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Juneteenth didn’t go so well for an Ikea in Atlanta where 33 employees called out after a serving fried chicken and watermelon to celebrate. Here is a link to the full video used for the clip.

After shooting his dad, a random woman at a weed dispensary, and running over an elderly couple with his truck, a 30-year-old Oregon man set his vehicle aflame and forced a Cabela’s worker on her lunchbreak to drive him 33 hours north to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  By the time they arrived, she had convinced him to turn himself in where he was charged with six counts of murder due to Oregon law, one count of attempted second-degree murder, one count of first-degree assault, and two counts of failure to perform duties of driver to injured people. 

33 international teams were chosen to compete in a three-year contest aimed at preserving the Amazon rainforest by developing new biodiversity survey tools and producing real-time insights on rainforest health and value.  Known as the XPRIZE Rainforest Competition, teams will have 48 hours to use their technologies to better identify, catalog, and map 247 acres of the rainforest.  $10 million will be split between first, second, and third place with a $250,000 b onus award.           

Chinese provinceJiangsu completed construction of a 33-kilometer driverless highwayon June 18th and will open it to traffic at the end of this month.  This self-driving expressway uses 5G technology integrated with Building Information Modeling, big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing.  Holographic sensors collect data to make the road smarter.     

In Van Horn, Texas, US Border Patrol agents rolled up on a suspicious activity call and ended up saving 33 undocumented migrants who were locked in a U-Haul box-truck. Twelve were brought to hospitals with heat-related illness. They have all been processed and Homeland Security Investigations has accepted the case for prosecution.


COVID admissions to KC-area hospitals are up 33%.

33 new cases reported in El Paso, North Bay Jail (Ontario), Maine, Massachusetts.

In Fiji, 33 people were arrested for breaching a health restriction curfew to drink alcohol.

Parents who sent their children’s face masks worn in school to the University of Florida’s Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center for analysis found five of the six masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi — three of which had pneumonia-causing bacteria. 33% of the pathogens were antibiotic-resistant strains. The test was incapable of detecting viruses.

WHOupdated its COVID-1984 jab advice page to say children are not a high priority.


Connecticut legalized recreational weed after holding their special session. This law limits adults to possession 1.5 ounces and does not allow homegrow until 2023. However, if you are a medical card carrying patient, you can now grow a total of 6 plants (3 “mature,” 3 “immature”). Offenses dealing with up to 4 ounces will be automatically expunged. A 30% THC cap was placed on flower and 60% on concentrates.

Rhode Island’s Senate advanced one of the three recreational bills  TODAY on this Tokin’ Tuesday after it advanced out of the Judiciary Committee last week. Their legislative session ends June 30th but a special session could be called to push it through, as we’ve seen with other states like Connecticut and New Mexico (as discussed on Episode 74: Storm’s a-Brewin’.)

Afederal judge in Missouri ruled against the Show-Me State’s residency requirement in favor of a Pennsylvania investor who sued the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the state’s medical cannabis regulators, for violating the commerce clause of the Constitution. The residency rule required businesses be at least 51% owned by state residents, which were defined as anyone living in Missouri for at least one year. Colorado, Maine, and Oregon have all nixed their residency requirements but a federal judge in Oklahoma just threw out a lawsuit against theirs (which was discussed on Bowl After Bowl Episode 86: Looking at Tom Thumb.)

In Detroit, a judge suspended the ordinance giving preference to long-term residents applying for recreational business licenses, granting an injunction last Thursday that will temporarily halt the processing of applications. The requirements included living in the city 10 to 14 of the past 30 years on top of having previous marijuana convictions or a parent with a record.

Four cannabusinesses in New Jersey were issued cease-and-desist letters from the state Attorney General and Division of Consumer Affairs to stop offering “gifts” to purchasing customers to skirt the state’s one-ounce purchase limit laws. They are now under investigation for violating the state’s Consumer Fraud Act because of misrepresentation. Customers pay higher prices on other items to receive a “gift,” which makes it not a gift at all.

Two businessmen were given 30- and 15-month prison sentences for disguising $150 million in weed-related transactions for California delivery business Eaze as fake websites and dummy corporations between 2016 and 2019 so banks would process them.  These sentences were far below what federal prosecutors recommended to the judge, which included life imprisonment for one and nearly 25 years for the other.  Former Eaze CEO James Patterson plead guilty to a count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud in the case but was not charged or found at fault during the investigation.


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The world’s third-largest gem-quality diamond was unearthed in Botswana at 1,098-carats.

Florida Man was arrested on felony charges of criminal mischief, reckless driving, and evidence of prejudiceafter doing a burnout with his pickup truck over a LGBTQ pride crosswalk streetscape painting.

A manplanned to propose to his girlfriend after hiking to the summit of the Simonside Hills in Northumberland National Park in England, which according to local folklore is home to dwarves. When the time arrived, he found his wallet was still in his pocket but the ring wasn’t. Instead, he found a hole in the pocket. Lucky enough, another hiker found it on the trail and he got it back after they were connected on Facebag.

After being given a pill to speed up labor, a Denver mom was told an emergency C-section would be required because of a “sudden movement” the baby made leaving nurses unable to find her heartbeat. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough,their daughter emerged with a massive cut on her face requiring 13 stitches. Medical staff said her face was close to the placenta wall. In a study of 37,000 C-sections, skin lacerations occurred 0.7% of the time.

A naked manbroke into a Bel Aire mansion in a gated community and murdered two pet parakeets.Here is a link to the video used for the clip.

Florida Woman was shocked to findnearly $1 billion in her bank account, which had warned her of overdraft when she tried to withdraw $20 from the ATM. Turns out, it was a negative balance but only caused by a fraud protection freeze since the account was held by her late husband.Click here to see the full video clipped for the show.

After a pet chimpanzee bit its owner’s 50-year-old daughter on the arm, an Oregon deputy had no choice but to shoot and kill it.

A British family was reunited with their missing dog– 11 years later.

A visitor to Boston’s New England Aquarium was allowed to enter using a ticket that sat in her wallet for almost four decades. Known as a “late gate” ticket, it was a free make-up visit to guests who arrived too late in the day to get the full aquarium experience. 25 years ago, the aquarium stopped issuing these tickets.

And if you disguise a nature camera as a piece of bark, a woodpecker just might destroy it.

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