The magic number took the spotlight this week with 33 million Californians under lockdown and a 3-3 vote rejected a symbolic resolution affirming Biden as president-elect. Oh, and maybe you caught its appearance in this Georgia poll worker Ruby Freeman’s livestream

In local news, a man was shot around 3:30 PM on a 3300 block. Then, a Kansas City TV anchor suggests COVID may cause erectile dysfunction and debunks infertility with an “expert” simply saying, “No.” Kansas City company CLOVR is the first in the state to be approved to bake edibles.


Lots of stoners jumping up and down after the MORE Act became the first decriminalization bill to pass a chamber of Congress. It slated to for a vote before Election Day, but COVID was deemed a higher priority. Funny thing is, COVID seems here to say with no resolution on a second stimulus check, so why schedule this vote now? Probably the same reason aliens are in the news: DISTRACTION. 


Next year, the NBA may test players for the rona, but they won’t be testing for weed,and Colorado cities like Denver and Aurora may finally get a delivery system in place. They appear to be following in the footsteps of Massachusetts delivery system, with a six-year stipulation that licenses can only go to social equity applicants.


After getting shafted by the Supreme Court in 2020, Nebraska advocates have decided to take up two initiatives in 2022: medical and recreational, just like their neighbor South Dakota where both passed.


An Oregon doctor had his license revoked after telling rally attendees that he and his staff don’t wear masks. We debunk this recipe, suggesting it takes three cups of cum to make a baby and cheer on the Tennessee couple that broke a record after adopting and birthing a 28-year-old frozen embryo. A renovation team at the Roslyn Grist Mill in New York found a 1917 letter in a milk bottle with some coins. Did the Paw Patrol advent calendar include guns and grenades? Spoiler alert: no. 


We hear from Boo-Bury and FarmerTodd about the first time they ever went camping and propose our FTIE for next week: first time I ever smoked cigarettes. SPOILER ALERT: Our first time I ever for 12/22 will be the first time I was ever a hospital patient. Yes, we got two birds stoned this week on our prompts. Now give us a call and share your story!


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