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Rest in Peace, Joya. Born in 1988 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, this 33-year-old greater one-horned rhino (also known as the Indian Rhino) was the oldest male in the Species Survival Plan of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Joya moved to Salina, Kansas’ Rolling Hills Zoo in 1995 where he had been monitored by veterinarian staff for age-related issues for the past few months.

Add another tally to the Clinton Body Count. This week, ABC 33/40 reporter Christopher Sign suicided. He broke the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2016, then published a book about it. After its release in February 2020, he told Fox & Friends his family received death threats which drove him out of Phoenix, Arizona back to Birmingham, Alabama — to Channel 33.

When asked about chain of custody documents for absentee ballots deposited into drop boxes for the November 3, 2020 election, a Fulton County election official admitted to The Georgia Star News “a few forms are missing” and “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.” Coincidentally, Georgia is missing chain of custody documents for about 333,000 absentee ballots out of an estimated 600,000 which is pretty suspicious considering Biden only “won” by 12,000 votes in the Peach State.

Lastly, neighbors called for a wellness check on a Glendora, California home after smelling a strong odor coming from it. Law enforcement found 33 cats — 7 dead and 2 that had to be euthanized — and one dog living in filthy conditions.


This week, 33 deaths were reported in Oman and the Punjab state of India.

33 new cases were reported in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia, Kentucky’s Graves County, Massachusetts, Maui, New York’s Monroe County, and Washington’s Clark County.

The CDC updated their travel guidance, moving 33 countries to their lowest risk category which is deemed safe for travel for anyone who got a coof shot.

In England, a 33-year-old music teacher plead guilty to faking a COVID ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate to travel to Egypt by altering the date on a negative ‘rona test PDF from February. An Egyptian airline worker spotted a missing digit on the certificate. He was found guilty of forgery and counterfeit offense of making a false instrument but was granted bail and is leaving the country ahead of his hearing, telling the judge he will be back in time for it and now has an up-to-date negative test certificate.

Also, the symptoms for this scary new Delta variant are headaches, coughs, and sneezing…like a cold.


In 2007, Robert Franklin tossed a pound of weed out of his car during a traffic stop in Saline County, Missouri and received a 22-year prison sentence. But after serving more than a decade in prison, he has become the first 420POW to have his case commuted by Governor Mike Parson. Jeff Mizanskey was the last time weed-related POW freed by Governor Jay Nixon in 2015.

Joints for Jabs launched Monday in Washington state, but dispensary owners aren’t participating. Unlike other jab freebies which require citizens to simply flash their poked papers to claim their prize, Joints for Jabs requires pot shops to set up a vaccine clinic inside so only those with a fresh band-aid can claim their jay. Many don’t have the space to set up a clinic inside, and healthcare providers are concerned about setting up shop in a place that distributes illegal drugs since that could jeopardize their federal funding. Since the program expires July 12, citizens planning to get poked in the pot shop might not be able to get their second shot in time. Participating pot shops will be able to cash in on a tax break for product they give away unlike alcohol retailers, but that doesn’t help much when they are still unfairly facing Section 180E.

Last Tokin’ Tuesday, the pain management committee for the NFL and NFL Players Association announced it will provide $1 million in funding for research into pain management with cannabis and cannabinoids. Five grants are expected to be awarded around Thanksgiving.

Arkansas’ medical sales exceeded $330 million since the market launched in 2019 and last month, May 2021, Maine hit a new record with $5.4 million in recreational sales.

The Montana group opposing the 2020 voter-approved recreational initiative has dropped its lawsuit since Governor Greg Gianforte signed House Bill 701 into law, amending the legalization law voters passed. The lawsuit claimed the initiative was unconstitutional for earmarking a portion of tax revenues from federally illegal marijuana sales, contending only the legislature can determine how tax revenue is spent.

Tomorrow, June 16, 2021 at 10 AM, the Connecticut legislature will hold a special session to determine the fate of the recreational weed bill mentioned previously on Bowl After Bowl. Rhode Island will have to wait a little longer for a recreational market, as the backers of three adult-use bills failed to compromise and likely won’t before the end of the legislative session the last week of June.

Today, Representatives Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) and Cori Bush (D-MO) unveiled the Drug Policy Reform Act (DPRA) to end criminal penalties for drug possession federally and incentivize state and local governments to adopt decriminalization policies by limiting their eligibility to receive funds if they don’t. The bill also proposes moving regulatory power from the Attorney General to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, record expungement and resentencing, “reinvesting in alternative health-centered approaches,” prohibiting drug tests for individuals to receive federal benefits, prohibiting the use of civil asset forfeiture related to personal drug possession cases, and establishing a Commission on Substance Use, Health and Safety to determine benchmark amounts for drug possession and publish a report including recommendations for preventing the prosecution of individuals processing, distributing, or dispensing personal use quantities.

In 2018, Tampa-based Florigrown sued the state over its licensing process which resulted in three of the 22 licensed operators controlling two-thirds of the market. Six license holders account for 90% of sales. They hoped the state would provide standalone licenses for small businesses and break up the vertical scheme, but the Supreme Court just ruled against them in a 6-1 decision saying the Florida Legislature met its constitutional obligations in enacting a limited-license vertical structure. With the lawsuit over, the state’s licensing freeze comes to an end. It is likely state regulators will issue 15 new vertical licenses over the next six months.

The Ohio State Medical Board added Huntington’s disease, spasticity or severe muscle spasms, and terminal illness as qualifying conditions for medical weed. Earlier in the year, the board granted separate requests to add arthritis, chronic migraines, and complex regional pain syndrome but rejected petitions to include autism spectrum disorder and restless leg syndrome.

In Colorado, 21 individuals were arrested in connection to a black market marijuana and money laundering scheme. They are accused of growing millions of dollars worth of pot across metro Denver and funneling their profits to China through social media apps. The investigation began in August 2020 and investigators have since seized thousands of plants, hundreds of pounds of packaged pot, and about $1 million. Charges range from racketeering and conspiracy to drug cultivation, distribution, and money laundering. Federal investigators found the money cycled from the US to China to Central and South America, then back to the US. Two individuals were allegedly involved in the illegal Oklahoma grow op referenced in Bowl After Bowl Episode 80: I Shitted My Priorities.

Yesterday (Monday, June 14, 2021), the California legislature approved a $100-million plan to strengthen their legal industry which continues to struggle in competition with the emerald market five years after voters approved recreational sales. Grants will be provided to cities and counties to help businesses transition from provisional to regular licenses. It’s a complicated process to get a permanent, annually-renewed license from a temporary one, requiring high costs and developing a plan to reduce the harms of the industry’s negative environmental impacts.

Speaking of negative impacts, Sacramento is being sued by a number of unidentified weed businesses for establishing “Neighborhood Responsibility Plan” fees equal to 1% of gross revenue on top of a 4% business operations tax on gross receipts — even though the city failed to identify a single negative impact from cannabiz operations.

After receiving eight complaints about a growing operation’s odor March 2019, Santa Barbara County filed the jurisdiction’s first nuisance lawsuit against Island View Ranch and Island Breeze Farms.  The lawsuit also claims Island Breeze hasn’t “diligently pursued” obtaining the county and state business licenses to operate and therefore is illegally growing and processing weed.

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A man from Cape Cod spent 40 seconds in the mouth of a humpback whale

Some lucky duck in Ontario bought a painting for $5 at a thrift store which turned out to be a David Bowie original!

A Kansas Lottery player celebrated their birthday with one of the state’s largest Keno jackpots off a Quick Pick.

An analysis published by the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters found commonly used cosmetics contain high levels of potentially toxic chemicals not listed on labels which can be ingested through lip products or absorbed through the skin and tear ducts to enter the bloodstream. 

An Atlanta cashier was shot and killed over a face diaper argument.

There’s a petition for Jeff Bezos to buy and eat the Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

A suspicious vehicle complaint turned up a man stuck in a vineyard fan.

A couple in Alberta, Canada are paying a $500 fine after their gender-reveal party caused a small wildfire.

A White House press corps flight to England was delayed due to mechanical issues caused by cicadas.

Jack Herer told us first, but now the science is catching up since Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute says hemp could save the planet from climate change.

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