Thanksgiving break may be over, but we can still appreciate this Florida man who thawed his turkey out in the backyard pool. We had two Zoom calls too many but enjoyed the Mike Tyson v. Roy Jones Jr. fight this weekend. Lots to be thankful here in Kansas City though with an impending Super Bowl Baby Boom and Santa Claus arriving to town. Another mascot is getting nerfed, though, after 3,300 signatures were collected to change it. *ding ding ding*

The magic number showed up in other places, too. The Queen is bucking a 33-year-old traditionby spending Christmas in Windsor and the DOW is about to hit a33-year-old monthly high. Then, there were 33 Guatemalan children sent back to their native country despite a judge order forbidding ICE from returning them.

We discuss the latest presidential goings on and the politicization of Lisa Montgomery’s upcoming federal execution.On a lighter note, the Rockefeller Christmas tree owl is okay and returned to wilderness.  

In weed news, the House is expected tovote on the MORE Act tomorrow while Michigan raked in $400 million in the first year of recreational sales. Arizona’s Prop 207took effect Monday, the same day that Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission gave the green light on new regulations allowing for home delivery. And lastly, the UN may vote tosymbolically de-schedule weed this week.

You may have heard about the mysterious monoliths appearing and disappearing in Utah then showing up in Romania, but did you catch the story of the penis sculpture that mysteriously disappeared from a German mountainside?

 You may have heard about the mysterious Utah/Romania monoliths, but now 

a penis-shaped sculpture has disappeared.AFrench chef got a Guinness recordafter cooking up a pizza with 254 varieties of cheese anda woman went boozerk in a British Aldi.

 We talk about the first time I ever saw an eclipse and next week, we’ll discuss the first time I ever went camping. Get your voicemails in meow (816) 607-3663.

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