Huge THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS to executive producers Farmer Todd and NetNed who brought this episode to you! Also, thank you Nodebit for making this podcast possible.
Christmas celebrations abound in the bowl as we share stories from our first family get together, reindeer visits during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/Christmas Star, and clips from our toddlers’ unofficial holiday album. 

After a holiday hiatus, the next No Agenda meetup is in the works to support local Johnson County business Don Chilito’s whose owner refuses to commit business suicide and put up a sign saying, “Masks not required.” And we should mention that our first episode of Bowls with Buds is coming up on Saturday, December 26th with none other than Hog Story’s Fletcher and Carolyn. Bowl After Bowl would not have resurrected without them. 


A dipping sauce dispute in St. Louis led to an employee being shot. We’ve been hangry, but not that hangry. There’s a group in Kansas City reminding folks to smoke their tires, not their homies. I mean,an American already dies every 33 seconds anyway. Probably not from COVID, though.


Johnny Depp’s ex is doing domestic violencespeaking gigs for $33,000 each and Wellington the Penguin turned 33 years old with a livestreamed celebration in Chicago.


Trump said he will veto the 5,000-plus COVID relief bill which, among a heap of other random things, amends a federal law from 1998 mandating anyone applying for student aid todisclose any drug-related convictions and restores eligibility of the incarcerated to get Pell Grants.


Weed purchases on the book went up 67% in 2020 with Americans spending nearly $18 billion on the herb. Unfortunately, the Show-Me State won’t be catching up to Oklahoma’s record 2,392 licenses anytime soon since a judge just ruled against a challenge to cultivation licenses and scoring.


On the bowling lanes, masturbating accidentally saved this man’s life, a 4-year-old girl randomly mentions a “friend” who turned out to be a prisoner in the early 1900s, and we break down the 12 Days of Christmas costs in real life. Humbug Scrooge landlords in Washington say, “Merry Christmas,” to their tenants by sending them anenvelope with a postage stamp to send their rent money in. In England, commercials depict Santa dying of COVID or visiting houses in a hazmat suit. Luckily, Burger King made us laugh cry by putting a carol version of “Ding, Fries are Done” in their new COVID masked-up Christmas commercial


We discuss the first time we ever listened to No Agenda and hear from quite a few producers about their experience getting hit in the mouth. Next time, our FTIE topic will be the first time you ever choked in front of everyone — as in totally embarrassed yourself in front of the class, on stage, etc. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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