneboy inspired next week’s FTIE: the First Time I Ever saw an eclipse! Leave us a voicemail, shoot us a text, and say whatever the hell you want at (816) 607-3663!


Happy birthday to our nine-year-old doggo, Murphy! We have the best producers to celebrate. Dowodenum comes in as executive producer for this episode and @one made the fabulous SirSpencer art for today’s episode!

In Kansas City, a 29-year-old woman was killed trying to get her car towed, Goodwill employees are working alongside robots, and a 33-year-old man was charged with shooting a nine-year-old. Vaccine-supportive narratives are making the rounds and there is even a bus where you can hop on and become a vaccine guinea pig! Not to mention new COVID guidelines requiring bars to close at 10:00 p.m. while limiting their capacity to 50% were released on this show day. 

Other instances of magic number 33 in the headlines:
33 COVID deaths in Kentucky
Lil NAS X’s Roblox concert attracted 33 million views

Laurien brings up the recent events in “consequence-free zones” like Washington, D.C. and falls down the abortion rabbit hole because of a budget amendment that passed the Massachusetts House. Originally, it was written to allow girls 12 years and older to get an abortion without a parent’s permission. A British soap opera now features a character aborting a baby after finding out it may have Down’s Syndrome, but remember: an actor with Down’s Syndrome, John Franklin Stephens, told the UN, “My life is worth living.”

In weed news…
A California judge heard a delivery case and has yet to make a decision.
Colorado weed sales are up despite the lack of tourism, and $2.5 million in restitution was just granted to four investors in a pot fraud case.

A Michigan company is expanding into four states, including Missouri. A panel in New Mexico supports increasing the medical purchase limit. The New Jersey decriminalization bill will not be heard as the state waits for legal sales to begin and the Virginia governor is now calling to pass a legalization bill in 2021.

Across the border in Canada, a bunch of oil was recalled after incorrectly being labeled for inhalation instead of ingestion. 

Behind the curtain, we laugh about Scott Adams now being a controversial White House pandemic advisor and dig into ex-CIA  officer Robert Steele’s video in which he says, “make a deal, motherfucker, or you are going to die.” HIGH ENERGY!

Our FTIE topic for tonight was the first time I ever realized the government lied to us, and we heard from lots of folks via voicemail and text. Next week, we invite you to call or text us at (816) 607-3663 and tell us about the first time you ever saw the dark side of the moon in the sky.

The only winner announced for the 2020 election thus far is WEED! South Dakota became the first state to approve medical and recreational cannabis measures at the same time.

 D.C. decriminalized psychedelics while Oregon became the first state to decriminalize all the drugs.


Remember the “glitch” that switched 6,000 votes from Antrim County, Michigan from Trump to Biden? Just so happened to be 33% of the total votes. In the hotly contested state of Pennsylvania, a homeless mother was forced to dig up a 33-year-old law to keep her kids in school. And lastly, have you ever heard that financial awakening occurs at age 33? Now you have!


We went behind the curtain to hear about the third largest diamond dug up in Arkansas this year, two kayakers who ended up in the mouth of a whale, anda dad who got a tattoo for his “six little turds.”

Hmm. We hear from several callers about the first time they ever saw with glasses and decided our FTIE topic next week will be the first time I ever realized the government lied to us.

Freshly packed bowl for Election Day 2020! Which old stiff will be the president? Sources have mixed predictions! We discuss our voting experience, our time hanging out on a couple video streams with the No Agenda clan, and recap our recent No Agenda Halloween Meetup. Shout out to Sir Paul the Book Guy, Sir Seatsitter, Dame Jennifer, Nick the Rat, and the whole clan at the No Agenda room!

Speaking of Halloween, we also have a great Trick-or-Treat retelling, as Laurien hand-made costumes again for the girls. They went as Bingo and Bluey, cartoon pups from a kid’s show out of Australia. We got a taste of Halloween and the various COVID precautions all across the spectrum that people adopted throughout the neighborhood.

Our Top Three 33 Stories this week:
The US economy grew a record 33.1% annual rate last quarter

The results on various weed legalization ballot measures are still being calculated, so we will have those official tallies next week, However, we did catch up on some weed news items, including:
This week’s #FTIE was “First time I ever won 1st place at something.” Next week we’ll talk about the First Time I Ever saw clearly with glasses (or contacts). Call 816-607-3663 and tell us your story!!

Another Tuesday, another bowl!


We are coming at you an hour earlier, now starting the show at 9:00 on Tuesday evenings. Laurien and Spencer recap some of the KC Meetup promos they’ve been working on for No Agenda. We would love to see you at the next No Agenda KC Meetup, RSVP here:


This week’s Top 3 33 Stories:

33 foot Door of Equality revealed in downtown San Antonio

33yo Bronx man falls in sinkhole, swarmed by rats

3,300 critiques to DEA’s IFR


We also bring you weed updates around the nation. Almost all the cannabis ballot issues are polling favorably and most are expected to pass. The DEA is looking to contract someone to burn an unfathomable amount of weed for their eradication. Plus, Lt. Tim Cotton of Bangor PD gets high and writes a long-ass FB post!


This week’s #FTIE was “First time I Ever encountered a wild animal.” We discussed early childhood chipmunks and Leyonhjelm weighs in on the topic via voicemail. Next week our topic will be “First Time I Ever won first place at something,” so be sure to call (816) 607-DOOF with your inspiring victory story!


May your bowls burn ever brighter.

This is a very special episode of Bowl After Bowl in which Spencer answers Darren O’Neill’s question, “What does it mean to be the Wolf?” Spencer and Laurien talk all about animal totems and spirit guides, and we discuss why the Wolf is important to Spencer and the Snow Leopard is important to Laurien. Then Spencer leads the listeners on a guided meditation to help you find your spirit totem!

We also are blessed with Laurien’s weekly Top 3 33 stories:

33% of seniors housing residents refuse to be tested for COVID according to Senior Housing News

33 rona deaths in Pennsylvania33 deaths in Wisconsin

Pawtucket Red Sox (PawSox) host 33-hour grand finale as they prepare to cross state lines and become the Worcester Red Sox


We discuss Missouri’s official opening for medical cannabis sales (apparently they sell marijuana FLOUR?), we express skepticism over reports of a Man pulling a gun on a woman at QuikTrip over masks, and we were sad to learn that Jeff Bridges diagnosed with lymphoma.

We discussed the First Time I Ever went to a nude beach, and lavish called in to leave his own story. Next week’s #FTIE is “First Time I ever encountered a wild animal up close.” Call or text (816) 607-DOOF to get your story in!

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Laurien and Spencer bring you a fresh fully-packed bowl the day after Laurien’s 27th birthday! There was a lot to discuss, starting with a recap of the previous week. We participated in a Live Fourcast of the Vice Presidential debate with Fletcher and Carolyn of Hog Story, we send in a steamy clip toGrumpy Old Bens to celebrate their 100th episode, Spencer took the girls up to Orrick for a play date with their best friend, and we had one helluva good time at Fun Farm in Kearney for Laurien’s birthday! We also give the bowlers updates on what we’ve been listening to on Audible, namely Doug Stanhope’sNo Encore for the Donkey” and Norm Macdonald’s “Based on a True Story: A Memoir.” Laurien and Spencer also recount their trip out to Bisbee to see Doug Stanhope film his “No Place Like Home” special and crash the Funhouse.


In weed news, The supreme court declined to hear Washington v. Barr, which sought to challenge the Schedule I status of cannabis at a federal level. Maine opened for recreational weed sales last Friday the 9th, selling nearly $100,000 worth of product on opening day. Pabst is entering the cannabis-infused drink space, and the State of California has destroyed 1.1 million pot plants in its annual marijuana eradication efforts this year.

We go over some great strikes and gutterballs, talk a bit about Spence’s upcoming Full Stack Web Development course, and enjoyed a very sweet and heartwarming happy birthday voicemail from the lovely quirkess!

In #FTIE we discussed the First Time I Ever had Chipotle. Get your emails, voicemails and texts ready for next weeks topic: First Time I Ever visited a nude beach. Call (816) 607-DOOF or email spencer@bowlafterbowl.comor to share your story for the next show!

Spencer and Laurien come packing the weekly bowl and also bearing good tidings of great joy! Kiddo number 3 is on the way, and we learned last week on ABS n a 6 Packthat Illuminadia is expecting her first as well. So Laurien and Illuminadia are now pregnancy buddies!!

We also discuss an exciting upcoming fourcast/foursome/fourplay/fourgy tomorrow night with Carolyn and Fletcher of Hog Story fame! We will join forces to live stream No Agenda Bingo for the VP debates!

Strikes and gutterballs were a plenty, Spencer gets into an incoherent rant over what is and isn’t “revenge porn,” and we had voicemails from Leyonhjelm and Fletcher about this week’s #FTIE topic, “The first time I ever went bowling.” Next week’s topic is “the first time I ever had Chipotle.”

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We have a special show tonight! Since the debates fell on a Bowl After Bowl show night, we live streamed the debates and played along with No Agenda Bingo. We put that at the end of our episode, so first you get some more travel updates from Laurien and Spencer! We also discuss what we’ve been watching lately: Feels Good, Man, a documentary about the Pepe the Frog meme, and Brave New World, a Peacock Original Series that is a modern retelling of Aldous Huxley’s famous dystopian novel.

We also throw some balls and strikes and celebrate this heartwarming story sent to us by Fletcher about the 96 year old woman who bowled a 300 game:


We also discussed the First Time I Ever saw porn. Next week’s topic will be “First Time I Ever Went Bowling.” Call or text us at (816) 607-DOOF (3663) and tell us your story!

Stick around after the show for the full first presidential debate. May your bowls burn ever brighter!


Laurien and Spencer took a scenic drive to visit Fletcher and burn some clean wood. They heard about RBG’s passing at the Wendy’s where they met from a man talking to Siri instead of his wife. 

Behind the curtain, they share “First Time I Ever encountered a jump scare” stories and suspicions that voter registration PSAs are coming to public restrooms.
Next week, the #FTIE topic will be “First Time I Ever saw porn.” Let us know when and how you stumbled upon a spank bank by calling OR texting us at (816) 607-DOOF,
May your bowls burn STICK