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Sir Bemrose of Angry Tech News is locked and noded!

The deets for Ring of Fire #3 will be dropping as soon as Sir Spencer completes his coding classes.


DOJ says Alabama has yet to fix its prisons where 33 inmates have died in the last 3 years

Long Island woman revived 33 times after heart attack, looks forward to wedding

Prosecutors drop 33 more cases over evidence stolen from State Patrol

Man fraudulently claimed dead parents’ pensions for 33 years, court told – just as we told the bowlers on Bowl After Bowl Episode 102: Absolutely Nothing Know.


33 new deaths: Montana, Oklahoma

33 new cases: Sault Sainte Marie (Michigan), Lane County (Oregon), Durham (UK), 

33 boarding school students test positive (Bengaluru, India)

Missouri judge says health department COVID-19 orders like business closures are unconstitutional

Missouri judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is offering workplace advice to mitigate the risk of impaired driving

Courts in Pima County, Arizona are not honoring the expungement clause laid out in Prop 207

Surveillance video shows San Francisco PD sitting in their car, watching as suspects drive off after looting dispensary on Tuesday, November 16

Weed business owners in Oakland rallied at City Hall to demand tax amnesty after they were robbed the week of November 15

Illinois judge rules smell of weed is not probable cause to search vehicles

St. Louis, Missouri Board of Aldermen passes decriminalization bill and are waiting for the mayor to sign it

The Pueblo of Picuris Indian tribe (New Mexico) is accusing the federal government of a discriminatory double standard after a medical patient’s garden on tribal land was raided

South Dakota’s Supreme Court upheld a lower judge’s ruling that the voter-approved recreational legalization measure is invalid

Montgomery County, Texas’ district attorney is asking the attorney general to issue an opinion saying that possessing or selling delta-8 THC products is a crime

The Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs or the Taliban announced last Tokin’ Tuesday it contracted with a company called Cpharm to set up a hashish-processing company, but the Australian firm says it has no idea what they are talking about


The Rev. Cyber Trucker kicks off the most wonderful time of the year with Twisted Sister’s I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Help him decide which Christmas cover to play next week by voting in the official weekly Metal Moment poll!


This week, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever quit a job like a boss. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever blacked out and forgot about blacking out.


LA Firefighter accused of wiping butt with vaccine mandate

Missouri dig site is home to at least 4 rare dinosaurs, and there could be more
Twilight Zone longnose lancetfish washes ashore in SoCal
A Pacific footballfish washed upon the shores in San Diego
$1K offered for President Warren Harding’s stolen dog collar
Man’s obit urges betting a bunch on the Huskers

Dozens stuck in England’s highest pub after storm
Library book returned after 111 years in Idaho
Man builds Taj Mahal replica home for wife
Missouri couple wins $3 million lottery jackpot after previously winning $250,000

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33 hurt in Brazil when sidewalk collapses at Christmas event

Nantucket town meeting voters will get to vote on 33 proposed articles, including one allowing women to be topless on the beach in the name of gender equality

A 33-year-old woman created a dating app for the sexually abstinent after she says God ‘called to her’ and asked her to make it


33 deaths: North Carolina, Idaho

33 new cases: Kanawha County (WV), Vancouver Island region (Canada)

Austin sees 33% uptick in new COVID cases heading into Thanksgiving


Study found “medical cannabis use was associated with clinical improvements in pain, function, and quality of life with reductions in prescription drug use; 73% either ceased or decreased opioid consumption and 31% discontinued benzodiazepines.”

Prohibitionist organization National Families in Action (NFIA) ceases operations after 45 years

The Greater Phoenix Urban League and Acre 41 (a cannabis consulting company) are suing the state of Arizona over its social equity rules

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram claimed fentanyl is being “mixed with” marijuana and other drugs
New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area published a press release about 39 alleged naloxone-reversed fentanyl-laced cannabis overdoses which was circulated by state officials the next day

Growers are suing El Dorado County, California for allegedly blocking recreational licensing against the will of the voters
California regulators are increasing marijuana tax rates January 1, 2022

Oakland dispensaries broken into during smash-and-grab spree

Colorado regulators issued a health and safety advisory about potentially unsafe levels of mercury in medical flower produced by First Class LLC

A federal judge dismissed Van Buren, Michigan and several local police officials from a lawsuit alleging that they conducted an illegal raid on a licensed medical grow operation

Montana Department of Revenue reverses CBD and employment restrictions for those with prior weed-related convictions

New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority banned marijuana and psilocybin mushroom ads on subways, buses and trains

Buffalo, New York is being sued after firing a firefighter for medical cannabis use

South Dakota legislature’s Executive Board unanimously approved a report recommending that the legislature takes up a bill to legalize during the 2022 session

South Dakota issued the state’s first medical patient cards this week

Texas appellate court upheld temporary injunction for delta-8 sales after DSHS appealed the decision, meaning it is legal to sell until further ruling

Utah lawmakers are pushing back against municipalities that are punishing local workers (especially first responders and government employees) for using legal medical weed

Washington, D.C. activists proposed an amendment to a legalization bill allowing cannabis to be sold at farmers markets

Indian police charged senior executives of Amazon’s local unit under narcotics laws in a case of alleged marijuana smuggling


The Rev. CyberTrucker brings us bagpipe metal from The Snake Charmer with a cover of the Wonder Woman theme.

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Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever watched a training video. Now we want to hear from YOU about next week’s FTIE, the First Time I Ever quit a job like a boss.


Perry, Georgia McDonald’s initially skeptical when order for 1,600 McChickens, 1,600 McDoubles, and 3,200 cookies came in to be prepared in four hours

Brazilian baby boy born with tail gets it successfully surgically removed

A 38-year-old man who had a mysterious seizure and started speaking gibberish was hospitalized where it was discovered he had tapeworms living in his brain for decades

Drivers scramble as cash falls from armored truck on freeway

Florida family faces fine for early Christmas lights display

Winds whip up volcanic ash from 1912 eruption in Alaska

California couple vanishes after stealing millions in Covid-19 relief funds, leaving a goodbye note for their three kids

World’s wealthiest dog lists Miami home for $31 million

24-year-old New Jersey man doused himself with rubbing alcohol and used a lighter to set himself on fire before going into a Gulf Gas Station store just after midnight last Friday

Bald eagle swoops in to steal Florida man’s shark



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21 Day of Bitcoin 

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Thanksgiving just got more expensive: Tyson Food will hike prices AGAIN to combat Bidenflation, with chicken prices up 19%, and beef 33%

Humboldt fentanyl deaths soar to 33

Howard University strikes a deal with students after 33-day standoff


Infections rising in 33 states

Illegal Halloween party in Wanniassa (Australia) linked to 33 COVID-19 cases in Canberra

Up to 33 unvaccinated Whanganui (New Zealand) DHB workers could lose jobs


Inconclusive studies, fear propaganda: Cannabis could lead to higher risk of heart attack than non-users

PBS Nova Cannabis Question 

Biden signs infrastructure bill which includes provisions allowing researchers to study dispensary weed and encourages legal states to educate the public on impaired driving
— within two years, transportation secretary must publish a public report with help from attorney general and secretary of health and human services that includes recommendations on allowing scientists access to retail weed to study impaired driving

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace (R) filed the States Reform Act to federally decriminalize cannabis from Schedule I and defer to states over prohibition or regulation

A study concluded that “THC-related biomarkers were not associated with impairment in regular cannabis users” and “are relatively poor indicators of cannabis-induced impairment.”

Tomorrow (November 16th) is the deadline to take a mandatory training and education class required to apply for a business license as a social equity applicant in Arizona.

Three Mendocino County weed growers and a former cop from Texas filed a federal civil lawsuit alleging widespread theft, corruption, and coverups among Emerald Triangle law enforcement.

Denver begins accepting applications for marijuana hospitality licenses this week but only social equity applicants can apply for the first six years

Colorado medical laws will be more strict starting January 1 in the name of limiting young people’s access to and abuse of high-potency THC products

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker filed impaired driving legislation that prohibits loose or unsealed packages of weed in the driver’s compartment of a vehicle in the name of combatting impaired driving

Montana Department of Revenue officials testified at a legislative hearing they’re open to scrapping the rules blocking people with past convictions from entering the cannabiz industry and may allow dispensaries to sell CBD

New Jersey regulators voted to begin accepting growing, production, and testing applications on December 15th and retail licenses March 15

New Mexico’s health secretary rejected recommendations to add ADHD, anxiety, Tourette’s, tobacco addiction, hallucinogen addiction, and stimulation addiction as qualifying conditions for medical patients but accepted recommendations to increase purchase limits  to 15 ounces per three-month period.

A Las Cruces, New Mexico mayoral candidate was charged with allegedly selling cannabis products to undercover agents who entered his CBD shop.

Pending appeal preventing Rhode Island license lotteries was dropped

South Dakota Senator Lee Schoenbeck made a radio appearance on KXLG discussing marijuana in the legislature while the Supreme Court still has yet to make a decision on the fate of voter-approved Constitutional Amendment A.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law allowing the attorney general to appoint replacement prosecutors in places where district attorneys refuse to pursue marijuana or other cases. This was initially discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 112: Where Would You Suck?

The Texas Department of State Health Services filed an appeal to the judge’s injunction last Thursday, making delta-8 temporarily illegal again. A full trial is tentatively set for January 2022.

Washington state regulators destroyed 13,000 pounds of weed valued at $3 million from three adjoining marijuana farms for allegedly growing more than allowed by regulations

West Virginia’s first medical dispensary opened this week

Amazon executives in India are being questioned by police investigating whether its platform has been used to smuggle marijuana 


Tonight, The Rev. CyberTrucker brings none other than Sitar Metal with ‘When Time Stands Still‘.


Tonight, bowlers called in to tell the Bowl about the first time they ever ran a stop sign. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever watched a training video.


Cocaine worth £33 million found in cover load of onion rings on way to Kent

While renovating a manor house in Yorkshire, England, removing wall plaster revealed wall-to-ceiling paintings from between 1540 and 1580 featuring swirls, birds with teeth, and tiny men in hats
Venomous sharks found in London’s Thames (Tems) River

In Florida, wildlife biologists are using scout snakes with radio transmitters to capture invasive pythons

World’s most premature baby defies sub-1% survival odds to break Guinness World Record
A roadrunner hitched a ride from Nevada to Maine in a moving van

A 10-pound buck sought sanctuary inside a southern Michigan church on opening day of the state’s firearm deer hunting season
Collection of more than 70,000 Darth Vader items moves to Texas

Florida police seek help to ID victim from tattoo after body parts found floating in bay

An intoxicated man entered the Catskill NY Police Department and became confrontational with officers. When they used tasers to subdue him, he burst into flames because he doused himself with hand sanitizer.

The Heart of America or population center of the United States is the tiny town of Hartville, Missouri


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Two Michigan counties have seen a 33% increase in drug-related deaths this year

US lifts travel ban from 33 countries including Canada — if fully vaccinated. These are different countries than those mentioned on Episode 105: The Ocean People. Thanks for catching this, Christopher Battles! 

New York among 33 states considering end to daylight saving time: Lawmakers say time to end ‘very cumbersome practice’

Hooch death toll rises to 33 in Bihar


33 new cases: Delhi, Shillong (India), Sudbury (Canada), Centre County (PA)

33 deaths: Sudbury (Canada), Wadena County (MN)



Santa Cruz, CA voters approved a ballot measure to direct marijuana tax revenue to children’s programs

Colorado voters rejected the ballot initiative that would have increased state marijuana taxes to fund an education program and a separate Denver measure to boost local cannabis taxes to fund pandemic research also failed
Lamar, Colorado voters approved ballot measures to allow and tax marijuana sales
Mead, Colorado voters rejected a measure to repeal an existing ban on cannabis sales

Randolph and Methuen Massachusetts rejected ballot measures to allow recreational dispensaries

Detroit voters approved a ballot initiative to decriminalize psychedelics

Lapeer, Michigan voters rejected a ballot measure that would have banned recreational businesses
Clawson, Michigan voters rejected a proposal that would have allowed recreational businesses

Voters in Billings, Montana rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed recreational dispensaries while voters in Missoula County, Park County, and Yellowstone County approved 3% cannabis tax proposals

Five of six Central New York towns/villages voted to allow retail marijuana stores

Voters in seven Ohio cities approved local decriminalization ballot measures bringing the total number of jurisdictions enacting reform to 29 — but seven cities rejected cannabis measures

Mill City, Oregon voters approved a ballot measure to allow marijuana sales while Estacada voters approved a 3% tax on canna sales

Philadelphia voters passed a referendum adding a section to the city charter saying that “the citizens of Philadelphia call upon the PA General Assembly and the governor to pass legislation that will decriminalize, regulate, and tax the use and sale to adults aged 21 years or older of cannabis for non-medical purposes.”

Massive infrastructure bill includes provisions allowing researchers to study dispensary weed

JPMorgan Chase & Co told prime brokerage clients it will no longer let them buy US cannabis-related securities starting this week

Filament Health Corporation announced it received FDA approval for what it says is the first clinical trial using naturally-sourced psychedelic substances

Microsoft considering constructing data centers and other buildings out of hemp

Arkansans for Marijuana Reform submitted a constitutional amendment for the 2022 ballot, the third legalization initiative

A federal grand jury issued subpoenas seeking information about payments to public officials and consultants as part of a criminal investigation into marijuana licensing in Baldwin Park, CA and other nearby cities

California regulators ordered the destruction of a hemp field after the farmer allegedly applied pesticide that is not approved for use on the crop

An Illinois judge approved a schedule for plaintiffs to join a supercase lawsuit challenging regulators’ marijuana licensing process

Louisiana coroner warns marijuana could soon be laced with deadly fentanyl

Michigan Gov. Whitmer signed HB 4295 last Thursday, eliminating the mmj business license ban for people with past convictions

A Michigan appeals court upheld a two-year suspension for a doctor who approved nearly 22,000 medical cannabis recommendations in a one-year period

Missouri marijuana regulators received two federal grand jury subpoenas last fall, almost a year after authorities issued an initial demand for records from the state

Montana Dept of Revenue proposed strict new rules that would prohibit people with any kind of criminal conviction within the past three years from working in the cannabis industry

New York regulators approved rules for the cannabinoid hemp program allowing the sale of whole flower and edibles but banning delta-8 THC products

Deschutes County, Oregon received a renewed federal grant to combat illegal marijuana cultivation
Rapid City (SD) issues first provisional mmj dispensary license
Medical cannabis patient card applications are now being accepted in SD

SD activists did not gather enough signatures to put legalization on the ballot

Delta-8 is temporarily legal in Texas after a district court judge blocked the state from criminalizing the extract

DEA signaled delta-8 is not a controlled substance at this time
DEA letter sent to Alabama Board of Pharmacy in September
DEA and USDA virtual town hall hosted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in June


You voted and The Rev. CyberTrucker delivers us a metal tune featuring the tuba: Leo Maracchioli’s cover of Ex’s and Oh’s and Fletcher brings us a metal poll to accompany The Rev’s weird instrument pick for next week. Make your voice heard and vote in The Rev’s poll!


This week, bowlers call in to discuss the first time they ever got a job. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever ran a stop sign.

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Clay County (MO) Sheriff’s Office Facebag page hacked, replaced with Chinese communist propaganda

Overland Park (KS) police search for dog that attacked man

Georgia judge bans Elf on the Shelf — jokingly

SpaceX capsule toilet broke, astronauts departing International Space Station forced to wear diapers

Myrtle Beach trash can lands in Ireland
Thousands of UK phonebooths to be protected from closure

North Carolina woman wins big after gas station was out of her top two picks

Round heads are all the rage in China, so some parents are putting their babies in pricey headgear to make their skulls rounder

More than 160 former Hertz customers are suing company over claims it falsified stolen car reports, landing some drivers in jail


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NYC man, 33, is arrested after lying to cops that a 7-year-old boy with Down syndrome was in the back of his stolen Ford Mustang so that it would be ‘found quicker’
33 arrested in Las Vegas Valley sex offender operation ahead of Halloween weekend
Dutch prosecutors investigate 33 deaths in ‘suicide powder’ case


33 deaths: Idaho, Oklahoma, Kentucky, New Jersey

33 new cases: Ontario, Page County (IA), Tippecanoe County (IN), Wichita County (TX), Hawaii, New Brunswick, Cattaraugus County (NY)

Lee Health (Fort Myers) reports 33 COVID-19 patients Friday morning

33 test positive in Valencia High School (Los Angeles) COVID outbreak

Karnataka (India) school shut after 33 students test Covid positive

Maine Lives Lost: Bethany Ferguson, loving mother, dies of COVID-19 at age 33

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services removes COVID-19 hotspot advisories from 33 counties

Navajo Nation: No COVID-related deaths, 21st time in 33 days
Disney locked 33,000 people inside their Shanghai park to do mass COVID testing

Picture allegedly shows MIQ staff chasing after 33-year-old Covid-positive escapee

US Bank robbed in Kansas City on Tuesday


A new military-funded study from the RAND Corporation found Army recruits granted a waiver for marijuana “perform no worse” than other soldiers and are “less likely to separate as the result of health or performance concerns”
Study finds government grown marijuana used in research is genetically closer to hemp than weed sold in dispensaries

A study of cannabis vaporizer cartridges indicated that “chromium, copper, nickel, as well as smaller amounts of lead, manganese, and tin migrate into the cannabis oil and inhaled vapor phase, resulting in a possible acute intake of an amount of inhaled metals above the regulatory standard of multiple governmental bodies” and that “non-cartridge heating methods of cannabis flower and concentrate were compared, and results indicate that the heating device itself is a source of metal contamination.”

US Cannabis Council hosted several black marijuana entrepreneurs at an event titled “UNSAFE Banking & Cannabis: The Real-Life Impact on Public Safety and Social Equity” in response to Sen. Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, and others who have resisted advancing legislation that simply protects banks from working with state-legal cannabusinesses while broader justice-focused legalization is still pending

Idaho’s hemp plan and Michigan’s revised hemp plan got federal approval
Two more Illinois companies sue state over cannabis licensing process
13 Mainers are charged in a conspiracy to use medical grow houses to illegally sell $13 million worth of weed

Oregon regulators posted a draft letter asking legislative leaders to create a subcommittee on Cannabis and Healthcare and to stop working to transfer authority for the designated grower program
Pennsylvania lawmaker files bill to create a new category of small mmj cultivators called farmer-growers

South Dakota Legislature’s Rules Review Committee passed all but one of the 149 proposals for the state’s medical programs which will be in effect when cards are issued this month

South Dakota legislature’s Marijuana Interim Study Committee approved a draft bill to legalize recreational weed

The Tennessee House and Senate, prompted by a district attorney’s refusal to prosecute cases concerning simple possession of marijuana, approved legislation to allow the state attorney general to ask for another prosecutor to step in if the one with jursidiction won’t enforce a certain law

Texas medical cannabis industry faces hurdles despite 33% patient growth in September

Denton, Texas City Council is considering a decriminalization proposal

British Columbia, Canada applied for federal permission to decriminalize drugs

Italian activists turned in 630,000 signatures to qualify a referendum to legalize personal cultivation of marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms. 


The Rev. CyberTrucker is taking a look at weird instruments in metal this month, kicking things off with the otamatone or DuhLaurien’s vag as SeeDubs so lovingly calls it. Here is Rob Scallon’s Otamatone Metal.

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 Bowlers call in to share the story of the first time they ever smashed in a graveyard. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever got a job.


Walmart says recalled product linked to deadly infection sold in Missouri, Ilinois

Drone photographer spends 33 days camping with polar bears in Canada

Riverside home’s Halloween special effects were so realistic people called 911 to report a house on fire
Police warn woman not to wear Halloween costume as protest

Some Florida beaches see record year for sea turtle nests

Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying