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Maryland governor posthumously pardons 15-year-old boy, 33 other racial lynching victims

Maricopa man charged with murder in 33-year-old cold case

Eugene Police: 33 suspects arrested for role in May 29-30 riot case

COVID 1984

33 deaths were reported in Florida, Michigan, and Bangladesh.

Vermont added 33 new coof cases.

33% of Germans have received at least one shot, and the United States has surpassed the magic number.

Officials in India seized 33 empty oxygen canisters kept at a factory.


Kansas’ medical marijuana bill advanced out of the House and is heading for the Senate. It’s similar to the medical bill Alabama just signed into law, not allowing patients to smoke or vape their medicine. And in Tennessee, a bill passed creating a nine-person commission to study weed laws and advise politicians on patient-focused legislation. But if there’s going to be a true medical program in Tennessee, it won’t begin operating until weed is “removed from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act.”

Patients in West Virginia can start registering for their medical cards — four years after legalization passed. Maybe in four more years, they’ll be able to get their medicine.  

The US DEA released their 2020 annual report, showing numbers of seized plants and arrests made went up slightly from 2019.

Skittles maker Mars Wrigley is coming after Emerald Cup 2016 winner Zkittlez, even though it’s a strain and not an edible.

Two former California city officials were sentenced to two years in prison for accepting $35,000 bribes promising licenses to undercover FBI agents, and two years after having their license revoked, Pennsylvania cultivator Agrimed could get it reinstated and start growing again.


The bowlers discuss the first time they ever slept naked and next week hope to hear from YOU about the first time you ever grew some food. You can call day or night and leave a message at (816) 607-DOOF or send a text if you’re voice shy.


A tourist in China was left dangling 330 feet after the panels of a glass bridge were shattered by 90 mph winds. He was able to crawl to safety. After 50 years old, a daughter found her birth mom, who just happened to act on one of her favorite TV series — “That’s My Mama.” NYC decided to replace snow days with remote learning days, and one nurse decided to replace NYC with her home in St. Louis after being punched in the head on her first day in the Big Apple. Ukrainian authorities seized 1,500 bottles of booze made in Chernobyl, even though the company is doing everything by the books. Australians found a giant wood moth and Californians found a footballfish washed upon the shore. A Japanese town spent its coronavirus relief funds on a giant squid statue and the bowlers didn’t roll a turkey tonight because a Missouri hunter mistook a jogger for a gobble bird and shot him in the chest.

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