Another Tuesday, another bowl!


We are coming at you an hour earlier, now starting the show at 9:00 on Tuesday evenings. Laurien and Spencer recap some of the KC Meetup promos they’ve been working on for No Agenda. We would love to see you at the next No Agenda KC Meetup, RSVP here:


This week’s Top 3 33 Stories:

33 foot Door of Equality revealed in downtown San Antonio

33yo Bronx man falls in sinkhole, swarmed by rats

3,300 critiques to DEA’s IFR


We also bring you weed updates around the nation. Almost all the cannabis ballot issues are polling favorably and most are expected to pass. The DEA is looking to contract someone to burn an unfathomable amount of weed for their eradication. Plus, Lt. Tim Cotton of Bangor PD gets high and writes a long-ass FB post!


This week’s #FTIE was “First time I Ever encountered a wild animal.” We discussed early childhood chipmunks and Leyonhjelm weighs in on the topic via voicemail. Next week our topic will be “First Time I Ever won first place at something,” so be sure to call (816) 607-DOOF with your inspiring victory story!


May your bowls burn ever brighter.

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