Freshly packed bowl for Election Day 2020! Which old stiff will be the president? Sources have mixed predictions! We discuss our voting experience, our time hanging out on a couple video streams with the No Agenda clan, and recap our recent No Agenda Halloween Meetup. Shout out to Sir Paul the Book Guy, Sir Seatsitter, Dame Jennifer, Nick the Rat, and the whole clan at the No Agenda room!

Speaking of Halloween, we also have a great Trick-or-Treat retelling, as Laurien hand-made costumes again for the girls. They went as Bingo and Bluey, cartoon pups from a kid’s show out of Australia. We got a taste of Halloween and the various COVID precautions all across the spectrum that people adopted throughout the neighborhood.

Our Top Three 33 Stories this week:
The US economy grew a record 33.1% annual rate last quarter

The results on various weed legalization ballot measures are still being calculated, so we will have those official tallies next week, However, we did catch up on some weed news items, including:
This week’s #FTIE was “First time I ever won 1st place at something.” Next week we’ll talk about the First Time I Ever saw clearly with glasses (or contacts). Call 816-607-3663 and tell us your story!!

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