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With 1.3 billion people and 33 medals ever, India remains an Olympic mystery

Lancashire Police snares 33 of Blackpool’s most wanted through Operation Hunter

Mum, 33, fears going bald after losing huge chunks of her hair due to Covid stress


33 new cases in Kah Kong Province (Cambodia), Guernsey County (Ohio), Nelson County (North Carolina)

More than 8,000 cases in Laurel County (Kentucky), only 33% fully vaccinated

IRELAND – 33 patients in ICU

33% of Nepal’s population to be vaccinated mid-October

Missouri Attorney General Files Suit Against Kansas City Over Mask Mandate


In another first for Denver, they city got its first marijuana retailer applicant under the social equity program harkening back to our discussion of the first transporter and first delivery licenses under the social equity program in Bowl After Bowl Episode 96: From Birth Story.

Activists in eight states are working to free the weed in 2022. What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Medical dispensaries in Missouri started delivering.

Two attorneys are suing the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority for not following public meeting laws when it adopted temporary emergency agency rules in June which affect inventory tracking, inspections, and licensing.

The Blumenauer-McClintock-Norton-Lee amendment discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 97: Anyway Edible was not taken up by the House before its recess, but the Senate Appropriations Committee advanced an equal access amendment for veterans.

Another lawsuit over social equity licensing popped up in Illinois from High Haven Dispensary, which claims state regulators deprived it of social equity points based on the background of its two owners, one of which lives in  a designated disadvantaged area and the other who was arrested in 2008 for possession of drug paraphernalia. Application scorers gave them 0 points. This comes after three applicants sued the state in federal court for being wrongfully excluded from the round, as previously discussed on BAB Episode 97. 130 licenses are scheduled to be awarded this month.

According to New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission, “cannabis refers to the regulated form of the plant (what ill be grown, bought, and sold in licensed stores), whereas marijuana refers to the unregulated form of the plant (what is grown, bought, and sold in the underground market).” About half of New Jersey towns are poised to opt out of the legal market as the August 21st deadline approaches.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Western North Carolina is the latest tribe to approve growing, selling, and using medical marijuana on its lands. Medical is not yet legal in North Carolina. Their implementation plans and program structure have not disclosed.

Some listeners of Mike Tyson’s podcast Hotboxin’ complained that The Baddest Man on the Planet was too stoned during his latest episode with Khabib Nurmagomedov, the first Muslim to win a UFC title. We think they just need to get on his level.


This week the Rev takes us to India with Rang De Basanti’s Bloodywood.


This week, bowlers called in to share stories about the first time they ever got kicked out of class. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever drove a car.


Hard Mountain Dew is coming to you with 5% alcohol by volume

Ohio man almost choked to death swallowing weed baggie during traffic stop

Smallest baby at birth weighing 7.47 oz home after 13 months in hospital

“Inclusive” Olympic Barbie dolls condemned for not making an Asian dolland the doll makers created a Barbie Role Model series with dolls of women who they believe have made impacts in their communities and globally during the scamdemic, the latest of which is a vaccinologist who worked on the experimental jab

Missouri state American eel record broken by Ripley Count man who reeled in a 6-pound, 15-ounce eel — 2 pounds heavier than the 1993 set record

Mother filming son surfing catches footage of shark leaping out from wave behind him, doing a quadruple spin

This Tokyo café has robot waiters controlled remotely by disabled workers

New mom in Portugal discovered to be lactating from her armpit

A pro-germ attention seeker licks everything she can in Colorado grocery store

Pterosaur remains were dug up in Australia, and researchers say it is the closest thing to a dragon that has been found

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