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April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month and there are articles fear mongering co-sleeping coming out in states across the country including here in Kansas City. It has been a PSA worked into local news coverage on TV for two weeks straight. But of course, there are studies that show the benefits of doing the natural mammalian thing and sleeping with your newborn to balance out all the horror stories. And in those traumatic instances, almost no details are given as to what actually happened. A parent taking sleeping pills? Baby left on a couch? Blankets involved in the suffocation? A performance expert also suggests the best way to prepare your children for the future is with early specialization. Make them a master of their craft rather than a jack of all trades. 

The Kansas City Mayor struck a deal with the KC Homeless Union, moving most of the campers into hotels, helping folks with very low or no income get a vacant land bank home, providing city work to those “experiencing homelessness,” and setting up permanent camp locations with social services. But not all the unhoused are happy with these negotiations. Kind of like how most residents won’t be happy with the Parks Board voting to change three street names to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard after they tried to pull it in 2018. And to top it all of, Missouri could give up its title as the only state without a prescription drug monitoring program as a bill setting one up just passed the Senate

In the Top Three 33 segment, 33 people were arrested in Operation Bad Boi which targeted heroin, meth, and fentanyl in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Washington lawmakers are considering 33 new transportation fees and taxes under an update last week for the Forward Washington plan and 2021 brought Minnesota 33 speed-related road deaths.

Of course, the magic number loves hot topics so there was no shortage of coof stories where it popped up:

Pennsylvania vaccinates 33% of those eligible for COVID-1984 Vaccine

33 states now offer the vax to all adults

California braces for a 33% drop in vaccine supply as more than 16 million become eligible to get jabbed on April 15

Maryland will see a 33% reduction in COVID vaccine allotment next week

There were 33 Kung-Flu deaths in Oregon and Cambodia

33% COVID patients get neuropsychiatric diagnoses within 6 months

Oh, and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean researchers at the Pentagon haven’t already developed a microchip to detect when you’re potentially infected with the China Virus.

California could decriminalize psychedelics except for peyote because that belongs to Native Americans in an incredibly limited federal capacity.

On April 28th, the voter-approved recreational amendment will finally have its day in the South Dakota Supreme Court after being declared unconstitutional by a district judge in February. Virginians will also be able to cultivate, possess and use weed legally this summer, although they’ll still have to wait until 2024 for the commercial market to roll out.

A recreational bill in Delaware had its first committee meeting and patients are now boycotting 4 of the 6 licensed medical facilities for peddling false narrative and offering negative testimony since the bill doesn’t grandfather them in to a recreational license. That scarce mentality carried over to Alabama where lawmakers are working to ban Delta-8-THC and Delta-10-THC.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts cannabiz regulators are excited to create a statewide product catalog to help cops and parents identify things they find. But the Bay State is also home to a lawsuit over impact fees which are part of the state law’s “host community agreements” allowing towns and cities to take up to 3% of cannabusinesses’ annual income as long as they justify why the fees are being imposed.

Cannabis licensing came to a halt in Detroit due to Crystal Lowe’s lawsuit in which her attorney argues the “Detroit Legacy” requirements violate equal-protection provisions of the Michigan Constitution and the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. This lawsuit was originally mentioned in Bowl After Bowl Episode 69 ★ Some Holy Somebody.

Also, what happens when you get Charles Koch, Weldon Angelos, and Snoop Dogg on a Zoom call? The creation of the third national marijuana reform group of 2021, the Cannabis Freedom Alliance.

Fuck it, dude. You know we went bowling! In our Gutters and Strikes segments, more than 5,000 people attended an illegal party at the Tonto National Forest in Arizona which led to seven vehicle accidents, off-highway vehicle theft, a quad collision and someone getting medevac’d out by helicopter. If they had kept it under 75, there would have been no trouble. A giant lizard swept up the supermarket with its tail, a 10-foot alligator fell asleep under a parked car, and a tortoise named Madmartigan is on the loose in Wichita. A 33-year-old woman was arrested after refusing to return $1.2 million accidentally deposited into her brokerage account by Charles Schwab. Bowlers in Houston can get their contactless Domino’s pizza delivered by the R2 robot by Nuro, an autonomous vehicle that dispenses your food by putting a PIN into its touchscreen. An Illinois couple discovered a tunnel built in 1840 under their house and big congratulations to The Ginger Assassin, Anthony Neuer, who became the first competitor to clear a 7-10 split on TV in 30 years!

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