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Kansas City’s city council passed an ordinance last Thursday aimed at curbing street racing, which includes a fine of up to $100 for spectators and possible jail time for performers. Coincidentally, there was a livestream of cops chasing the stunt drivers away from Union Station on Friday. Coincidence or media hype?


Russell Brand announces ‘The 33 Tour’ across the UK this summer

Wisconsin DNR encourages ATV safety course for 33-year-olds and younger

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office seizes 33 ‘severely malnourished’ cattle

Connecticut lawmakers designate racism as a public health crisis in 114-33 vote


33-year-old earns $226,000 a year selling masks on Etsy

33 deaths in Illinois and Afghanistan

33 new cases in Nova Scotia

Overdose deaths increased 33% from the average among white Coloradans 

California café charges patrons $5 for wearing masks, ‘bragging’ about COVID shot

Kansas Speedway jab bribes


House reintroduces MORE Act

Texas passed a super narrow “medical” bill while Connecticut and Rhode Island legislatures consider recreational.

Illinois passes a social equity license lottery bill

Nevada passes cannabis consumption lounge bill

Mississippi Secretary of State won’t push the Supreme Court justices to change their minds on the ruling invalidating a 2020 voter-approved ballot measure to legalize medical weed. Instead, he’s asking the governor to call a special session and fix the technicality they cited to invalidate it, which was the ballot initiative language stating signatures must be collected from all five congressional districts when there have only been four — since 2000. Why have no other ballot initiatives been invalidated in the past 20 years?

A Rhode Island grower may lose their license for testifying against the Fall River, Massachusetts mayor who accepted bribes.


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A Tennessee woman protested the experimental shots by driving through a jab tent shouting, “No vaccine!”

A UK woman delivered a 12-pound-9-ounce baby via C Section

An Italian artist sold an invisible sculpture for more than $18,000

A Canadian shop owner was arrested for allegedly selling a polar bear skull to an undercover US Fish and Wildlife Services agent.

A three-year-old’s parents gave in to her sick birthday cake request

There’s a peacock murderer on the loose

A 17-year-old shoved a bear off a brick wall in her backyard to save her dogs

A 26-year-old Washington man is foraging all the raw materials needed to make his fiancee a completely one-of-a-kind engagement ring and found a 2.2-carat yellow diamond at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Applications are due June 18 to get paid to play video games with your best fren

America has a new youngest MENSA member

There’s wolves on the loose in Minnesota

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