Thank you to our Episode 78 executive producers Medus, Sir Saturday Knight, and Fletcher! Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast, put out for everyone to enjoy freely — but that doesn’t make it okay to be a mooch! If you receive value, return value whether that be in the form of cuckbucks, sats, BTC, art, ISOs, voicemails. 

Shout out to Carolyn and Fletcher for hosting us in the smoker as guests on Hog Story Episode 177 last Thursday, which was 4/22…which was 4/20 too. 

The second St. Joseph, Missouri meetup is happening May 22nd at the Felix Street Pub and Sir B-Loe will be there!

It’s time to get a Lightning node! You can learn a lot about lightning from these docs from Openoms. Also check out LightningPolar for testing and see average blockchain fees at or

SirSpencer competed in the MintGox #014 tournament this past weekend playing Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, Sarutobi LN, Sats Stacker, BTC Bounce, Turbo 84, and CS:GO.

And speaking of cryptocurrency, this 33-year-old became the first dogecoin millionaire. This 33-year-old probably could have used some crypto since he felt the need to steal costume jewelry and a baseball cap from a mall.  And sadly, this 33-year-old (or maybe 36-year-old, according to the police) died after being stabbed with a garden fork.

If you like fresh air, you might be able to get into an outdoor stadium in New York as they are opening to 33% capacity May 19. 33 people coofed themselves to death in Illinois and Virginia, including this 33-year-old pregnant mom who had very strange symptoms, like not being able to walk or talk.

The CDC had to walk back a headline its director made telling pregnant women they RECOMMEND they get the jab following their study utilizing self-reports from 30,000 pregnant women.

Josh Hawley was the one and only senator to say nay to the proposed hate crime bill. The Missouri Senate has until May 14th to vote on a bill making daylight saving time permanent and we may see Mark McCloskey run for Senate

The first farm-to-bowl retailer is opening in Ontario. The U.S. Botanic Garden in D.C. has until May 4th to respond to a request made by three Congressmen to display hemp since it’s federally legal. A US appeals court rejected Harborside’s Section 280E argument after dragging the case on for four years. Most Philadelphians won’t be peeing in cups to start a new job anymore, but Floridians will have to hit the streets gathering signatures after the Florida Supreme Court struck down their recreational initiative for not telling voters the good herb would remain federally illegal. And in three years, Virginia’s three cannabis oversight boards will be able to start working. 

Montana lawmakers passed House Bill 701 on a Tokin’ Tuesday to implement and change the recreational initiative voters passed in November after killing it the day before. Since there’s still a lawsuit pending from Wrong for Montana, the bill has a contingent voidness provision written into it.

Beavers beat the internet in British Columbia. A gender reveal party shook up several towns. Florida is fighting genetically engineered mosquitoes and flying turtles. A German bomb squad was called to investigate a sex toy in a baggie. Iowa’s oldest known muskie was caught after 20 years and 2,000 nets. Two rookie cops in D.C. totaled their cars drag racing. $46,000 was found in a Massachusetts home, but that won’t recover the $72,000 missing from a Kansas sheriff’s department evidence storage . And this bowler rolled the sweetest 300 game of his life with his late dad.

The bowlers talk about the first time they ever went to a nude beach. Next week, it’s time to discuss the First Time I Ever shaved my privates, an FTIE topic inspired by NetNed. Share your first time in a voicemail or text: (816) 607-3663

And be sure to tune in for another episode of Bowls with Buds this Friday, April 30th at 7:30 PM Central with Mike Hagan of radiOrbit.

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