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21 Day of Bitcoin 

Nodes discussed: Voltage, Umbrel, raspiblitz

Strike had a thing go weird, apparently.

The third ring of fire will kick of once Rare Encounter’s coldacid gets his node fully synced! He was at ~93% as of this Bowl.


Thanksgiving just got more expensive: Tyson Food will hike prices AGAIN to combat Bidenflation, with chicken prices up 19%, and beef 33%

Humboldt fentanyl deaths soar to 33

Howard University strikes a deal with students after 33-day standoff


Infections rising in 33 states

Illegal Halloween party in Wanniassa (Australia) linked to 33 COVID-19 cases in Canberra

Up to 33 unvaccinated Whanganui (New Zealand) DHB workers could lose jobs


Inconclusive studies, fear propaganda: Cannabis could lead to higher risk of heart attack than non-users

PBS Nova Cannabis Question 

Biden signs infrastructure bill which includes provisions allowing researchers to study dispensary weed and encourages legal states to educate the public on impaired driving
— within two years, transportation secretary must publish a public report with help from attorney general and secretary of health and human services that includes recommendations on allowing scientists access to retail weed to study impaired driving

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace (R) filed the States Reform Act to federally decriminalize cannabis from Schedule I and defer to states over prohibition or regulation

A study concluded that “THC-related biomarkers were not associated with impairment in regular cannabis users” and “are relatively poor indicators of cannabis-induced impairment.”

Tomorrow (November 16th) is the deadline to take a mandatory training and education class required to apply for a business license as a social equity applicant in Arizona.

Three Mendocino County weed growers and a former cop from Texas filed a federal civil lawsuit alleging widespread theft, corruption, and coverups among Emerald Triangle law enforcement.

Denver begins accepting applications for marijuana hospitality licenses this week but only social equity applicants can apply for the first six years

Colorado medical laws will be more strict starting January 1 in the name of limiting young people’s access to and abuse of high-potency THC products

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker filed impaired driving legislation that prohibits loose or unsealed packages of weed in the driver’s compartment of a vehicle in the name of combatting impaired driving

Montana Department of Revenue officials testified at a legislative hearing they’re open to scrapping the rules blocking people with past convictions from entering the cannabiz industry and may allow dispensaries to sell CBD

New Jersey regulators voted to begin accepting growing, production, and testing applications on December 15th and retail licenses March 15

New Mexico’s health secretary rejected recommendations to add ADHD, anxiety, Tourette’s, tobacco addiction, hallucinogen addiction, and stimulation addiction as qualifying conditions for medical patients but accepted recommendations to increase purchase limits  to 15 ounces per three-month period.

A Las Cruces, New Mexico mayoral candidate was charged with allegedly selling cannabis products to undercover agents who entered his CBD shop.

Pending appeal preventing Rhode Island license lotteries was dropped

South Dakota Senator Lee Schoenbeck made a radio appearance on KXLG discussing marijuana in the legislature while the Supreme Court still has yet to make a decision on the fate of voter-approved Constitutional Amendment A.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law allowing the attorney general to appoint replacement prosecutors in places where district attorneys refuse to pursue marijuana or other cases. This was initially discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 112: Where Would You Suck?

The Texas Department of State Health Services filed an appeal to the judge’s injunction last Thursday, making delta-8 temporarily illegal again. A full trial is tentatively set for January 2022.

Washington state regulators destroyed 13,000 pounds of weed valued at $3 million from three adjoining marijuana farms for allegedly growing more than allowed by regulations

West Virginia’s first medical dispensary opened this week

Amazon executives in India are being questioned by police investigating whether its platform has been used to smuggle marijuana 


Tonight, The Rev. CyberTrucker brings none other than Sitar Metal with ‘When Time Stands Still‘.


Tonight, bowlers called in to tell the Bowl about the first time they ever ran a stop sign. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever watched a training video.


Cocaine worth £33 million found in cover load of onion rings on way to Kent

While renovating a manor house in Yorkshire, England, removing wall plaster revealed wall-to-ceiling paintings from between 1540 and 1580 featuring swirls, birds with teeth, and tiny men in hats
Venomous sharks found in London’s Thames (Tems) River

In Florida, wildlife biologists are using scout snakes with radio transmitters to capture invasive pythons

World’s most premature baby defies sub-1% survival odds to break Guinness World Record
A roadrunner hitched a ride from Nevada to Maine in a moving van

A 10-pound buck sought sanctuary inside a southern Michigan church on opening day of the state’s firearm deer hunting season
Collection of more than 70,000 Darth Vader items moves to Texas

Florida police seek help to ID victim from tattoo after body parts found floating in bay

An intoxicated man entered the Catskill NY Police Department and became confrontational with officers. When they used tasers to subdue him, he burst into flames because he doused himself with hand sanitizer.

The Heart of America or population center of the United States is the tiny town of Hartville, Missouri

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