Although Bowl After Bowl is a bigger dream for Laurien and Spencer, the podcast started in 2014 out of Columbia, Missouri as an outlet to share updates on the drug war and other items of interest in local and regional news. Show material included their adventures lobbying for NORML and Show-Me Cannabis, traveling to the SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup after winning free tickets on Twitter, and interviewing Jeff Mizanskey from prison.

After a five-year hiatus, the two got the show back up and running after a gracious guest appearance in the smoker on Hog Story, the trendiest podcast in the universe

It’s an over-socialized, under-informed world filled with enlarged amygdalas, but laughter is the best medicine. Take a load off and let us serve you Bowl After Bowl every Tuesday night at 10 PM CST. Subscribe to Laurien’s OnlyFans to tune into our live video stream and chat with us as we create the show.

May your bowls burn ever brighter!