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533 Million Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers, Personal Data Leaked Online

Nebraska man stole $33,241 over four days in debit card scheme

Pacific Gas & Electric facing 33 charges for CA 2019 wildfires

SirSpencer updates the bowlers on what he’s learned using Podcasting 2.0 and suggests everyone think of crypto like learning to drive a car.  You can read all you want and consult a hundred mechanics, but until you sit in the driver’s speed and take it for a spin you won’t know a damned thing.  And if you want someone sitting in the passenger seat to guide you around the block, just reach out:

The Kansas City Mayor has been sitting down with the leader of the homeless encampments, now known as the KC Homeless Union who released a Google Doc list of demands.  This comes after reports of the encampments being public health hazards and the city planning to remove them. Guess not!

Pennsylvania has vaccinated 33% of those eligible for the jab while a Baltimore manufacturing facility mixed up ingredients between 15 million J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines.  But the good news is Missouri won’t be mandating a vaccine passport.

Missouri medical marijuana sales are nearing $25 million although the program is still in its infancy, and Illinois broke its monthly record making $109 million in recreational sales. Cuomo signed recreational legalization into effect the day after the last bowl and New Mexico also passed recreational legalization measures in their special session. Applications are open for licenses in Detroit, but there have been no updates on the “Detroit Legacy” criteria lawsuit. Rand Paul refiled his HEMP Act and Ron DeSantis came out saying he does not support the proposed THC cap


Lincoln man drives buddy to hospital in bucket of front-end loader, blows a .184 BAC

Emmy-winning set designer-turned-hoarder, missing 8 months, found dead inside Queens home under pile of debris 

Sealed copy of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ sells for record price of $660,000

Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo bans walking on escalators

Louisiana tourist walked past the Disney World temperature check tent and was arrested for trespassing

Screeching luxury high-rise condo in Brooklyn drives neighbors crazy

Off-duty firefighter saves man and the 15,000 bees swarming his car

Supreme Court erases ruling against Trump’s Twitter account

A couple found speakers hidden throughout their neighborhood making nature sounds

Man digs up concrete box in his backyard…that was his septic tank

The bowlers talk about the First Time They Ever saw a meme or viral video on the interwebs.  Next week’s FTIE topic will be the First Time I Ever went to a dance.  Leave a voicemail or send a text to: (816) 607-3663

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