The post office is in the news! Apparently this past week was the deadline for getting Christmas packages mailed on time. News to us. Then, a local worker was indicted for stealing mail and cashing citizens’ checks.  They didn’t steal the COVID vaccine though — that arrived safely and was already shot into a Kansas City nurse.  


No one was shot at the D.C. Stop the Steal rally, but 33 people were arrested. Another 33 people were ticketed in Ontario for private gatherings, and apparently 33% of Michigan restaurant operators think they’ll be closed in 6 months.


Richard DeLisi, a Florida cannabis prisoner serving a 90-year-sentence, was released this past week. His family racked up $330,000 in attorney fees and collect calls over the 31 years he served. The National Institute on Drug Abuse once again awarded a federal contract to the University of Missouri so they can grow weed for federal research. They have been the sole holder of the contract since 1968.  Massachusetts dispensaries will be able to sell hemp now — but only from state licensed growers. 


We got tons of great voicemails sharing first time I ever went camping stories and a few tales of the first time bowlers ever smoked a cigarette. Next week, our FTIE will be the first time I ever listened to No Agenda.


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