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NYC man, 33, is arrested after lying to cops that a 7-year-old boy with Down syndrome was in the back of his stolen Ford Mustang so that it would be ‘found quicker’
33 arrested in Las Vegas Valley sex offender operation ahead of Halloween weekend
Dutch prosecutors investigate 33 deaths in ‘suicide powder’ case


33 deaths: Idaho, Oklahoma, Kentucky, New Jersey

33 new cases: Ontario, Page County (IA), Tippecanoe County (IN), Wichita County (TX), Hawaii, New Brunswick, Cattaraugus County (NY)

Lee Health (Fort Myers) reports 33 COVID-19 patients Friday morning

33 test positive in Valencia High School (Los Angeles) COVID outbreak

Karnataka (India) school shut after 33 students test Covid positive

Maine Lives Lost: Bethany Ferguson, loving mother, dies of COVID-19 at age 33

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services removes COVID-19 hotspot advisories from 33 counties

Navajo Nation: No COVID-related deaths, 21st time in 33 days
Disney locked 33,000 people inside their Shanghai park to do mass COVID testing

Picture allegedly shows MIQ staff chasing after 33-year-old Covid-positive escapee

US Bank robbed in Kansas City on Tuesday


A new military-funded study from the RAND Corporation found Army recruits granted a waiver for marijuana “perform no worse” than other soldiers and are “less likely to separate as the result of health or performance concerns”
Study finds government grown marijuana used in research is genetically closer to hemp than weed sold in dispensaries

A study of cannabis vaporizer cartridges indicated that “chromium, copper, nickel, as well as smaller amounts of lead, manganese, and tin migrate into the cannabis oil and inhaled vapor phase, resulting in a possible acute intake of an amount of inhaled metals above the regulatory standard of multiple governmental bodies” and that “non-cartridge heating methods of cannabis flower and concentrate were compared, and results indicate that the heating device itself is a source of metal contamination.”

US Cannabis Council hosted several black marijuana entrepreneurs at an event titled “UNSAFE Banking & Cannabis: The Real-Life Impact on Public Safety and Social Equity” in response to Sen. Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, and others who have resisted advancing legislation that simply protects banks from working with state-legal cannabusinesses while broader justice-focused legalization is still pending

Idaho’s hemp plan and Michigan’s revised hemp plan got federal approval
Two more Illinois companies sue state over cannabis licensing process
13 Mainers are charged in a conspiracy to use medical grow houses to illegally sell $13 million worth of weed

Oregon regulators posted a draft letter asking legislative leaders to create a subcommittee on Cannabis and Healthcare and to stop working to transfer authority for the designated grower program
Pennsylvania lawmaker files bill to create a new category of small mmj cultivators called farmer-growers

South Dakota Legislature’s Rules Review Committee passed all but one of the 149 proposals for the state’s medical programs which will be in effect when cards are issued this month

South Dakota legislature’s Marijuana Interim Study Committee approved a draft bill to legalize recreational weed

The Tennessee House and Senate, prompted by a district attorney’s refusal to prosecute cases concerning simple possession of marijuana, approved legislation to allow the state attorney general to ask for another prosecutor to step in if the one with jursidiction won’t enforce a certain law

Texas medical cannabis industry faces hurdles despite 33% patient growth in September

Denton, Texas City Council is considering a decriminalization proposal

British Columbia, Canada applied for federal permission to decriminalize drugs

Italian activists turned in 630,000 signatures to qualify a referendum to legalize personal cultivation of marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms. 


The Rev. CyberTrucker is taking a look at weird instruments in metal this month, kicking things off with the otamatone or DuhLaurien’s vag as SeeDubs so lovingly calls it. Here is Rob Scallon’s Otamatone Metal.

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 Bowlers call in to share the story of the first time they ever smashed in a graveyard. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever got a job.


Walmart says recalled product linked to deadly infection sold in Missouri, Ilinois

Drone photographer spends 33 days camping with polar bears in Canada

Riverside home’s Halloween special effects were so realistic people called 911 to report a house on fire
Police warn woman not to wear Halloween costume as protest

Some Florida beaches see record year for sea turtle nests

Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying

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