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33 hurt in Brazil when sidewalk collapses at Christmas event

Nantucket town meeting voters will get to vote on 33 proposed articles, including one allowing women to be topless on the beach in the name of gender equality

A 33-year-old woman created a dating app for the sexually abstinent after she says God ‘called to her’ and asked her to make it


33 deaths: North Carolina, Idaho

33 new cases: Kanawha County (WV), Vancouver Island region (Canada)

Austin sees 33% uptick in new COVID cases heading into Thanksgiving


Study found “medical cannabis use was associated with clinical improvements in pain, function, and quality of life with reductions in prescription drug use; 73% either ceased or decreased opioid consumption and 31% discontinued benzodiazepines.”

Prohibitionist organization National Families in Action (NFIA) ceases operations after 45 years

The Greater Phoenix Urban League and Acre 41 (a cannabis consulting company) are suing the state of Arizona over its social equity rules

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram claimed fentanyl is being “mixed with” marijuana and other drugs
New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area published a press release about 39 alleged naloxone-reversed fentanyl-laced cannabis overdoses which was circulated by state officials the next day

Growers are suing El Dorado County, California for allegedly blocking recreational licensing against the will of the voters
California regulators are increasing marijuana tax rates January 1, 2022

Oakland dispensaries broken into during smash-and-grab spree

Colorado regulators issued a health and safety advisory about potentially unsafe levels of mercury in medical flower produced by First Class LLC

A federal judge dismissed Van Buren, Michigan and several local police officials from a lawsuit alleging that they conducted an illegal raid on a licensed medical grow operation

Montana Department of Revenue reverses CBD and employment restrictions for those with prior weed-related convictions

New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority banned marijuana and psilocybin mushroom ads on subways, buses and trains

Buffalo, New York is being sued after firing a firefighter for medical cannabis use

South Dakota legislature’s Executive Board unanimously approved a report recommending that the legislature takes up a bill to legalize during the 2022 session

South Dakota issued the state’s first medical patient cards this week

Texas appellate court upheld temporary injunction for delta-8 sales after DSHS appealed the decision, meaning it is legal to sell until further ruling

Utah lawmakers are pushing back against municipalities that are punishing local workers (especially first responders and government employees) for using legal medical weed

Washington, D.C. activists proposed an amendment to a legalization bill allowing cannabis to be sold at farmers markets

Indian police charged senior executives of Amazon’s local unit under narcotics laws in a case of alleged marijuana smuggling


The Rev. CyberTrucker brings us bagpipe metal from The Snake Charmer with a cover of the Wonder Woman theme.

Next week, The Rev is bringing the Christmas metal! Be sure to hop on Mastodon and vote in his poll to decide which song kicks things off.


Bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever watched a training video. Now we want to hear from YOU about next week’s FTIE, the First Time I Ever quit a job like a boss.


Perry, Georgia McDonald’s initially skeptical when order for 1,600 McChickens, 1,600 McDoubles, and 3,200 cookies came in to be prepared in four hours

Brazilian baby boy born with tail gets it successfully surgically removed

A 38-year-old man who had a mysterious seizure and started speaking gibberish was hospitalized where it was discovered he had tapeworms living in his brain for decades

Drivers scramble as cash falls from armored truck on freeway

Florida family faces fine for early Christmas lights display

Winds whip up volcanic ash from 1912 eruption in Alaska

California couple vanishes after stealing millions in Covid-19 relief funds, leaving a goodbye note for their three kids

World’s wealthiest dog lists Miami home for $31 million

24-year-old New Jersey man doused himself with rubbing alcohol and used a lighter to set himself on fire before going into a Gulf Gas Station store just after midnight last Friday

Bald eagle swoops in to steal Florida man’s shark


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