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Across the pond, an active police officer was arrested in connection with a 33-year-old woman’s disappearance. But back in America, 15 cats turned into 33 and the Derek Chauvin trial has a 33-person cap in the courtroom, including sequestered witnesses.


South Carolina was the only state reporting 33 COVID deaths this week, but a 33-year-old man did become the first confirmed case of the South African variant in Delhi.  Also, a Florida healthcare worker gave birth to the first baby with confirmed antibodies after receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine at 36 weeks pregnant.


Behind the curtain, we congratulate Oregon for establishing America’s first psilocybin mushroom advisory board and discuss the findings of a harm reduction survey in Charleston, West Virginia of which only 33% of recipients responded.  


In England, a 33-year-old man was charged with “drug offenses” after a thermal imaging camera discovered his 500-plant grow house.   Legislation to legalize an adult use market in Mexico is heading back to the Senate after House lawmakers made changes to its language and voted overwhelmingly in favor of it.  Missouri could see a recreational market too as Kansas City area dispensary owners are launching a petition to put rec on the 2022 ballot


Legislation to cap THC have cropped up in Colorado, Florida, Montana, and Washington now.  A bill creating a legislative alternative to the medical marijuana program voters approved last year was killed in the Mississippi House.  Unfortunately, Reefer Madness is alive and well as Nebraska’s Governor Ricketts said that if you legalize marijuana, “you’re going to kill your kids.”  


A bill to legalize recreational weed was introduced in the Rhode Island senate and the governor proposed it in the fiscal-year 2022 budget.  New Mexico’s House Bill 12 to legalize recreational weed only needs one more committee vote before the full Senate takes up the bill. 


Assembly Bill 130 was introduced by a Wisconsin senator to reduce possession fines and eliminate imprisonment for citizens posession up to 10 grams.  Their governor also slipped legalization into the state budget


If you think 10 grams is too low,  just remember possession of only 3 grams are decriminalized in Hawaii.  The Hawaii Senate voted to approve two reform bills.  The first increases the decriminalization threshold to 30 grams and grants expungements while the other would legalize and regulate the commercial market.


The Ohio Supreme Court set a precedent that state regulators can’t ignore applications to expand medical cultivation facilities and the voter-approved medical marijuana program has a higher chance of being implemented in South Dakota after lawmakers failed to compromise on a measure to delay legalization.  Backers of the voter-approved recreational measure also filed their first arguments to the Supreme Court.


In just 10 days, Arizona’s recreational sales hit $2.9 million and received 377 applications with a non-refundable $25,000 for 13 licenses.  Since its 2014 program launch, Colorado sales topped $10 billion.  Michigan is spending $20 million of its recreational tax revenue to support medical research, as stipulated in their law, while California is awarding $15 million in social equity grants.  Maybe they’ve got money to figure out how to keep their seed-to-sale tracking system up and running


A 33-year-old Missouri masseuse got his second sodomy charge while an angler in the state reeled in a 112-pound black carp.  In Wisconsin, dogs and camping chairs went for a drive.  A British man set a new record for drinking a pouch of Capri Sun in a little more than 16 seconds and a Tennessee woman is waiting for her world record verification for her 16,000-item Winnie the Pooh collection.  Meanwhile, if you like gardening in Minecraft you could begin making $70 an hour.


Bowlers discuss the first time they ever got a thrift score.  Next week’s FTIE is the first time I ever moved.  Share the story of YOUR first move in a voicemail or a text message for the voice shy: (816) 607-3663.



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