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Spencer and Laurien share stories of a Merry Christmas including the best gifts shared, frugal finds, a classic holiday movie finally seen, and the city’s first snowfall.

Also, we remember folks lost around Christmas this year and send health karma to GWFF and his family. In other No Agenda Social community news, check out if you haven’t yet. You can make your own contributions, plus commandlinekid put a lot of work into making it happen.

A Santa of 33 yearscontinues to answer kids’ toughest questions, like who his favorite reindeer is. But in humbug news, Denmark claims to have found 33 cases of the new ‘rona variant and Pennsylvani ordered 33 more restaurants to close after they got caught feeding their patrons inside. Funny enough, a Pennsylvania restaurant hit with nearly $10,000 in state citations for reopening their business in May was found not guilty because apparently the governor and Department of Health’s orders cannot be punished under criminal law. 

We mention a Boston doctor’s allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine, how Biden’s 33-year-old niece gets no jail time for Pennsylvania DUI, and Bill Gates’ proposed sun-dimming technology. Yikes. Meanwhile, a high school senior in Nevada is suing after being forced to take a Critical Race Theory class forcing students to identify as oppressed or oppressors. 

Lisa Montgomery’s execution date is on hold because of a stay of motion since her lawyers came down with the coof. Initially, the Justice Department had rescheduled it for January 12. Her family may not admire the president, who started taking care of business when it comes to prisoners sitting on death row, but Trump is 2020’s most admired man. He even gave a presidential pardon to Weldon Angelos for a federal marijuana conviction, of which he served 13 years of his sentence. A 420 POW was also pardoned under Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Kansas City made it into a High Times headline after cops suggested pot may have caused this month’s spike in fatal car crashes. A major donor to Montana’s legalization initiative is facing prosecution related to campaign finance which hedges on whether or not their sole purpose is election interference. But in a sign of normalization, K-12 students in Pennsylvania can learn about making sustainable plastic out of hemp during the state’s virtual Farm Show.

 NORML published a list of states to watch in 2021 including the likes of Kentucky, Virginia,  Rhode Island, South Carolina, New York, New Mexico, and Connecticut, but *red book prediction*: Maryland should be mentioned in there as well.

To make Cannabis Cups happen in 2020, state dispensary workers acted as judges and shared the best their state had to offer. Next year, New Jersey will be able to participate since their constitutional amendment for a recreational market starts up on January 1st, but a bill proposing decriminalization for everyone — including anyone under the age of 21 — has caused a little confusion.

And lastly, CBD could be an antimicrobial treatment for fresh produce after research shows it extends the shelf life and stops mold growth on strawberries. It could prove effective for mouthwash,too.

 The Washington, D.C. City Council decriminalized possession of drug paraphernalia as part of the broader Opioid Overdose Prevention Act earlier this month and signed it into law this week while the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of spiritual psilocybin use. Healthcare professionals in Canada will be able to legally use magic mushrooms too, the health minister said. 

Oh, deer. A deer rescued from frozen lake in Kansas while, over the border, a deer was saved after becoming entangled in Christmas lights.  A third deer repeatedly attempted to break into a New Jersey elementary school and a mysterious gingerbread monolith showed up in San Francisco.

3-3-3 is the winning lottery number for the Pick 3, but three is also the number of weeks a Missouri woman had to agonize over her lost winning ticket before being able to claim her $180,000. The mayor of Atlantic City is hoping to cash in on Trump Derangement Syndrome by auctioning off the chance to virtually click and demolish the former Trump casino. Oh, and if you were worried about the anteater that escaped from the Taiwan zoo, it turned up safe and sound — 3 months after its escape.

Listeners share their stories about the first time they ever choked in front of everyone and we implore you to call to answer next week’s FTIE topic: the first time I ever was a patient in the hospital.
Also, you heard it here first: the next Kansas City No Agenda meetup is scheduled for Friday, January 15, 2021 at Don Chilito’s. Let’s support this small business mentioned on the last show in our fight for freedom!

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