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DuhLaurien took part in her first ring of fire as SirSpencer readies to launch his third.


Two Michigan counties have seen a 33% increase in drug-related deaths this year

US lifts travel ban from 33 countries including Canada — if fully vaccinated. These are different countries than those mentioned on Episode 105: The Ocean People. Thanks for catching this, Christopher Battles! 

New York among 33 states considering end to daylight saving time: Lawmakers say time to end ‘very cumbersome practice’

Hooch death toll rises to 33 in Bihar


33 new cases: Delhi, Shillong (India), Sudbury (Canada), Centre County (PA)

33 deaths: Sudbury (Canada), Wadena County (MN)



Santa Cruz, CA voters approved a ballot measure to direct marijuana tax revenue to children’s programs

Colorado voters rejected the ballot initiative that would have increased state marijuana taxes to fund an education program and a separate Denver measure to boost local cannabis taxes to fund pandemic research also failed
Lamar, Colorado voters approved ballot measures to allow and tax marijuana sales
Mead, Colorado voters rejected a measure to repeal an existing ban on cannabis sales

Randolph and Methuen Massachusetts rejected ballot measures to allow recreational dispensaries

Detroit voters approved a ballot initiative to decriminalize psychedelics

Lapeer, Michigan voters rejected a ballot measure that would have banned recreational businesses
Clawson, Michigan voters rejected a proposal that would have allowed recreational businesses

Voters in Billings, Montana rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed recreational dispensaries while voters in Missoula County, Park County, and Yellowstone County approved 3% cannabis tax proposals

Five of six Central New York towns/villages voted to allow retail marijuana stores

Voters in seven Ohio cities approved local decriminalization ballot measures bringing the total number of jurisdictions enacting reform to 29 — but seven cities rejected cannabis measures

Mill City, Oregon voters approved a ballot measure to allow marijuana sales while Estacada voters approved a 3% tax on canna sales

Philadelphia voters passed a referendum adding a section to the city charter saying that “the citizens of Philadelphia call upon the PA General Assembly and the governor to pass legislation that will decriminalize, regulate, and tax the use and sale to adults aged 21 years or older of cannabis for non-medical purposes.”

Massive infrastructure bill includes provisions allowing researchers to study dispensary weed

JPMorgan Chase & Co told prime brokerage clients it will no longer let them buy US cannabis-related securities starting this week

Filament Health Corporation announced it received FDA approval for what it says is the first clinical trial using naturally-sourced psychedelic substances

Microsoft considering constructing data centers and other buildings out of hemp

Arkansans for Marijuana Reform submitted a constitutional amendment for the 2022 ballot, the third legalization initiative

A federal grand jury issued subpoenas seeking information about payments to public officials and consultants as part of a criminal investigation into marijuana licensing in Baldwin Park, CA and other nearby cities

California regulators ordered the destruction of a hemp field after the farmer allegedly applied pesticide that is not approved for use on the crop

An Illinois judge approved a schedule for plaintiffs to join a supercase lawsuit challenging regulators’ marijuana licensing process

Louisiana coroner warns marijuana could soon be laced with deadly fentanyl

Michigan Gov. Whitmer signed HB 4295 last Thursday, eliminating the mmj business license ban for people with past convictions

A Michigan appeals court upheld a two-year suspension for a doctor who approved nearly 22,000 medical cannabis recommendations in a one-year period

Missouri marijuana regulators received two federal grand jury subpoenas last fall, almost a year after authorities issued an initial demand for records from the state

Montana Dept of Revenue proposed strict new rules that would prohibit people with any kind of criminal conviction within the past three years from working in the cannabis industry

New York regulators approved rules for the cannabinoid hemp program allowing the sale of whole flower and edibles but banning delta-8 THC products

Deschutes County, Oregon received a renewed federal grant to combat illegal marijuana cultivation
Rapid City (SD) issues first provisional mmj dispensary license
Medical cannabis patient card applications are now being accepted in SD

SD activists did not gather enough signatures to put legalization on the ballot

Delta-8 is temporarily legal in Texas after a district court judge blocked the state from criminalizing the extract

DEA signaled delta-8 is not a controlled substance at this time
DEA letter sent to Alabama Board of Pharmacy in September
DEA and USDA virtual town hall hosted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in June


You voted and The Rev. CyberTrucker delivers us a metal tune featuring the tuba: Leo Maracchioli’s cover of Ex’s and Oh’s and Fletcher brings us a metal poll to accompany The Rev’s weird instrument pick for next week. Make your voice heard and vote in The Rev’s poll!


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Clay County (MO) Sheriff’s Office Facebag page hacked, replaced with Chinese communist propaganda

Overland Park (KS) police search for dog that attacked man

Georgia judge bans Elf on the Shelf — jokingly

SpaceX capsule toilet broke, astronauts departing International Space Station forced to wear diapers

Myrtle Beach trash can lands in Ireland
Thousands of UK phonebooths to be protected from closure

North Carolina woman wins big after gas station was out of her top two picks

Round heads are all the rage in China, so some parents are putting their babies in pricey headgear to make their skulls rounder

More than 160 former Hertz customers are suing company over claims it falsified stolen car reports, landing some drivers in jail

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