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Day 33 of the alleged Russian invasion

Los Angeles County gas prices dipped for first time in 33 days

33 dogs removed from “deplorable conditions” in Lincoln County, Kansas


33 deaths: Saskatchewan (Canada)

33 new cases: Tamil Nadu (India), Mumbai (India)

33% of kids in 12-14 age group vaxxed so far in Madhya Pradesh (India)

Riverside County (CA) cases increase 33% in two weeks


MORE (Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement) Act is set for a House vote this week

Joe Biden proposes to keep blocking Washington, D.C. from legalizing weed sales as part of the budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2023 that he sent to Congress yesterday

US embassy in Moscow finds Brittney Griner ‘in good condition’ after getting consular access

The Queen of Basketball director Ben Proudfoot urged Biden to bring Griner home when accepting his Oscar for Documentary short

DEA taking steps to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid addicts

Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals reversed a judge’s ruling that a man could receive a security clearance after using weed subsequent to apply

IRS ramping up marijuana business audits after Covid lull

Alabama celebrated National Poison Prevention Week by demonizing delta-8
Arkansas for Compassionate Care drops 2022 legalization effort

Cambridge (MA) City Council voted to repeal 3% Community Impact Fee on recreational sales

Hazel Park (MI) City Council unanimously passed a measure to decriminalize psychedelics

Marijuana lobby pushing Missouri Representative Ron Hicks to cap number of licenses in Cannabis Freedom Act
Audio of Thomas Robbins talking smack on proponents of Hicks’ bill
Nebraska medical activists lose two major donors

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vetoes bill that would have automatically expunged certain marijuana charges and convictions and the Senate failed to override

Texas Supreme Court hears case challenging state’s smokable hemp manufacturing ban

Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed 84 bills this week including House Bill 385 Hemp and CBD Amendments, a bill creating a psychedelics task force to study therapeutic potential, a bill protecting medical cannabis patients, a bill amending provisions related to the production and distribution of medical weed

A record number of weed arrests were made in Japan in 2021


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This week, bowlers called in to share stories about the First Time They Ever lost their shit at work. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fell on your ass.


Flamingo that escaped Wichita zoo in 2005 spotted in Texas

OH man finds extremely rare pink grasshopper in TX

Michigan woman finds escaped kangaroo in driveway

UK Shark House owner dismayed at protected status

Alabama high school donates MGM-52 Lance Missile and red, white, and blue M752 launcher to veterans museum

Video captures man peeing on snack rack after his credit card declined at a Detroit gas station Sunday night

Blind MI basketball player makes shot in front of 2,500 fans

Researchers believe they found a MA whaling ship that sank near the mouth of the Mississippi River 190 years ago

Police in Converse, Texas responded to a call about the discovery of skeletal remains which turned out to be a plastic prop skeleton

Woman receives 20 pairs of tacky shoes customers cannot return

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Shortly before 3:30 PM Sunday, a Sioux Falls (SD) man led highway patrol on a 33-mile pursuit

33 bison donated to Native American tribes from Denver

A poll of US adults found 33% have tried a product with CBD in it


33 deaths: India

33 new cases: Rock Island County (IL)

COVID-19 cases drop 33 times in March in Kazakhstan

Just 0.25% of Ballad Health employees (33) sidelined due to refusing COVID vaccine


At the request of the US, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted to control three chemical precursors used to manufacture fentanyl

US Sentencing Commission 2021 annual report reveals drug trafficking as the most commonly sentenced federal crime

Britney Griner played for a Russian team for 7 years as No Agenda revealedHillary Clinton tweets Free Brittney, Anthony Blinken says Russia is violating international law by not providing American officials to direct access to her

Alaska Rep. Don Young passes away, 88

Arkansas judge extends temporary restraining order preventing issuance of two remaining cannabiz licenses
Colorado activists chose one of the four approved psychedelic initiatives to gather signatures on for the November ballot
Colorado Court of Appeals rules Dept. of Revenue can be considered a “victim” entitled to restitution when a defendant evades marijuana excise taxes
Colorado Springs’ ballot measure to allow recreational sales is approved for signature gathering

A lawsuit filed against Cartersville, Georgia local police over a mass arrest over less than an ounce of pot settled, and they are paying $900k

Georgia judge stalls DA’s effort to ban cannabis extracts

Illinois judge lifts injunction, releasing craft licenses

Expungement forms available in Montana

Nebraska activists host 100 signature drives for their pair of proposals

Oklahoma House Bill looks to facilitate legal mmj business and combat illegal ones utilizing blockchain technology

Two medical growers in Oklahoma were raided and robbed by six individuals cosplaying as law enforcement
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signs more cannabis bills into law

WA Gov. Inslee signed HB 1210 into law, replacing the term marijuana with cannabis in the state’s legal code

Wisconsins Governor Tony Evers signs bill legalizing fentanyl test strips

World’s first hemp-based barrister’s wig was unveiled this week

TerrAscend Corp becomes first major US cannabis operator to launch a mobile retail app
ASTM International launches standard symbol for intoxicating cannabis products


This week, The Rev CyberTrucker brings us metal from Italy with Frozen Crown’s Far Beyond.


Bowlers called in to talk about the first time they ever saw a sex toy. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever lost your shit at work.


South Florida visitor spends night in stranger’s home thinking it was his Airbnb
Man pleads guilty to taking 2 baby bears from their den
Alabama man charged in theft of 70-ton crane
Mexican security camera footage captures a floating entity that scares dogs and then shifts into a bipedal shape

Two SC security guards allegedly tried to poison their supervisor with eye drops in his coffee maker
Thieves in Aurora, Colorado stole $50k worth of fuel using a remote
Man who fell off jet ski shot and killed by rescuer in South Carolina
Security video shows pigs defending off bear attack in CT
British man breaks Guinness World Record of cherry tomatoes harvested from a single stem, then breaks THAT record a few weeks later
WWII bomber jacket left behind at a Tacoma, WA bar in the 1950s returned to vet’s daughter, the only living relative

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Australia sanctions 33 more Russian oligarchs

Wisbech cyclist caught with 33 bags of weed and EUD 500 in cash

Brief 911 outage affects 33 call centers in Tarrant County (TX) last Tuesday


33 new cases: Nigeria, Mahoning Valley (OH)

33% of Malaysian children receive first dose

Texas woman had heart attack at 33


US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit declined Standing Akimbo’s request for the full review of their case regarding the Internal Revenue Service and Section 280E

US Department of Transportation proposed drug testing rules changes allowing saliva as an alternative to urine screening

Department of Veterans Affairs is launching a new grants program on suicide prevention that specifically excludes marijuana

Biden talked to Colombian President Marquez about reducing illicit supply

Yesterday, Biden signed Senate Bill 854, the Methamphetamine Response Act of 2021

Federal prosecutors charged a “Russian oligarch” with making illegal campaign contributions as part of an alleged scheme to to get candidates to help him obtain retail marijuana licenses

WNBA Star Brittney Griner Mugshot shown during Russian TV broadcast on March 5

Alabama legalizes fentanyl test strips to prevent overdoses
Denver officials announce the Marijuana Management Symposium of 2022 is cancelled due to Covid

Gwinnett County, GA’s district attorney facing lawsuit for raids against businesses selling delta-8 THC products
Illinois judge orders state to process four applications in supercase
Illinois regulators prohibit cannabis businesses from producing delta-8 and delta-9 THC out of hemp

Maryland law clerk cleared to write medical pot protections article for law journal

Defense: FBI Knew Whitmer Kidnap Suspects were ‘Stoned’ Crazy talkers

St. Louis County ends pre-screening and random drug tests to protect medical patients

NJWeedman doesn’t have standing to challenge constitutionality of state’s voter-approved legislation

Oregon Governor signs bill allowing Dept of Agriculture to refuse hemp grower licenses according to supply and demand

Pennsylvania company becomes first in the US to grow weed legally for medical research
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) claims a Montgomery County sheriff told him about seizures of fentanyl-laced marijuana

Kristi Noem signed a handful of cannabis-related bills including one limiting patients to 2 flowering, 2 non-flowering homegrown plants

Virginia lawmakers sent governor bill to ban delta-8 THC

Canadian Supreme Court to examine constitutionality of Quebec’s homegrow ban


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Bowlers called in to share the First Time They Ever saw their partner naked. Next week, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever found a sex toy.


UPDATE: North Carolina DMV orders woman to remove F.A.R.T license plate
Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails

Border Patrol finds 52 lizards and snakes hidden in man’s clothing

US Customs and Border Protection officers collaborating with US Fish and Wildlife Service seized 6 air cargo shipments containing 9 plastic jars of prohibited leeches

World’s longest stretch limo seats 75

Man called 911 to have meth tested for bath salts

Eight year old’s birthday present turned out to be pounds of weed
Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance located off the coast of Antarctica


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33 million people in the US watched Biden’s State of the Union

Ukrainian film star, 33, killed in Russia-Ukraine war while defending country

27 killed, 33 wounded in militant attack in central Mali

33 killed, 18 injured in Russian Strikes in Ukraine’s Chernihiv City


33 new cases: New York, Vidarbha (India), Srinagar (India)

33 deaths: Nisra (Ireland)


John C. Dvorak thinks Kamala may self-medicate with pot edibles because she’s in over her head

Biden has $41 billion in FY2022 budget slated for drug policy efforts

Washington Examiner brings back gateway drug theory, says medical states have higher opioid mortality

Article covering Bill Clinton’s on-stage conversation about CBD with Sanjay Gupta taken down and re-posted

Ex-Eaze CEO should get a light sentence after helping convict his alleged co-conspirators in a scheme to conceal $150 million of federally illegal cannabis payments from banks
— discussed on Episode 88: Think Horn

WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner arrested last month at a Moscow airport with vape cartridges

LA Times triggered over CA State Fair’s most abundant THCa category

Fired Feinstein staffer videos self smoking blunt on mushrooms dancing in her office

MO Senator Josh Hawley wrote in a constituent letter that he opposes recreational marijuana but he will keep the constituent’s perspective in mind if it comes before the Senate Judiciary Committee or the full Senate for debate or a vote

SD Gov. Kristi Noem signed 24 bills yesterday
Green Bay (WI) City Council voted to reduce fines for people caught smoke or possessing weed to between $1 and $500 and/or community service


Bowlers called in and shared stories about the first time they ever met a goat. Next week we want to hear about the first time YOU ever saw your partner naked.


Homemade ice-fishing shanty blown a mile across Saginaw Bay

Woman’s missing dog found 7 miles on the ice of frozen Saginaw Bay

Florida man crushed to death by bulldozer while using porta-potty
Head being transported for medical research stolen from freight company truck in Denver

Liberal, Kansas woman wins Pancake Day Race in England

New Yorkers complain about everything including loud sex noises

NC woman fights to keep ‘FART’ license plate

FL deputy delivers DoorDash order after arresting driver for outstanding warrants

Sessho-seki, a famous rock in Nasu, Japan said to imprison an evil nine-tailed fox demoness, found broken in half

Edward Scissorhands house in Florida listed for $699,900


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Russia allegedly bombed 33 civilian sites in Ukraine

Russian stocks end main trading session down 33%

The Dirty 33: meet the Russian cronies sanctioned by Australia


33 hospitalizations: Cumberland County (PA), Guam

33 new cases: Nigeria, Tippecanoe County (IN)

Cases down to 33 in Phillippines
Vaccinated 33-year-old becomes 321st death (Guam)

33-year-old FDNY firefighter dies of heart attack day after battling two-alarm fire

33-year-old Peloton instructor suffers stroke


Supreme Court asks Solicitor General to weigh in on two consolidated Minnesota workers comp cases

Denver-based Standing Akimbo is asking the full 10th Circuit of Appeals to hear its case after being rejected by a three-judge panel
— case first discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 90: Jimmy Gemini’s

Illinois supercase holding up 185 dispensary licenses gets March 25 settlement planning conference

Weed prices plummet in Michigan

Medical flower sales start in Minnesota today

Missouri Rep. Ron Hicks files Cannabis Freedom Act bill

Shamed Dogan Joint Resolution to put recreational constitutional amendment on ballot

NJWeedman Edward Forchion presented his oral arguments in federal lawsuit vs. Governor Phil Murphy

New Mexico Supreme Court rules medical cannabis purchase are not subject to state’s gross receipts tax
— first discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode Episode 133: In The Bulb

NY Governor Kathy Hochul signs bill giving two-year temporary licenses to growers
MedMen withdraws statement about Hochul using political pressure to approve Ascend Wellness acquisition
— also now selling their Florida assets to Green Sentry Holdings LLC

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics raided 12 licensed medical marijuana grows

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reaches agreement in lawsuit blocking them from implementing seed-to-sale tracking

Portland-based Cura Cannabis to pay $200 to people who bought vapes improperly labeled 100% marijuana ((Click this link to file your claim by April 29)) 
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem wouldn’t rule out vetoing recreational legalization at media conference

South Dakota Senate-passed legalization bill dies in House State Affairs Committee


This week The RevCyberTrucker takes us to Japan with MAXIMUM THE HORMONE’s Koi No Mega Lover.

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Bowlers called in to share stories about the first time they ever took their pants off in public. Next Tuesday, we want to hear about the First Time YOU Ever met a goat.


Man, 33, dies after being punched at family party

California man survives frigid five-hour night swim guided by friendly seal

Alaska man saved after clinging to ice chunk in Cook Inlet

Cow carried away by floodwaters in Australia was found wandering a beach after floating downriver

Wreckage from 1800s ship washes up on North Carolina beach

Tick survives 27 years in researcher’s lab, 8 years without food

New, personalized spinal cord implant allows paralyzed people to walk in just one day

San Diego border patrol seizes $3 million worth of meth hidden in onion shipment

Minnesota mom pays son $1,800 to stay off social media for six years

Virginia sheriff’s office thanks goat named Gracie for assistance chasing suspect