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We had so much fun last Friday with Carolyn Blaney who joined us in the bowl for our latest episode of Bowls with Buds. Thank you, darling!


Boosts are down in the Sphinx tribe as more and more people report trouble with the app. Four and five-digit boosts haven’t been coming through on our end, so go ahead and break those down into smaller boosts for the time being. 


The Rev Cyber Trucker is back with another Metal Moment, this time from the Land of the Rising Sun! Check out the J-rock band NINGEN ISU with Heartless Scat.


Did you know there will be33 sporting events in the Tokyo Olympics or that 33% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the border according to the Daily Mail? There were only 907 respondents to their survey. 

A domestic dispute led toa 33-hour standoff for Pennsylvania police officers with one victim losing her eye after being shot in the face. Meanwhile, Australia is dealing with it’s second donation bin death — this time of a33-year-old mom standing on a plastic bucket to peer in which slipped out from under her, causing her upper body to get stuck under the hinged opening while her feet dangled. Asphyxiation was her ultimate cause of death.

Oh, and once again there is a story about33 cats + 12 kittens being rescued from an Illinois home.


33 deaths: Indonesia, Kamuli District (Uganda)

33 new cases: Alberta, the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, and Wisconsin

A 33-year-old London dad who jokingly told a man the chippy wouldn’t let him in with his mask on ended up being stabbed in the eye, which will remain stitched for a year and ultimately replaced with a prosthetic.


33 kilograms of ganja were seized by Nagpur cops out of a train station toilet stall. That’s 72.75 pounds, bowlers! Police found it while making the rounds with their bomb-sniffing dogs.

Sha’Carri Richardson will not be competing in the Olympics because of a THC positive drug test. She is serving a one-month suspension. A reporter broke the news to her of her biological mother passing away a few days before the 2020 United States Olympic Trials and she admits to using weed in her legal state of Oregon to cope.

Hours before it was scheduled for a House floor vote, Delaware adult use bill, House Bill 150, was removed from the agenda. The bill’s primary sponsor, Representative Ed Osienski, said the vote was cancelled because they did not have the 3/4 (31) votes necessary to pass it with its proposed social equity fund. Had they removed the fund, they would only need a 3/5 majority. Delaware’s earliest opportunity for legalization is January 2022. In 2015, a decriminalization bill passed and another bill expanded it to minors in 2019, but folks are still being arrested and locked up when caught with more than an ounce.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1024 into law, increasing the amount of pot medical patients can legally possess from a 30-day supply to 90. They may also use telehealth and curbside pickup. Caregivers are no longer restricted to the amount of patients they can care for and more eligible conditions have been added: cancer remission therapy and central nervous system-related neuropathy. 

As of July 1st, South Dakota patients will no longer be arrested for possessing three ounces or less of cannabis…as long as they alert the law enforcement officer of their condition and provide documentation from a doctor since they won’t be able to get a card until this fall. The state’s Department of Health shared its preliminary list of conditions covered by the medical program, which include AIDS/HIV, ALS, MS, cancer, Crohn’s, epilepsy, glaucoma, and PTSD as well as any “debilitating medical condition” which was the language voters passed in 2020. The secretary of health says a process will be available for South Dakotans to petition to add more conditions in the future.

Last Wednesday, a North Carolina Senate committee voted for the first medical marijuana proposal in the state’s history with overwhelming support. It has two more committee hearings before going to the Senate floor for a vote.


This week the bowlers called and texted to tell us about the first time they ever came in a room. Thank you Carolyn Blaney for this week’s hilarious #FTIE!

Next Tokin’ Tuesday we want to hear from YOU! Tell us about the first time you ever came outside, courtesy of the lovely quirkess.


Employees of Kansas City’s PB&J Restaurant Group who have worked there for 15 yearswere thanked for their service with a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

A baby monitor recorded the moment a tree fell onto a Louisiana home but missed the 5-month-old.

A California correctional officer was sentenced to seven months jail time after having a sexual relationship with an inmate

A South Carolina prison guard was caught trying to smuggle prescription stimulant pills (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) disguised in Rice Krispie treats into a women’s prison.

A decade after registering the license place ’69PWNDU,’ Tennessee officials took it away from the gaming astronomy geek who purchased it, ruling it offensive and in violation of the law — but she’s suing.

$50 billion was accidentally deposited into Louisiana family’s bank account with no explanation

A 2010 Guinness Book of World Records certified tallest horse, a 20-year-old Belgian named Big Jake, has died. He was 6’10” and weighed 2,500 pounds.

AWyoming man who called the police to ask why he wasn’t arrested after a raid on his house that never happened ended up getting pulled over later and arrested for driving under the influence of meth.

The owners of a Chinese restaurant in Portland, Maine ordered a custom dumpling machine from China to help them fulfill demand for their frozen dumplings —but it ended up in Portland, Oregon.

After finding out McDonald’s didn’t include dipping sauce for his McNuggies, an Ankeny, Iowa man called the store, threatening to blow it up and punch an employee. A criminal complaint was filed, he admitted to the threats and was arrested.


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