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Spencer talks about the Bitcoin Conference in Miami and more specifically Ross Ulbricht’s statement, which he clipped for the latest episode of ms. Informed NAtion. Be sure to check out to learn more about Ross’s story.


Australian Federal Police and FBI nab criminal uderworld figures in worldwide sting using encrypted app (33 countries involved, 33 search warrants carried out since Sunday)

33-year-old man operating horse-drawn vehicle killed in Ohio crash

More than 33 pounds of meth, $125,000 seized during 4 Virginia arrests


Michigan reports 420 new coronavirus cases and 33 deaths

33 new cases in China and Hawaii

33 hospitalizations in Boone County, Missouri

Washington State is doing Joints for Jabs, like D.C. started back in January 2021 which we covered in Episode 59: Nicorette was Right.


Amazon changes employee policies for time off, marijuana

No Agenda Episode 1353

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 40: Miami or Bust!

Louisiana sends decriminalization bill to governor’s desk

Connecticut Senate passes recreational marijuana bill

Vermont governor signs law providing financial assistance to social equity applicants

Washington state weed company loses legal challenge to Oklahoma’s residency requirement


Another way to return value to the Bowl After Bowl podcast is to leave a voicemail at (816) 607-3663. Every week there is a First Time I Ever prompt. Tonight, bowlers talked about the first time they ever spoke to a therapist. Next week, we want to hear about the first time YOU ever held a baby!


California woman lets her toddler die while tending to her plants

Naked Florida woman wrecks an Outback Steak House

Russian nail salon uses live fish in aquarium manicure

Mayoral candidate gets punched, harassed by dildo drone

Three women on a floatie were circled by hammerhead sharks during their Florida vacation

A mom shot at her neighbor’s dog and hit her son

Two Florida kids have a shootout with the police

A delivery driver raised thousands of dollars pretending to be Barron Trump

National Geographic kicked off World Oceans Day by declaring the waters around Antarctica the Southern Ocean

A South African woman gave birth to 10 babies

BONUS: Priscilla Dunstan Baby Language

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