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Sell trade secrets to China, get 33 months. Carry an unloaded gun as a felon, get 33 months as well. At least 300,000 people in 33 states are losing unemployment benefits earlier than expected. Spoiler alert: double dipping doesn’t work.

More than 33 million Britons received their first jab and the UK reported 33 coof deaths, just like Florida and Michigan. Movie theaters in New York will be able to increase their capacity to 33% next week. $33 million was awarded to fund projects to “safely” return children to school. And finally, a 33-year-old Pennsylvania mother was hospitalized with paralysis just 12 hours after receiving a Pfizer shot. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System shows 88 paralysis reports related to Pfizer. In the bowl, Sir CMike suggested using OpenVAERS.

Per quirkess’ request, the 420 origin story is discussed along with some early references and strange occurrences that occurred on this day throughout history. This 4/20 didn’t go off without a hitch. Golden Gate Park was fenced up, barred off, and heavily guarded against any stoners hoping to toke there — for the second year in a row! And at 10 a.m. on this historically large sales day, a point-of-sales system used by over 1,000 dispensaries in Colorado along with 13 other states crashed, causing transactions to take almost an hour.

The Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week for a legal challenge brought on by Madison city officials wanting to nullify the voter-approved medical weed market. Their argument? The state went from five to four congressional districts in 2000, but since lawmakers failed to update petitioner guidelines the initiative vote was invalid. It’s worth noting Measure 65 passed with 73% of the vote.

Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana signed legislation providing an affirmative defense for motorists who test positive for THC or THC metabolites in their blood or urine if they were not responsible for an accident or show no signs of intoxication — a baby step in the right direction. In Idaho, Governor Brad Little signed legislation making it more difficult for initiatives or referendums to reach the ballot by requiring signatures from 6% of all 35 districts instead of 18 districts in the same timeframe — 18 months.

Maybe this is balanced out by the bill that died in Idaho’s legislature, which would have prohibited the legalization of ANY psychoactive substance that isn’t FDA-approved. Lawmakers in Florida also killed the bill proposing a THC cap. On the federal level, the US House passed the SAFE Banking Act, putting it into the Senate’s court and the Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act has been reintroduced. And finally, the US Environmental Protection Agency awarded a $100,000 grant to a hemp-brick-making company in Washington, the largest fed-given fund to industrial hemp research to date.

We enjoy our first Metal Moment from The Rev. Cyber Trucker. Sending rental karma his way!

Jumping worms are in Missouri now. You can find the referenced news clip here. A California went without a front door for days after calling the police on the robo-vacuum, which she thought was an intruder. If you’re looking for a house, you might be sad to find the sellers of this Albuquerque spaceship-themed home already accepted an offer. But you’ll be happy to find out this North Carolina couple survived a rabid bobcat attack and this Colorado five-year-old might be a bobcat whisperer. If your dog needs a job, Annheuser-Busch is hiring. But you might not want to work for this dad, who expects his babysitter to replace a $2,000 guitar broken by the three-year-old. A newborn gets uninvited from a wedding and a dating app user was shocked — shocked! — to find he showed up to a date with 16 other bachelors.

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