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SirSpencer tooted about dumping a mouse nest out on himself in our garage, but that doesn’t compare to the nightmare fuel that is the mice plague of Australia…or what it would be like to walk into some of the decrepit houses the Kansas City Land Bank is hanging onto, hoping to sell for $1 to non-profits or religious organizations to use as shelters. Birthing alone at home may sound like nightmare fuel to some, but women in the UK don’t have much choice at this point unless they want to go to the hospital to birth alone since the midwives had their insurance pulled. 

NYPD says there have been 33 hate crimes with Asian victims this year. Then a 33-year-old video of Obama giving his grandmother in Kenya a dress surfaced. And the third Top Three 33 story of the evening involved a 33-year-old San Diego man choking to death on a face mask in jail.  

Pennsylvania and Illinois reported 33 COVID deaths this week and Wyoming tacked on an additional 33 cases TODAY. 33 migrant girls in San Diego tested positive for the coof while eight kids in Alaska came down with MIS-C, which has killed 33 Americans so far. A 33-year-old survived a double lung transplant after spending six months on a ventilator while another 33-year-old had his leg amputated from the hip down due to “complications” while hospitalized with COVID. 

New York could see recreational legalization sales as early as 2022 if their finalized bill passes a vote this week.  New Jersey fixed its illegally-functioning cannabis board by replacing an existing member with one who came from an organization with a mission of studying, advocating, or adjudicating against historical oppression of minorities — as written in their law. A Detroit club made headlines by barring customers who smell like weed, while Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed House Bill 1862 into law prohibiting employers from discharging, disciplining, or discriminating against employees for their lawful medical cannabis use outside of work.

Meanwhile, a medical marijuana bill advanced in Kansas, marking the first time a bill has made it that far in the Sunflower State. It’s not great, but it’s still a step in the right direction. New Mexico held a special session to push a recreational bill across the finish line.  Updates on that to come. And sorry South Dakota, but Kristi Noem is trying to add restrictions to the voter-approved medical law even though the deadline for considering legislation has already passed.

A stray dog determined to take a purple stuffed unicorn from a North Carolina Dollar General gets it as a gift — and finds a furever home. A Georgia woman found and returned a 44-year-old baby photo to its rightful owner from the tornado debris. A 19-pound cat went missing but was found in the neighbors’ chimney 28 days later. Meanwhile, a dog in Ontario literally stopped traffic to get help for her owner who was suffering from a seizure. A North Dakota representative had to remove her popcorn machine from the Capitol after it set the fire alarms off — twice. In Maryland, a bomb squad blew up a Civil War-era cannonball so it wouldn’t blow up on its own. A mafia fugitive was caught when he started a cooking channel on YouTube with his wife after seven years on the run. People think this puppy looked like an inflated panda after he ate a bee, but we think it just looks like he’s sneaking Kibble. A McDonald’s drive-thru customer gets revenge on the rude lady behind him, and a Goodwill worker found and returned $42,000 accidentally donated in sweaters.

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