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Trump’s D.C. hotel hosted foreign officials from 33 countries while he was in office

Tunisia train collision injures 33

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Global Market Grows at Rate of 33% Through 2021


33 new cases: Michigan schools, Humboldt County

33 Pop-Up clinics coming to Bunnings

FL woman got $3.4M COVID grant she never applied for


Substance abuse raises risks of COVID after vaccination – especially if it’s weed
Smoking marijuana could lead to breakthrough COVID cases

The dusty man proclaims October to be National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month

Missouri federal judge permanently blocks state from enforcing residency requirements

Missouri secret investigation leads to pulled products in St. Louis
Kansas City Dutch shepherd seizes $1M cash in a year

Gov. Newsom vetoes bill that would have allowed marijuana billboard ads along most highways in the state
But he did sign a bill to legalize smokable hemp and allow CBD and other cannabinoid-infused foods, drinks, and cosmetics

Arcata, CA City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize psychedelics and became the third city in the state to do so

As of yesterday, it is illegal for anyone but licensed dispensaries to sell delta-8 THC in Michigan

Oklahoma activists filed two ballot initiatives to legalize recreational, remodel existing medical program

Bipartisan bill filed in PA along with another legalization bill unveiled last Tuesday prioritizing social equity

Transfarmation Project

Ohio Rep Jamie Callendar (R) unveiled a recreational proposal


The Reverend CyberTrucker brings us a metal cover of “Sweet Transvestite” from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show as performed by Aiden Malacaria.

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