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And it’s a good thing SOMEONE out there supports us, because the Midwest power grid certainly isn’t. Rolling blackouts hit Kansas City this week and the mayor ordered the all the skyline buildings to turn off their lights at night in order to conserve energy. So things are pretty dark and cold at the moment. As if we needed another reason to go OTG.

Minneapolis hospitals treated 33 frostbite cases this past week. Other hospitals across the country probably treated folks for frostbite, but this one is newsworthy because it includes the magic number. Trippier yet, three Cubans spent 33 days stranded on an island off the coast of Florida before being rescued by the Coast Guard. Now they are with ICE. Does doubling the magic number double the magic power? Cannabics Pharmaceutials sure hopes so as their oral capsule, RCC-33, reduced tumors in mice with colorectal cancer by 33%

Cannabis workers in California are eligible to get the vaccine before law enforcement, teachers, and emergency workers which has some people pretty upset. If you want the jab, pay attention for listicles of 33 pharmacies where its available in your neck of the woods as Nebraska sets this trend. Meanwhile, 33 people died of the coof in Georgia and also in Indiana. One of those people happened to be a 33-year-old activist for the Democrat Party.

The recession-proof industry continues to persevere asOklahoma breaks sales records with $831 million in revenue.High demand keeps flower prices high, but the market sawa rise in topical purchases for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of which, Leafly sharedfive studies about how great weed is for your sex life — especially if you’re a woman. There’s lots of weed products for your lady parts, but beware ofcotton vagina. And you thought cottonmouth was bad.

Delaware doubled its number of business licenses from three to six while a legislative committee in New Mexico hopes to see a recreational market in the near future, hopefully with a lot more licenses awarded.  A three-fifths majority of the Mississippi senate approved a medical bill which will go into effect if the Supreme Court strikes down the November approved Initiative 65 as so many other states have done in the recent past. Idaho just got the green light to start collecting signatures for their 2022 medical campaign. Meanwhile, prominent cannabusiness Dixie hasn’t changed their name, but they are being sued by a Texas company for using patented technology on their website. Whoops!

A 20-foot-two-inch teddy bear made out of roses is taking a Guinness World Record to China. Meanwhile in Japan, some dude accidently ordered an $800 bottle of wine which really makes you think twice before complaining about uneventful Valentine’s Days. Proud Puffs cereal is a thing, and it’s not racist. But blue dogs in Russia? Now you’ve crossed the line. Fenix Ammunition won’t be selling their goods to Biden voters, but Gorilla Glue girl will be able to change her hairstyle. This lady turned herself into a Disney cyborg and this baby might earn a Guinness World Record for releasing an EP at the youngest age. It was recorded in utero!

This week the bowlers discuss the first time we ever realized we fucked shit up and prepare for next week’s epic tales with the FTIE drove somewhere I wasn’t supposed to alone. It’s never too early or too late to leave the bowl a voicemail or send a text: (816) 607-3663

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