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Louisiana, New Mexico, and Massachusetts reported 33 COVID deaths this past week. 33-year-old R&B singer Jeremih is out of ICU after coming down with the ‘VID, and some folks are upset that 33% of the American population didn’t vote. 

Missouri announced its own vaccine website now, and Fauci says Santa can’t catch COVID. People can now use their own cells to grow “steaks” in the name of art, and a glowing green liquid oozed out of a Toronto sinkhole, but the good news isseason nine of Letterkenny premieres December 26! Oh, and Green Wednesday is tomorrow for those in “legal” states. We know it’s a recession resistant industry. Heck, Maine just made $1.4 million in its first month of recreational sales. But of course, nothing will truly be legal until the federal scheduling classifications are removed. And until then, medical users can still be terminated from their jobs after pissing dirty for workers’ comp docs. Get on those opioids, slave.


There are now lawsuits opposing the legalization initiatives that passed in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota on election day. In one case, a taxpayer-funded entity is battling the state, another taxpayer funded entity, in a battle for and against something the taxpayers backed. 

The Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree looks kind of sad this year. Turns out,
it had a baby owl still living in it when they transported it! In other Christmas tree news, someone decked one out withToy Story decorations and one Massachusetts resident decided to decorate potholes with them.

Brazilian dudes are riding unicycle broomsticks to the coffee shop while the Japanese are fending off bears with robot wolves. In Turkey, someone won a Guinness record for their 25-foot balloon dinosaur sculpture and a New Hampshire doggo lost in St. Louis found its way home a year later. Oh, and that seawood-covered body that washed up on a Florida beach?It was a store mannequin.

Our First Time I Ever topic this week was seeing the outline of the moon’s unlit part. Guess who was the oldest to see that for the first time? Phoneboy inspired next week’s FTIE: the First Time I Ever saw an eclipse! Leave us a voicemail, shoot us a text, and say whatever the hell you want at (816) 607-3663!

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