Happy birthday to our nine-year-old doggo, Murphy! We have the best producers to celebrate. Dowodenum comes in as executive producer for this episode and @one made the fabulous SirSpencer art for today’s episode!

In Kansas City, a 29-year-old woman was killed trying to get her car towed, Goodwill employees are working alongside robots, and a 33-year-old man was charged with shooting a nine-year-old. Vaccine-supportive narratives are making the rounds and there is even a bus where you can hop on and become a vaccine guinea pig! Not to mention new COVID guidelines requiring bars to close at 10:00 p.m. while limiting their capacity to 50% were released on this show day. 

Other instances of magic number 33 in the headlines:
33 COVID deaths in Kentucky
Lil NAS X’s Roblox concert attracted 33 million views

Laurien brings up the recent events in “consequence-free zones” like Washington, D.C. and falls down the abortion rabbit hole because of a budget amendment that passed the Massachusetts House. Originally, it was written to allow girls 12 years and older to get an abortion without a parent’s permission. A British soap opera now features a character aborting a baby after finding out it may have Down’s Syndrome, but remember: an actor with Down’s Syndrome, John Franklin Stephens, told the UN, “My life is worth living.”

In weed news…
A California judge heard a delivery case and has yet to make a decision.
Colorado weed sales are up despite the lack of tourism, and $2.5 million in restitution was just granted to four investors in a pot fraud case.

A Michigan company is expanding into four states, including Missouri. A panel in New Mexico supports increasing the medical purchase limit. The New Jersey decriminalization bill will not be heard as the state waits for legal sales to begin and the Virginia governor is now calling to pass a legalization bill in 2021.

Across the border in Canada, a bunch of oil was recalled after incorrectly being labeled for inhalation instead of ingestion. 

Behind the curtain, we laugh about Scott Adams now being a controversial White House pandemic advisor and dig into ex-CIA  officer Robert Steele’s video in which he says, “make a deal, motherfucker, or you are going to die.” HIGH ENERGY!

Our FTIE topic for tonight was the first time I ever realized the government lied to us, and we heard from lots of folks via voicemail and text. Next week, we invite you to call or text us at (816) 607-3663 and tell us about the first time you ever saw the dark side of the moon in the sky.

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