HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reverend Cyber Trucker and thank you to our executive producer Phoenix for supporting episode 62 of Bowl After Bowl, a value for value podcast. And of course thank you nodebit for setting up the Icecast and making the show possible.

The least amount of women are currently working since 1987. That’s a 33-year low, bowlers. However 33,000 unemployment claims have been dropped. Gold might be getting no help, but these 33 dogs are.

After seeing a joke article written about travel destinations for the year 2027 when the ‘vid is gone, a news article came out from Bloomberg claiming it could take seven years for the scamdemic to end. But these claims were merely based on vaccine rates. Speaking of which, cannabiz workers in California are now eligible to get the pokes.

A South Dakota judge struck down the constitutional amendment to  legalize recreational weed that 54% of voters voted for in November, ruling it violates the state’s requirement that amendments deal with one subject. Anyone else reminded of Nebraska? 

Meanwhile, the governor of Wisconsin recommended legalizing weed in the annual budget. Rick Steves is now chair of the NORML board of directors and a new organization appears in the federal landscape. Congrats to Virginia where the House and Senate separately approved a pair of recreational measures this week!

A New Hampshire man used 33-cent Kool Aid packets to steal $2,300 in meat. Massachusetts grocery store chain Market Basket might face a lawsuit over their coffee ground label. There’s only 33 living Gulf of Mexico whales, so they need to make babies. An 81-person orgy was interrupted by COVID curfew. Turn those people into years, add 11 and you get the 92-year-old Guinness World Record holder for oldest water skiier. Oh, and a word to the wise: don’t leave your bowls visible in the car the next time you go squirrel hunting.  A lady is stuck with her hair-do after setting it with Gorilla Glue. We learned from the chat she is suing them! There’s no better way to enjoy Bowl After Bowl than in the bowl itself with the rest of the bowlers. 

Sir Spencer and Dame DuhLaurien share the first time they ever went to the casino along with a bunch of callers. If you forgot to leave a voicemail, it’s never too late to answer any of the FTIEs, past or present. Maybe even future if you’re Phoneboy. Next week we’ll be discussing the first time I ever KNEW I fucked shit up.

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