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Canada secretly tracked 33 million phones during COVID-19 lockdown

The San Bernardino County (CA) Sheriff’s Department arrested 33 suspects for illegally growing weed

Man caught selling diet pills – but they were actually a deadly chemical that has killed 33 people


33 deaths: Massachusetts

33 cases: Tamil Nadu (India), Tamworth (Wales), 33 students of medical college in Karnataka (India)

Omicron now accounts for 33% of infections in Belgium

Judge blocks appeal of ruling in Missouri COVID lawsuit

North Carolina police chief placed on unpaid leave for telling officers about clinic to obtain vaccination cards without getting the shots


New year rundown

DEA Launches One Pill Can Kill campaign
Emoji Drug Code Decoded

Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Board of Pharmacy decides delta-8 THC, CBD, and most hemp-derived products are illegal

Port Townsend, Washington City Council unanimously decriminalizes psychedelics

German cannabiz Cpharm remains in talks with Taliban
— originally mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 117: Bowl Way Home when an Australian company by the same name was confused 

Russia accuses Malta of violating international treaties by legalizing marijuana


The RevCyberTrucker helps us usher in the new year with Smoking Tongue’s cover of Hits From the Bong.


Bowlers called in to discuss the first time they ever got in a car wreck. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever shit your pants as an adult.


$3,000 worth of European gifts replaced with dog food

Brothers regift same hard candy for three decades

33 year old Montreal woman dies after rescuers’ snowmobile hits a moose

Iowa State University will use its giant 3D printer to manufacture homes in Hamburg, a rural town severely damaged by 2019 flooding

Florida man with drugs around penis says they weren’t his

Minnesota woman received a letter mailed to her address 68 years earlier from Copenhagen

McDonald’s testing exercise bike seats at two locations in China

Pennsylvania farm seeks Christmas tree donations to feed their herd of 60 goats

Pittsburgh-area Mancini’s Bakery unveiled a 7-foot-tall Frosty the Doughman sculpture on Christmas Eve

Japanese professor creates TV screen you can taste


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The last free-standing video store in Nebraska offers 33,300 movies for rent

Oregon’s Rogue Valley could see its first White Christmas in 33 years

Fetus found inside liver of 33-year-old Canadian


33 deaths: Kerala (India), Mizoram (India), the Caribbean, New Jersey, New Mexico

33 new cases: Himachal (India), Lane County (OR), Prince Edward County (Canada), Tokyo, Peterborough Public School (Canada), RH Conwell Elementary (MA)

Cases rise in 33 London boroughs

The 33 Hampshire neighborhoods where 70% or more of residents haven’t received boosters

33 Arkansas school districts in red zone

Ohio Supreme Court rejects Vax-a-Million lottery challenge

Adam Jenne kicked off flight for wearing thong instead of mask


Biden signs executive orders imposing sanctions on foreign persons involved with the illegal drug trade and establishing a new US Council on Transnational Organized Crime

US Department of Agriculture said licensed hemp businesses are eligible for its Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program

Senate passed a bill designating methamphetamine as an emerging threat and directing the Office of National Drug Control Policy to implement a plan to address its use

A federal judge granted compassionate release to a seriously ill 90-year-old man serving life in prison for a nonviolent marijuana trafficking offense

Curaleaf Holdings, a vertically integrated multistate cannabis operator will likely face a wrongful death lawsuit related to an incorrectly labeled CBD tincture containing undisclosed levels of THC

Illinois officials announced applications are open for $45 million in new grants funded by marijuana tax revenue to support programs meant to reinvest in communities harmed by the War on Drugs

Illinois dispensary license supercase delayed again until at least January 2022

Baltimore, Maryland is ending pre-employment drug testing for city jobs in non-safety sensitive positions

Northampton, Massachusett’s mayor donated the cannabis chocolate bar he bought in the state’s first legal recreational marijuana sale to a museum

Michigan Medical Marijuana Program now printing patient and caregiver pictures on their registry cards

Missouri Supreme Court hears medical marijuana applications case

New Mexico credit union receives nation’s first financial institution certification for cannabis and hemp banking protocols

New Mexico regulators issued the state’s first recreational marijuana business licenses this week

The Ohio Senate approved a bill letting doctors recommend medical marijuana for any condition they “reasonably” believe could benefit from it

Ohio activists say they submitted more than enough signatures yesterday to force lawmakers to take up legalization

An Oklahoma Supreme Court official held an initial hearing in a case where one legalization activist is challenging other activists’ proposed marijuana ballot measures

Texas Supreme Court to hear regulators’ appeal of a lower court ruling overturning their ban on smokable hemp

Virginia legislature’s Joint Commission on Cannabis Oversight voted to recommend speeding up recreational sales

Berlin’s public transit authority is selling edible, hemp-infused tickets to help riders relax this Christmas season
South Korean judge spares US service members who brought weed into the country from serving prison time


The Rev. CyberTrucker lifts us into the holidaze with Gary Hoer’s metal version of Deck the Halls.

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Bowlers called in to share the first time they ever experienced deja vu. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever got into a car wreck.


Montana woman with last name Bigbeaver charged with indecent exposure to minor

US and Major League Quidditch announced it will rename the sport to distance itself from J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans stance

Researchers capture footage of rare deep sea fish with translucent head
— discovered by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute who also shared video of the giant phantom jellyfish with 33-foot-long mouth-arms discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 119: Take and Toss

An Australian woman has to buy adult diapers for her one-year-old son who already weighs 36 pounds

3.5 tons of trash pulled from Missouri 60-foot sinkhole
— Ste. Genevieve County in southeast MO is where the dinosaur fossils discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 117: Bowl Way Home were discovered

Sick bald eagle rescued from Smithville Lake

Asia-native Steller’s sea eagle discovered in Massachusetts for the first time

2014 Scotland discovery of Viking-age gold-wrapped jar crafted out of crystal removed from fossilized textile covering

Welsh woman buys globe for $199 at an antique fair, sells it for 770 times that at auction

Pooch pirate steals treats delivered to neighbor’s porch

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33 arrested on sex charges during Operation ‘Dirty Santa’ in Florida Panhandle

Former Dubuque (IA) post office clerk sentenced to 33 months in federal prison for stealing nearly $650,000 in checks from the mail

33-year-old man shot at the Tonawanda (NY) Bowling Center


NC school reports 33 cases

New variant detected in 33 states

New variant cases in India rise to 33

Pfizer shot just 33% effective against new variant


US Supreme Court asked to settle states’ conflict on medical marijuana insurance reimbursements
— case mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 109: No Chase After People
Former DEA agent sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for money laundering and fraud scheme
White House releases model law to help states ensure access to “safe, effective, cost-saving” syringe services program

Unsubstantiated health claims for COVID-19 infections are led by cannabidiol
Cannabis use could cause harmful drug interactions (Klaatu) 

A federal judge rejected Solar Therapeutics’ CEO’s motion to be dismissed from Sacha Baron Cohen’s lawsuit filed against the company for allegedly using Borat on a billboard without permission
— lawsuit originally mentioned on Bowl After Bowl Episode 93: Fairy in the Nude

Michigan House Resolution 0158 urges Congress to clarify its position on the legality of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970

St. Louis mayor signed decriminalization bill into law

Montana Department of Revenue’s proposed rules were approved by lawmakers yesterday

Malta became the first EU country to legalize the cultivation and personal use of cannabis today


The Rev CyberTrucker is back with another Merry Metal Moment. This week, bowlers got to hear Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Our Last Night x Cole Rolland.


This week, bowlers called in to share their stories about the first time they ever saw a boostagram. Next week, we want to hear from you about the first time YOU ever experienced a deja vu.


MariMed Inc. celebrated National Brownie Day last Wednesday with what it believes is the largest pot brownie ever

TOOL’s drummer Danny Carey got arrested at KCI

Misspelling on I-95 exit sign in Delaware gets covered up

Accidental shooting leads NH police to home with 72 cats

University of Pennsylvania papers graded by Elon Musk fetch $7,753 at auction

6 years and counting: ex-treasure hunter still stuck in jail

ND Paper (ME) is asking residents to drop off cardboard to turn into packaging because of the rising cost of the raw materials it typically uses

University of Central Missouri mule parade set a Guinness World Record

Dash for Cash fundraiser at junior hockey league game in South Dakota featured 10 local teachers on their hands and knees grabbing for dollar bills to fund school projects

Dozens of camels barred from Saudi beauty contest over Botox

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Milford bricklayer jailed for 33 months for intercepting $18,541.88 cannabis at his home

Amherst man who threatened members of Congress gets 33 months in federal prison

33 arrested after hundreds rally outside Supreme Court during abortion rights hearing

Leah Newman, Daughter of WME Agent Robert Newman, Dies at 33


33 new cases: London, Wichita County (TX)

33 deaths: Charleston (SC), Arizona, Bangkok, Montana

33 recoveries: Norfolk (Canada), 

33 COVID-19 outbreaks declared in last month, majority in Peel elementary schools (Canada)

33 students in Odisha (India) test positive

33-year-old becomes fourth case of Omicron in India

Singapore’s fake news law used 33 times to date, including 19 against COVID-19 misinformation

California school offers boy pizza to get vaccinated, tells him not to ‘say anything,’ mom says

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) introduced bill to force FDA to release Pfizer documents within 100 days instead of 55 years


Latest iteration of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) does not include marijuana banking reform, but will now go through both chambers before potentially landing on president’s desk

DEA once again increased its quota for legal production of psilocybin, MDMA, and DMT for 2022 research

Colorado Appeals Court says a drug dog that alerts on now-legal weed can’t create probable cause for a search

Maine federal court grants time for filing motions in marijuana, money laundering case in Farmington area

Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council executive director proposes bill to regulate alcohol like marijuana

Gloucester, MA being sued over impact fees

Judge limits Michigan marijuana recall to half the product initially covered

Minnesota’s medical cannabis program adds edibles in the forms of gummies and chews as a new option for patients

Legal Missouri 2022 kicks off recreational legalization campaign

Rep. Shamed Dogan (R-MO) pre-filed his joint resolution to place a constitutional amendment for recreational legalization on the 2022 ballot

Jeff Mizanskey op-ed in the Missouri Independent

Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska teamed up with Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) to run 30-second anti-weed ads which cost taxpayers $500,000

NYC opens country’s first safe consumption site

Marijuana decrim petition passes after a recount, now heading for Kent (Ohio) City Council

Austin, TX activists submitted 35,000 signatures to decriminalize weed

Texas gets smokable hemp banned again

With feds, Brattleboro (VT) police make arrests for suspected fentanyl-laced marijuana

Vermont Department of Health said it has no relevant records about police claims of fentanyl-laced marijuana


 Bowlers called in with their stories about the first time they ever blacked out and forgot about blacking out. Next week, we want to hear from you about the first time YOU ever saw a boostagram!

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An Italian dentist is facing possible criminal charges after trying to receive a COVID-1984 jab in a silicone arm

16-point deer harvested in Missouri turns out to be doe

A Massachusetts man bought a drawing for $30 at an estate sale. It may be an authentic Durer worth $50 million.

In 2013, a French climber found $168,000 of emeralds and sapphires in a cache on a mountain but can only keep half

Israeli scientists analyzed mail-in stool samples and found early risers share gut bacteria pattern

A Dutch merchant ship off the coast of Jamaica captured video of an all-white sperm whale swimming in the Caribbean, the real Moby Dick

Giant phantom jellyfish that eats with mouth-arms spotted off California coast

Suicide machine controlled by blinking faces ‘no legal issues’ in Switzerland

Salmon jizz used to create DNA plastics

Maryland homeowner tries to smoke out snakes, burns down house