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Brady wins 33rd playoff game

FBI finds 33 missing children in anti-trafficking operation

Biden signs record 33 executive orders in one week


Josh Hawley is pushing back against the seven democratic senators who asked the Ethics Commission to investigate him with a counter-complaint. His name has also been dropped on the mainstream after penning an op-ed for New York Post about standing up to censorship. Missouri senator Rick Brattin pitched a bill allowing deadly force against protestors on private property and giving immunity to people who run over demonstrators blocking traffic and senator Eric Burlison introduced the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”



Prairie Village could be the first Johnson County city to decriminalize weed

Wurk founder Keegan Peterson dies at 33

Arizona gets their legal market up and running in two months

The Massachusetts Commonwealth Dispensary Association is withdrawing its weed delivery lawsuit after prominent members quit

Wholesale flower prices are at a five-year high in Colorado

A Big Tobacco company is leaving the legal game

A study found nearly half of medical cannabis users stopped using opioids for pain after a year

Delaware’s State Auditor’s report recommends legalizing weed

An Idaho senator is proposing a constitutional amendment to ban psychoactive drugs



This macaroni pie looks dry

The Japanese government is looking into copyright  rules on cosplay income

Keira Knightley won’t get naked in front of male directors

A SpaceX rocket brought 133 commercial and government spacecraft into space along with 10 Starlink satellites

Married couple opens gift a decade later

Geologists found a Cookie Monster geode

An airplane tire landed in a Chicago resident’s front yard

You could earn $3,000 and a new mattress sleeping alone on different ones

Former TSA convicted of tricking a woman into showing him her boobs


We talk about the first time we ever bought legal weed and hear from quite a few callers with their stories. Next week we’ll be discussing the first time I ever won a prize from a claw game.

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