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CDC’s Anne Schuchat announces retirement after Messonnier’s exit

33% of stations in Virginia are out of gasoline

Implantable ‘living pharmacy project receives DARPA contract worth up to $33 million

33 people arrested in Neshoba County, Mississippi narcotics bust

Operation Clean Swap: 33 charged during multi-agency child porn investigation

Israel airstrikes kill 33 Palestinians, rockets fired from Gaza

More than 50 migrants reported drowned off Tunisia; 33 saved

33 dead, dozens missing as cyclone batters COVID-stricken India


33 deaths were reported in Michigan and New Jersey since we last toked on a Tuesday.  Kansas City dropped its indoor mask mandates including in metro schools. But the CDC released a statement Saturday recommending schools keep mask policies in place. Think of the children!

Or don’t. In Las Vegas, parents of high school children are concerned for their children’s privacy since a teacher sent them home with an assignment to write a paragraph on why or why not they would be getting the experimental therapy since it is now available to their age group.

One company got some good nationwide ad space with the mainstream talking all about their jab record bracelet which allows users to upload their medical records to their encrypted server and presents a QR code for all to scan and see – for just one low payment of $19.99!

Oh, and remember: “Your compliance is prolonging this nightmare. Ditch the mask.


Effective immediately, the federal standard dose for THC is 5 milligrams. Local KC news played this cringe piece calling delta-8 “pot’s little brother” and giving some free press to a cute budtender on YouTube. But at least Missouri medical weed sales have surpassed the five year estimate already – in six months. Colorado banned THC isomers including delta-8 and another politician was found guilty of accepting bribes for dispensary licenses, this time in Massachusetts.

Republicans are pushing for federal legalization and removal from the Federal Controlled Substances list to ensure individual liberty. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Supreme Court became the first to overturn a MEDICAL initiative passed by 75% of the voters because the language on the ballot initiatives didn’t update when the state went from five congressional districts to four. Alabama’s governor signed a super limited Compassionate Act medical bill into law yesterday, which doesn’t allow patients to smoke bud, vape, or enjoy edibles and caps daily THC consumption to 50 milligrams unless a doctor says otherwise. Then the cap gets bumped up to 75 milligrams.

Nebraska lawmakers came two votes short of the *33* needed to break a filibuster on an equally limited medical bill, so petitioners will soon begin their process to get weed on the 2022. And Minnesota is going to see a surge in medical sales since lawmakers slipped approval for smokable flower into an omnibus healthcare bill. Sadly, a recreational bill passed out of the Minnesota House but died in the Senate.


A portion of pinup-turned-photographer Bunny Yeager’s photos are being auctioned off this weekend, including many with Bettie Page.

A mom in upstate New York could lose custody of her daughter over a driveway decoration.

Chick-fil-A is limiting sauces to one per item due to a supply chain shortage.

Flamin’ Cheetos – a story of stolen valor.

An alligator chased Wendy’s customers through a parking lot in Florida.

An OG flatulence cammer in the fart fetish community makes $4,000 a month selling videos of her raunchy toots.

An argument over laundry led to the 33rd homicide in Portland, an execution-style shooting.

Airlines might weigh plus-sized passengers to prevent exceeding the plane’s weight limit.

A 73-story building in China started mysteriously shaking with no known cause.

The FDA recalled 62,000 pacemakers that could possibly electrically short.


The bowlers called in and talked about the first time they grew some food for themselves. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever left the state you were born in, whether it be for a move or vacation, etc. Chime in day or night: (816) 607-3663

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