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Massachusetts House plan would create 33 majority minority districts

Governor Hochul (NY) announces $33 million in federal funding to strengthen security for nonprofits facing high risks of terrorism

Rhode Island man sentenced to over 33 years for international drug trafficking


33 recoveries in Nova Scotia

33 new cases: Kenya, Australia, Juneau (AK)

33 deaths in Oregon

Russia is still being ravaged by COVID-19 with 1,000 deaths a day and only 33% vaccinated

After nearly dying of COVID, 33-year-old Israeli, new mom goes home

Study finds “cannabidiol (CBD) inhibits SARS-Cov-2 spike protein-induced cytotoxicity and inflammation”


Police in Hayward, California “recover” 33 pounds of marijuana and $8,000 in cash

Student finds edibles in teacher prize box  

Minnesota court rules in two cases medical marijuana is NOT covered under worker’s comp because it is federally illegal

Montana regulators filed a draft version of recreational market rules

Chicago City Council members proposed an ordinance requiring dispensaries opening within 1,500 feet of others to provide certified evidence every year that they are indeed social equity applicants

Illinois Supreme Court ordered the consolidation of lawsuits filed by applicants challenging the fairness of the licensing process

Virginia officials sealed more than 64,000 misdemeanor marijuana distribution charges since legalization took effect in July on top of 333,000 cannabis possession records sealed under decriminalization passed in 2020

In California, hundreds of thousands of residents still have publicly available weed-related records the law required to be sealed

Connecticut regulators added Huntington’s disease (progressive brain disorder causing muscle problems and involuntary jerking) but rejected anorexia and expanded purchase limits to 3 ounces monthly

Non-flower products released from administrative hold by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Washington state updates list of allowed pesticides

Michigan Senate passes bill to let people with marijuana convictions participate in the medical cannabis industry

November 1st is the start date for South Dakota’s medical program, so the Department of Health will release the application process “in the coming days.” Next Monday, October 26, the Legislature’s Rules Review Committee will hear a second handful of proposed regulations from the Department of Health after the first were rejected. Medical marijuana ads featuring Governor Noem were paid for with tax money meant for marketing against opioid abuse and draft legislation to scrap the existing medical program to create a “compromise” recreational market was filed.

Oregon’s Senate president is calling for the National Guard to combat illegal cultivation

Medical weed won’t be available in Alabama before 2023

Governor Evers proclaims October 18 as Wisconsin Hemp Day

Bank of America cancelled the account of marijuana and psychedelics researcher Sue Sisley’s Scottsdale Research Institute even though they have DEA approval for their studies

Panama legalized medical cannabis

British man sentenced to 25 years in prison in Dubai for possessing CBD vape oil


This week, The Rev. CyberTrucker shares a metal Monster Mash cover by Leo Moracchioli. Tune in again next Tokin’ Tuesday to see what spooktacular tunes The Rev has in store for us!


Tonight, bowlers called in to tell us about the first time they ever went to a spookhouse. Next week, we want to hear from YOU about the first time you ever had a paranormal experience.


High school halftime show features students in drag

Law banning profanities on Maine license plates went into effect Monday

An Australian vet plead guilty to breaking into an animal shelter to steal back his cat

For the first time ever, an alligator gar was caught in Kansas

$5 thrift vase is worth $15,000

For the first time in 33 months, the Nintendo Switch wasn’t the US best selling console — it was the Playstation 5

300 people got naked for a photactivist’s Dead Sea photos

An Israeli scuba diver found an ancient Crusader sword (900 years old)

More than 90 snakes were found under a California home

Surveillance shows how woman died in the back of a police van

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