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Upcoming KC Bitcoiners meetings

Block 800,000 (Cointelegraph)

Alex Gleason leaving Truth Social, working on Ditto (No BS Bitcoin)

Kuwait bans crypto payments, investment and mining (CoinDesk)

Mempool block clock


Chicago weekend shootings: 33 shot, 6 fatally (ABC 7 Chicago)

Animal Control removes dog, 33 cats, 5 dead cats from Onondaga home (WILX – Michigan)

Death toll doubles to 33 in Cameroon building collapse while search is still underway for survivors (Associated Press)

Deck collapses at Montana golf club, injuring 33 people (Golfweek)

Ferry sinks off Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, killing 15 while 33 others survive (ABC)

33 days on, strike by ad hoc inter college teachers continues in Uttar Pradesh (The Hindu)

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (Nigeria) arrests drug lord in Lagos, destroys 33 hectares of cannabis farms in Ondo, Edo (The Cable)


Family of Marc Fogel rally outside White House (CBS) 

DEA’s Principal Deputy Administrator Louis Milione resigns (AP)

Expungement denied for Phoenix man serving 16-year weed sentence
(Phoenix New Times)

Mystery marijuana washes up on Florida beach puzzling beachgoers (ABC 7)

Federal judge orders Kansas Highway Patrol to end ‘two-step’ practice of detaining and searching cards traveling to or from neighboring legal states (Kansas Reflector)

Hemp businesses sue Maryland for ‘monopolizing’ recreational pot process (Fox 5 Baltimore)

Minneapolis mayor loosens enforcement of psychedelics (The New York Times)

Missouri microbusiness license application process opens Thursday (MO Health)

Oregon’s first legal psilocybin services session took place (The Microdose)

Luxembourg legalizaiton of possession and personal cultivation takes effect (Le Gouvernement Du Grand-Duche De Luxembourg)


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Motorhead’s Orgasmatron

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Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever animed.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever took a selfie.


Breastfeeding linked to 33 percent decline in infant mortality (Salon)

Stuck Hawaii-bound passengers hit with 33-hour delay at NYC airport – only given $12 food voucher (New York Post)

Texan influencer provides services to Ukrainian soldiers as ’emotional support stripper’ (The Gateway Pundit)

Mom gives birth to third daughter born on same date, 6 years apart (Not the Bee)

Woman slips, plunges to death from cliff moments after boyfriend proposes (NY Post)

NYC carjacker escapes getting his ass beat by jumping off bridge (ABC 7 NY)

Florida restaurant closes after 7 customers allege they tested positive for meth after eating there (Fox)

Haunted rocking horse for sale (Fox)

Exotic fish with human-like teeth reeled in by 11-year-old Oklahoma boy (Fox)

Florida man arrested after spraying woman with garden hose (Fox)

Houston man loses hands, parts of feet after flea bite (Fox)

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Paul the Book Guy is back in the Bowl…or maybe it’s his brother, Alex, talking censorship, resistance and listening to books. 

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Intro/Outro: Grim Nights – Genesis Haze

Mentioned Links: (Rumble redirect)

History of Words / Book Guys Show / Wholigans

@PaulBookGuy (Twitter)

The Parasitic Mind by Gad Saad(Regnery)


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Intro/Outro: Punch Deck – Music to Wear Fingerless Gloves To


Partial wins awarded in Ripple-SEC lawsuit (Cointelegraph)

Institutional investors shun self-custodial crypto solutions (The Block)

The first Nostr Documentary ‘Social media is broken. Can we fix it?’ (No BS Bitcoin)

Primal open sources its entire stack, opens Android Alpha & raises $1 million (No BS Bitcoin)

Zapple Pay Guide (Habla)

Mutiny Wallet beta open to public

Zeus Wallet announce it will no longer require users to run a separate node (No BS Bitcoin)

Binance finally enables Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals (No BS Bitcoin)


Americans with Disabilities Act turns 33 years old (Keloland Living)

Flooding affects operations at 33 Vermont wastewater treatment facilities(VT Digger)

Death toll rises to 33 amid dangerous flooding in South Korea (CNN)

Delhi flood update: 33 students evacuated from ITO (Business Today)

High-speed internet access expands in North Carolina: 33 counties to benefit from $80 million grant boost (ABC)

Directorate General of Civil Aviation reports 33% rise in June domestic air traffic compared to last year (CNBC India) 


Secret Service found pot but didn’t make a publicity stunt out of it (CNN)

States give marijuana data to Biden Administration for rescheduling review (MJ Biz Daily)
Janet Yellen eats jian shou qing mushrooms during China visit (CNN) 

Cannabis related ER visits rose during pandemic (NewsNation / YouTube)

Green Thumb Industries worker dies in Illinois facility (Weed Week)

DEA tells young people to spend time becoming influencers, playing video games instead of drugs ( 

Strong smell lingers near Phoenix marijuana grow facility (Arizona’s Family)
Previously discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 238: I Want To Go Poop

Decriminalize California cleared to begin gathering signatures for a 2024 ballot initiative to legalize psilocybin (Decrim CA)

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green signs bill to license hemp producers, establish Hemp Task Force (

Idaho activists are gathering signatures to put medical marijuana on the 2024 ballot (ID News 6)

Maine governor Janet Mills signs bill allowing pot sales at events (

Owners of Club Castaway in Whatley, MA no longer focusing on opening a topless pot retail outlet in the strip club (MassLive)

NYC raids unlicensed weed stores, they reopen 24 hours later (NY1)

Oklahoma man concerned after he was denied gun license renewal due to his marijuana card (FOX 23)

South Dakota law enforcement commission officers forgiveness to two hopeful police officers for pot use (SD Searchlight)

Slovakian President Zuzana Caputova pardons two people serving sentences for growing medical pot (Spectator)


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us Green Jelly’s Three Little Pigs.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever got a treat from the ice cream truck.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever animed.

Phone lines are open 24/7: (816) 607-3663


New York couple leads 33 trips to help those in need (Observer Today)

Science of rolling the perfect joint (Scientific American)

MariMed stages Boston Tea Party protest over federal tax code 280E (Marijuana Moment)

Houston woman detained in Dubai, charged with screaming in public (Newsweek)

Fuzzy invasion of domestic rabbits has a Florida suburb hoping into a hunt for new owners (Associated Press)

Kentucky farmer unearths hundreds of rare Civil War-era coins (Fox)

Massive 122-pound blue catfish caught in Tennessee breaks state record (FOX)

iPad may have led to helicopter crash that killed pilot, co-pilot (Fox)

27-year-old California mother killed by lawnmower (Daily Mail)

Israeli surgeons reattach boy’s head after car accident (Fox)

Police, space agency investigating unknown object found on Australian beach (Fox)

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ms. informed NAtion


KC Bitcoiners August 4th BTC and Coffee

Houbi data breach almost leaked information of whale users (No BS Bitcoin)

Wasabi wallet upgrade (Twitter) 

FBI searched Kraken founder Jesse Powell’s house (Forbes)

US Homeland Security returns $314K out of 3 billion from 2016 Bitfinex hack (CoinTelegraph) 

RFK Jr. says he isn’t Bitcoin investor (CNBC) 

IMF’s Taxing Cryptocurrencies working paper


33 hurt during Fourth of July celebrations in downtown Pittsburgh (WTAE)

Nigeria now accounts for 33% of Africa’s gas reserves (Punch Newspapers)

Gold Mountain Ridge fire on Colville reservation burns 33 acres at 15% containment (KHQ Washington)

33-year-old stroke survivor recalls 1st stroke symptoms he almost ignored (Today)


Threads flashes a warning asking users if they would like help accessing drug treatment resources from a federal agency when they search for marijuana or psilocybin, not alcohol or tobacco (Marijuana Moment)

Creator of ‘The Wire’ asks mercy for man charged in actor’s death (The New York Times)

White House cocaine found in different location than reported (NBC)

Marianne Williamson on weed and drugs (WMUR-TV)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill banning sales of consumable hemp products to people under 21 (FL Gov) 

Indiana representative, weed supporter toxicology report shows THC in system following drunk driving crash he fled (The Republic)

Boston hospital warning of serious cannabis side effect (WCVB / YouTube)

Gov. Mike Parsons signs bill impacting cannabis banking, employee background checks (Missouri Independent)

Nebraskans for Medial Marijuana launch signature gathering to qualify two initiatives for the 2024 ballot (Associated Press)

Gov. Hochul pumps brakes on legal weed sales at farmers’ markets (New York Post)

Ohio group submits signatures for marijuana legalization initiative (Forbes)

Virginia guide for using recreational marijuana while parenting (PDF)

Police seize ~$168k worth of pot in UK-wide crackdown (BBC)


Tonight, the Rev CyberTrucker brings us Dawn Felder’s Take A Ride.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever tried yoga. 

Next week, give us a call and tell us about the First Time YOU Ever got a treat from the ice cream truck.

The voicemail box is open 24/7 at (816) 607-3663


33-year-old Barelas mural restored by original artist (KRQE)

Profanity can sometimes be the best medicine, increasing pain tolerance by ~33% (

Dog therapy charity shows power of cuddles for 33 years (1 News New Zealand)

Boston man, 33, suffers diarrhea for THREE DECADES due to rare genetic quirk (Daily Mail)

Wrong school, seal printed on University of North Dakota graduates’ degrees (KVRR)

Roller coaster riders stuck upside down for hours at Wisconsin festival after ‘mechanical failure’ (WAOW)

Los Angeles family warns community they lost their pet (FOX LA)

Would-be robber storms into nail salon demanding money, but things did not go as planned (FOX)

Hawk attacks halt mail delivery temporarily in South Austin neighborhood (FOX 7 Austin)

Mysterious flying creature terrorizing metro family at night (KFOR)



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Intro/Outro: Stars and Stripes Forever 

Thank you to MakeHeroism for this rad Independence Day art:


HTLC Channel Operations (Lightning Labs)

MicroStrategy issued and sold $333M worth of shares, bought another 12333 BTC (No BS BTC)

Fireblocks’ statement on Prime Trust  

Coinbits’ statement on Prime Trust (Decrypt)

Fold June 22nd update

ZBD expands playlist  (Decrypt)

North Carolina to commission a $50K Treasury study to find out whether it should hold Bitcoin (NC Legislature)

Belarus wants to ban peer-to-peer BTC transactions (CoinDesk)

Kraken ordered by judge to give IRS information on users (Bloomberg)

FTT jumps as much as 33% on news of potential FTX ‘reboot’ (Fortune)


Air Force to phase out bonuses for airmen in 33 tough jobs (Air Force Times)

5 dead, at least 33  wounded in Fourth of July weekend shootings (NBC Chicago)

Macron’s approval rating reaches 33%, highest since March (Bloomberg)

Gunman who shot off-duty police officer in Third Ward gets 33 years (Fox 6 Milwaukee)


RFK Jr position on pot (36:19 NewsNation / YouTube)

Why national cannabis legalization is still a decade away (Forbes)

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram on Meet the Press  (NBC / YouTube)

Bipartisan lawmakers introduce the Marc Fogel Act (Rep. Guy Reschenthaler)

House Rules Committee considering if amendments on medical pot and psychedelics can be added to National Defense Authorization Act (

NBA collective bargaining agreement signed (NBPA)

Department of Justice has until July 21 to file its position in the Safehouse lawsuit for safe consumption facilities (US Courts)

Alaska regulators propose allowing moms to breastfeed children up to 18 months old in dispensaries (AK Marijuana Control Board)

Colorado judge issues temporary restraining order against fees charged by state’s track and trace system provider, Metrc (Law360)

Connecticut’s homegrow law took effect (

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill prohibiting people from possessing pot at recovery residences (FL Senate) and a bill allowing physicians to renew medical pot certifications via telehealth that was amended to give black farmers medical cannabis business licenses (Florida Phoenix)

New Hampshire lawmakers sent Gov. Chris Sununu a bill to create a commission to draft legalization legislation with state-run stores (General Court of NH)

New Mexico pot businesses ask Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to pause licensing (KOAT)

Oklahoma marijuana businesses sue over new, higher licensing fees (Tulsa World)

Virginia’s law restricting sale of intoxicating cannabinoids took effect (Axios)

Zelensky pushes medical legalization to aid Ukrainians suffering ‘trauma of war’ (High Times)


Tonight, Rev CyberTrucker brings us the School of Rock All Star Students’ covering Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas.


Bowlers called in to talk about the First Time They Ever played with fireworks.

Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever tried yoga.


Two long-lost brothers reconnect after 33 years *(14 News)

Son hides mom’s death for 33 years, steals $830k in benefits (The Sacramento Bee)

“Pillowcase rapist” who served 33 years in prison arrested for allegedly kidnapping woman (KGET)

Illinois man critical after commercial-grade firework explodes in face (Fox)

Maine woman punches bear that chased her dog, ends up with stitches (Associated Press)

California man gets prison for nearly $9M phony cow manure-to-green energy investment scheme (AP)

Live snake found in bag of broccoli (Fox)

Vacationer dies in Jamaica after trying to down all 21 cocktails on drink menu (Fox)

Alligator found in Louisiana home reportedly sneaked in through dog door (Fox)

Dallas woman’s vanity license plate nearly lands her in jail (Fox)