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As teased on previous shows including our last Bowls with Buds featuring Mike Hagan, an atheist meets God on a train, and He provides a little insight on what humans need to do to evolve to their next level.


This week, an investigation was opened up after33 Guatemalan citizens were found living in a Midland, Texas home. More than 3,000 caretakers from 33 nursing homes in Connecticut decided to go on strike and the Cyberspace Administration of China identified33 mobile apps collecting data without consent. As a magic number bonus, a Nebraska drug bust turned upa gun stolen 33 years ago!


A Washington coffee chain got 33 PPP loans worth millions of dollars. Hospitalizations in New York dropped 33%.Humboldt and Escambia County (Florida) reported 33 new cases of the coof. Illinois reports 33 deaths while Iowa celebrates 33% of its population getting the experimental shots.

In Oregon, a high school junior named Maggie Williams broke her school’s 800-meter track record and got the state to change their mandate that students wear masks for outdoor sports — because she passed out and skidded over the finish line unconscious.


DuhLaurien is finally on Sphinx! Bling Games is offering triple Bling Points on their new game Sweet Bitcoin which are converted into satoshis when transferred to a wallet. And lastly, the first MLB and NBA teams have allowed fans to purchase tickets in Dogecoin


Tiny homes are being built for the homeless in Kansas City, though a construction start date and location have not been announced. It’s been a month since the homeless protestors were moved to area hotels for a 90-day stay, but the city is suddenly trying to move them for “financial reasons” and “accusations of disrespect from guests.” 

A KC woman looking for a house to rent wasscammed out of almost $2,000 and the state made national new when public school officials at St. Louis area high school released a memo in response to parental complaints telling teachers to remove race-based curriculum from the virtual learning platform so parents wouldn’t see it.

Last Wednesday, State Representative Nick Schroer proposed an amendment banning critical race theory from public schools for House Bill 1141, which aims to protect students whose GPAs lowered during COVID.  There’s also an amendment to this House Bill to ban biological boys who call themselves trans from competing on girls’ school sports teams (and vice versa), which is something Caitlyn Jenner, who is running for California governor, agrees.


After a successful Phase 3 trial, 100 participants are taking part in a second trial of MDMA-assisted therapy. If it’s also a success,the Food and Drug Administration could approve its therapeutic use in 2023. Could this bethe beginning of a psychedelic industry boom? People may need trip therapy if the FDA takes away their blunt wraps and menthol cigarettes! Once the agency publishes its proposed rules, there will be an opportunity for public comment and maybe legal battles.


New Mexico has 33 canna companies after one had its business permit revoked following an explosion and fire last year. Oral arguments were heard Wednesday in the South Dakota Supreme Court to uphold the voter-approved recreational market. The United States Supreme Court will not hear the appeals of two California cannabis companieswho owe just under $2 million in taxes under Section 280E. 

The Marijuana Data Collection Act was reintroduced, which would require state agencies to enter a 10-year arrangement with the National Academy of Sciences to conduct studies on legalized states. Eleven states have banned delta-8 THC and five more are considering it. In Texas, the House of Representatives advanced three weed-related bills. In Washington state, Jay Inslee signed the Marijuana Social Equity Program into law. Colorado lawmakers advanced a bill eliminating civil penalties for possession up to two ounces of weed.

Snortable cannabis concentrate was almost a thing.

The enforcement of seed-to-sale tracking in Oklahoma has been halted for 60 days after a lawsuit was filed claiming the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority created a monopoly for a third party tracker in Florida. The OK Bureau of Narcotics alsoraided 20 greenhouses under one grow license alleging the group wasn’t reporting sales, has fraudulent record, and was part of a black market operation.


Last November, a three-year-old Italian greyhound named Zipping Sarah won a race. Unfortunately, she tested positive for meth. Lucky for the owner, the winning prize was $4,000 and the fine was only $3,000. In June, the oldest known bottle of whiskey will be auctioned off for thousands of dollars. China launched a rocket into low orbit, and now it’s gonna crash down somewhere. The Sky Pool is opening this month in London. Bones from the Ice Age were discovered when a Las Vegas couple decided to install an in-ground pool. A woman bought a houseplant at Ikea which had a gecko hiding in it. It’s legal to be a kid again in Oklahoma and Texas under the Reasonable Childhood Independence bill, which both states passed last Wednesday, protecting parents from criminal charges if they let their kids play outside without supervision or stay home alone. A 19-year-old moving to Arkansasaccidentally rented a two-bedroom apartment in a senior living community. A man in the UK thought he was digging up milk bottles. Turns out, they were grenades. A Florida woman claims a baby dinosaur ran through her yard.


Bowlers called and texted in to discuss the first time they ever shaved their private parts. Get your voicemail in for next week’s FTIE topic, the first time I ever slept naked. Leave your nude sleeping stories in our voicemail or send a text: (816) 607-DOOF

Also, check out Phoenix’s new project No Apologies, a video recipe series she’s starting!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and May the Fourth be with you as the bowls burn ever brighter!

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