This is a very special episode of Bowl After Bowl in which Spencer answers Darren O’Neill’s question, “What does it mean to be the Wolf?” Spencer and Laurien talk all about animal totems and spirit guides, and we discuss why the Wolf is important to Spencer and the Snow Leopard is important to Laurien. Then Spencer leads the listeners on a guided meditation to help you find your spirit totem!

We also are blessed with Laurien’s weekly Top 3 33 stories:

33% of seniors housing residents refuse to be tested for COVID according to Senior Housing News

33 rona deaths in Pennsylvania33 deaths in Wisconsin

Pawtucket Red Sox (PawSox) host 33-hour grand finale as they prepare to cross state lines and become the Worcester Red Sox


We discuss Missouri’s official opening for medical cannabis sales (apparently they sell marijuana FLOUR?), we express skepticism over reports of a Man pulling a gun on a woman at QuikTrip over masks, and we were sad to learn that Jeff Bridges diagnosed with lymphoma.

We discussed the First Time I Ever went to a nude beach, and lavish called in to leave his own story. Next week’s #FTIE is “First Time I ever encountered a wild animal up close.” Call or text (816) 607-DOOF to get your story in!

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