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Denver Zoo’s only harbor seal euthanized at the age of 33

Salisbury Police charge 33 during narcotics roundup

Pfizer projects $33 billion in COVID vaccine revenues driven by boosters and vaccines for kids


33 new cases in Tuscarawas County (Ohio), Fond du Lac (Wisconsin), York County (Pennsylvania),Halton Region (Ontario), Tendring (UK)

Britain’s COVID-19 cases down by 33% over past week

33 new hospitalizations in Virginia

Michigan now has 33 counties with substantial or high transmission

New York’s 33 counties where CDC says to wear a mask

Oregon man, 33, with underlying health conditions dies of COVID at Kadlec in Richland same day he was diagnosed

Vaccinated people make up 33% of recent COVID-19 cases


Illinoisissued 70 recreational licenses yesterday (Monday, August 2, 2021) of which more than 80% fell under the category of social equity ownership and more than two-thirds identify as non-white, as the press release states. They were only able to do this because Michigan-based Sozo Health dropped their lawsuit.

As discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 94: So Many Crimes, social equity qualifications were updated in Illinois to remove what social equity activists call the “slave master clause,” which allowed companies hiring a majority of individuals living in disproportionately Drug War impacted areas or with cannabis convictions to qualify. This knocked Sozo out of the competition, so they filed a lawsuit on July 16, 2021 but dropped it on July 27, just two weeks later.

Three days after Sozo’s lawsuit was dropped, three entities filed a lawsuit in Illinois claiming they have been wrongfully excluded from the upcoming August 19th retail license lottery. Since they plan to employ the majority of workers from disproportionately impacted areas and two are military veteran-owned, they claim they should qualify. These entities are all connected to Chicago-based Justice Cannabis which currently operates in eight states.

Last month, the Montana Department of Revenue announced they would propose rules for medical medical marijuana providers as they prepare for recreational sales to begin January 1, 2022. Those proposed rules have been introduced and are now open for public comment until August 23, 2021. A public hearing is scheduled for August 13, 2021.

The proposed rules affect most advertising by limiting businesses to two outdoor signs 11-square-feet or smaller attached to a permanent structure. No billboards, banners, or flags and no TV, radio, newspaper, or social media advertisements. Businesses must have measures in place to keep their websites 21+ and they won’t be able to offer promotional items or sponsor charitable or sports events.

Puerto Rico’s governor signed legislation into law protecting qualified medical patients from workplace discrimination by amending their medical marijuana access law to classify them as members of a protected class under their employment protection laws. Of course, there are exceptions where use represents a threat of harm or danger, interferes with performance, exposes the employer to losses of any kind, or if the employee uses their medicine at work without written authorization.

A 180-page bill to legalize recreational use of cannabis in Ohio was introduced last Friday (July 30, 2021) which would allow adults to cultivate up to 12 plants for personal use and possess up to five ounces, expunge non-violent offenses, and set a 10% excise tax on sales. Revenue from the tax is supposed to go toward cost of implementation before being divided among municipalities and counties with at least one dispensary, public schools, and infrastructure. The Department of Commerce would oversee the program and issue licenses. However, a spokesperson for Governor Mike DeWine says he does not support legalization.

On Bowl After Bowl Episode 83: It Just Takes Bad Month, we discussed the Mississippi Supreme Court overturning a medical initiative which passed with more than 70% of the vote. Now, a Senate committee is drafting new medical legislation and Governor Tate Reeves is expected to call a special session. At the Neshoba County Fair last Wednesday (July 28, 2021) Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann told a crowd three hearings have already been held this summer to replace Initiative 65 and that the draft should be complete this week.

Businesses hoping to win one of six medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Rhode Island will have to wait indefinitely after the license lottery was delayed as the administrative appeal of a rejected applicant continues. This same appeal first delayed the lottery in the spring. Now, the lottery won’t be rescheduled until the appeal has run its course.

A California businessman, Helios Raphael Dayspring, agreed to plead guilty to one count of filing a false federal tax return and one count bribery at his upcoming August 25, 2021 court hearing. From 2016 to 2019, he paid San Luis Obispo County supervisor Adam Hill $32,000 in exchange for favors. Last August, Hill committed suicide. Dayspring operates 18 cannabis farms and four retail stores and could face up to 13 years in prison.

Missouri’s Department of Health and Human Services emailed dispensaries with a warning to immediately stop any unlawful activity, citing state regulations prohibiting promotional events. Advertising holiday or product discounts is not allowed.  The department suggests they could establish “discounted pricing for classes of patients such as those designated as low-income on their medical marijuana identification card.” No notices of violations have been issued yet.

The Show-Me State also wants to fully legalize in 2022 and so does Arkansas


The Rev. CyberTrucker takes us to New Zealand with Alien Weaponry’s Ru Ana Te Whenua. Vote in his poll and help him decide where to take us next week!


Tonight, bowlers called in and told us about the first time they ever rode a rollercoaster. Now week we want to hear from you about the first time you ever got kicked out of class.


South American Penis snake found in Florida

450,000 bees removed from walls of Pennsylvania farmhouse

Police rescue opossum tangled in cables atop utility pole

Rare set of identical triplets born at University of Pennsylvania Hospital

Mysterious, Nasty Bug Bites Stump Arlington Health Officials

Maryland record set with 301-pound swordfish off Ocean City Coast

Pilots near LAX warned to be on lookout after ‘possible jetpack man’ spotted

Dog missing for two years spotted on TV news segment

Texas tollway officials seek owner of roadside wedding dress

Workers digging well in backyard find world’s largest sapphire cluster

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