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Just 33 used New Jersey’s medical-aid-in-dying law last year

Philadelphia dims its skyline along with 33 other cities after a ‘mass collision’ kills thousands of migrating birds

33% of Instacart shoppers bought plant-based meat or milk in 2021

33% of renters are motivated to purchase a home after the pandemic


33 coof deaths in Ontario, Sri Lanka, Germany.

33 new coof cases in Vermont

33 hostpialized with the coof in Massachusetts

UK data suggests a single dose is only 33% effective against the India variant

Ohio announces $1 million vaccine lottery, shots surge 33%

33 Reno pediatricians say the school district should reinstate universal mask wearing until the school year ends


Kansas City received $8.3 million in federal money to address homelessness

Potential crackdown on street sideshows


Missouri lawmakers passed a bill allowing medical weed companies to deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses on their state tax returns that Section 280E of the federal tax code currently prohibits. We’ll see if Governor Mike Parson signs it into law. Then, the Show-Me State appeals court ruled regulators cannot keep cannabiz license applications secret, so the more then 800 denied licensees appealing the application and scoring system used by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services can now compare their applications to others.

Kansas may be too late to pass their medical bill, but they did open their first industrial hemp fiber processing facility in Great Bend. They’ve contracted with 10 farmers this year totaling 1,000 acres of hemp and they bought their equipment from Colorado, so they are proud to say they are creating 100% American-made products. Hemp will save the world!

New Mexico is getting a $300 million DEA research facility that will create 170 research jobs along with 200 research and agricultural jobs. They were awarded a memorandum of agreement from the DEA, which 30 other private businesses are hoping to also receive.

New York joins Colorado and 10 other states in banning delta-8 and other THC isomers

Montana lawmakers passed a bill to amend the voter-approved recreational market, pushing the start date back three months, setting a THC cap on flower, limiting edible potency per package, reducing homegrow from 4 to 2 plants, and moving oversight from the Department of Public Health and Human Services to the Department of Revenue, among other changes against the will of the people.

A House-approved decriminalization bill is heading to the Louisiana Senate and could remove jail time for possession. Also up for debate on the Senate floor is a bill to legalize flower and concentrates for patients to smoke. Arizona lawmakers rejected a bill that would have banned weed companies from having billboards or sponsorships in events of all kinds. South Carolina is out of time when it comes to passing a medical bill, but Texas could still expand its narrow compassionate care program to a still incredibly narrow medical market.

Congratulations on legalizing medical marijuana, Greece! Take that, 33 nay votes.

First Time I Ever #FTIE 

The bowlers share the first time they ever left the state where they were born. Next week, we hope to hear about the first time you ever experienced essential oils. Leave a voicemail, send a text, or share your pictures day or night at (816) 607-3663.


The AMF Pro Bowl Lanes and Finnigan’s Hall in North Kansas City closed suddenly.

L.A. Skyslide and Skyspace is being removed with renovations.

A 76-year-old Missouri woman was killed by a cow.

Kansas City has been warned about a flasher on the loose.

A Missouri death row inmate lost his appeal for death by firing squad in the Supreme Court.

A decade after the Joplin tornadoes, this man is still pulling debris from his body.

A rare Corpse Flower appeared at an abandoned San Francisco gas station.

A blob washed up on a North Carolina beach the other day…

Hundreds of pounds of human waste and needles cleaned from former homeless camp.

A Chinese zoo covered up the fact three leopards escaped.

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